Cancer begins on June 21 and lasts until July 22 which is the period when the representatives of these zodiac signs are born. Before the start and after the end date Gemini-Cancer and Cancer-Leo or zodiac cusps are born.

The representative of the Cancer zodiac sign is admirable because of its strong character traits and charms. These qualities he has received from his sun sign and is triggered in the right time, place, and people around him. Balanced Cancer is especially admirable! I want to put Cancers in the spotlight and show everyone how good they can be!

I talk about the balance and imbalance of zodiac signs in detail in my first book. If you are interested in this topic, you will find these thoughts in my book.


If you have found a place in the heart of Cancer, this person will always be there to protect you!

Cancer has an instinct to protect everyone he admires and those who are weaker. He is there, if needed, with the right words in his mouth, ready to do everything and stand up for you. When someone needs to be protected and helped, they are a complete warrior, at that moment they are not afraid, they are brave and there for you.

The most fierce side of Cancer comes out when it has to protect someone. Be it his own child, a companion, or someone unfamiliar who has been hurt. Then there is no modesty and all-encompassing Cancer. In such a situation, he puts everything in to establish justice and offer his protection


It may take time to find a place in the heart of a Cancer, but once you have found your way there, he can become your loyal friend for the rest of your life.

He is very skeptical about the people he allows into his life. When you meet a Cancer, you go through his personal X-ray machine, which detects whether you are his person or not. If this stage is completed at the beginning of the meeting, he will accept you.

Cancer is also admirable in that no matter what happens in your relationship over time, he can put these issues in the background and bring your relationship to the forefront. He won't forget anything, but he can get over it - all good things in the relationship are more important.


Cancer has a good eye, he notices details and can read your thoughts between the lines. He's a great observer. When it comes to balanced Cancer, this trait allows him to complement exactly what's important to you. He can see the big picture. The details that come with you will help him understand you better. He remembers what you like, what you don't like, or what your favorite food is, for example. He knows exactly when to use this knowledge, making you a good surprise at the right time that fits you exactly. Cancer is detailed - if he wants to surprise you, he knows exactly how to do it.


Just as he can notice what makes you happy and what does not, he can understand what emotional state you are in.

There's no point in hiding your own feelings from Cancer. He understands when you're sad, upset, or content. He has like antennas up for people he cares about.

If you're sad, it makes him sad too. If you are happy, he can enjoy that happiness, even if he is not balanced. The emotions and feelings that others carry shape the rhythm of their day. When a Cancer companion is extremely satisfied and happy, it is contagious, it is motivating, and inspiring. This is also one of the reasons why he wants his loved ones to be good - he himself gains a lot from it. He is an emotion filter and he knows it. The only way to feel great is to help others feel good.


Cancer has a crazy instinct, or the need to tell the truth. If he can't do it, it will bother and suffocate him. He will not have peace until he has shared with you what he feels and sees in you.

When he sees potential in you, he is there to motivate you. He talks about how good you are, how great you can do something. He is sincere because he is happy when someone does something great.

However, he is also present when it is necessary to tell you honestly that you are doing something completely wrong or that you are being unfair to someone (including to yourself). He can't keep his mouth shut, even if he tries, otherwise, it will suffocate him. Why is he doing this? So you can be progressive. He draws your attention, his goal is good. Depending on Cancer’s own Throat Chakra, it may be said lovingly or too harshly. One of the goals of Cancer is to learn how to express yourself so that it reaches the right person.

Cancer's Throat Chakra crystal is Blue Howlite. It is a crystal that teaches Cancer to always express himself in a loving and good way, making his honesty productive, not destructive. It is very useful for Cancer to wear this crystal, it contributes to spiritual self-development and brings out strong and good traits in it. Blue Howlite is also a good gift for Cancer, it is his lucky crystal.

All in all, Cancers are great when they use their natural talent in relationships and in shaping them. It is important to be balanced Cancer and, Blue Howlite helps to find its mental and spiritual balance.

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