The law of attraction is powerful, we can use it to activate and fulfil our dreams and desires. If you want your heart's desires to be fulfilled, the law of attraction will help you do that. It creates an energy tunnel between you and desire that leads you, creates opportunities and gives you good luck to accommodate the desire for destiny. However, the problem may be that the law of attraction does not work properly. There are some typical errors that block the law of attraction when you actually want to activate it. I will help you see them so that you understand that you are not blocking your own happiness. I also share good advice on how to reverse the situation or benefit you.


In the law of attraction, there is the rule that you need to be able to draw the line between obsessive thinking and regularly focusing on your own desires. It has a delicate boundary that is extremely easy to cross, so the law of attraction actually locks.

Obsessive thinking, or too much focus on something you really want in your own life, blocks attraction energy.

For example, a single woman wants a partner in her life, she is ready for a relationship, she no longer wants to be alone and expects the right one. The law of attraction works when she sends out signals, she believes that at some point she will find the right person. With this in mind, she carries love crystals and activates her energy field with Sage "Love" smudge stick. All of this is useful for creating attraction and reaching desires.

But it can also get out of hand. It is constantly thought that I must definitely find this person, panic is injected if things do not move quickly and the result does not come immediately. Constant focus and refocusing with a stressful undertone blocks the Heart Chakra and actually closes it, not opens it. In order to find this right person, we need to open our Heart Chakra, and thus the attraction energy can also be active.

I want to say that focus must be stress- and tension-free, it must be joyful and expectant. The right emotions and feelings must be accompanied by the right emotions and feelings. It's not just about relationships, it's about everything.


The law of attraction presupposes that you are 100% present in the thing you seek into your life, with each of your bodies. We have a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical body, all of which must be exercised so that your desires can be fulfilled and the law of attraction can work for you.

It is often a mistake to just want and dream. Of course, this must be done, but that alone is not enough. With it you use your mental body, but where is the rest?

Let me give you an example so that you can understand me better. You want to build your own home and you want to get good luck with the law of attraction, which would help you to achieve it easier. For the law of attraction to work, the following must be done:

On a mental level, you have to figure out why you want it, what good it brings to your life, how it can make you a better person.

On a spiritual you have to dream, hope, send out hopeful emotions and activate energies of luck, for example with performing rituals.

On an emotional level, you need to maintain a positive attitude, keep your mood up, be less demanding and more satisfied.

On a physical level, you have to work so that the money can come into your life to fulfil that desire. You have to take action to get things moving.

All I want to say is that just wanting is not enough. The law of attraction works in such a way that you are 100% with your own wish- you are ready to act on different levels.


Yes, it is possible that you are wishing incorrectly. It is very important that you decipher your desire, which you would like to bring to life with the law of attraction. It must be completely clear to you what and why you want in your life.

Wishes need to be positively worded and articulated, including those related to changing negative situations.

For example, you want to get rid of constantly inviting people into your life who will betray, deceive, and hurt you. It would be a mistake to use the law of attraction so that your wish is worded as follows: "I wish no one would hurt me anymore!" There is a negative undertone to this desire, even if you are actually asking for something good. I would rephrase it so that the law of attraction can work for you: "I want the relationships that arise in my life to be full of benevolence, mutual understanding, forgiveness, tolerance, and love." Sounds better, doesn't it? The idea remains the same.

The principle is that the wish you make is positive and optimistic. These are the energies that activate the law of attraction.


The law of attraction needs fuel. What is this fuel? Positive, hopeful, optimistic and happy energy. You can create all this inside yourself completely free of charge. To do this, you have to think and feel motivated. If this doesn't work out for you, of course, help yourself to become a more positive person by wearing the right crystals. I recommend Orange Calcite, Citrine or Sunstone.

Often the mistake is done that one's mood is kept very low from day to day, they are pessimistic, negative and hopeless. At the same time, they want life to get better, wishes and dreams to come true. These two things do not go hand in hand.

If you are pessimistic, change your attitude so that your heart's desires can be fulfilled and the law of attraction can be on your side. You need to keep your mood up every day, especially when you make requests or use the Full Moon to activate luck energy and perform rituals. They can work if you move forward positively and hopefully even after practising them. Everyday energy counts, it creates attraction or destroys it. Remember that!


Dissatisfaction sends out negative vibrations from your Aura Field, which also blocks the attraction and creation of the energy of luck in your own Aura field. In short - dissatisfaction stops the energy of luck.

If you constantly see your life through black glasses, rediscover something here and there that is ugly, disgusting, unfair and bad, then there is no point in activating the law of attraction at all. Attracting energy requires a good attitude towards yourself and life in general

Practice gratitude to get rid of dissatisfaction. Gratitude is an ally of the law of attraction. Try to find something that is beautiful and good, even in the most difficult times, these things are there, these people exist. You just have to open your own eyes, try to do it

The law of attraction needs fuel to take you to a place in life where you have wanted, to offer you what you have requested. The fuel is your own attitude, emotions and actions.