You can see absolutely everything in a dream, including a mink or minks. Every symbol, animal and activity has a meaning in a dream. The mink, for example, refers mainly to money and work.

When explaining dreams, it is always very important that you include your own emotions and feelings that you experienced at night in my interpretation. Whether you were afraid or happy, was there panic or fear - all of them provide additional clues that should never be left out when interpreting dreams. Take your emotions and relate them to my interpretation and you will come to a real answer

The mink coat
symbolizes luxury, money and work. If you stole it, it indicates greed, jealousy and job competition. But if you owned it, it refers to your personal happiness. If you saw someone else own it or in some other way, it refers to work. Maybe the dream itself is about work and making money.

A dream where someone wants a mink from you indicates that a particular person is demanding more of you than you can offer. The mink symbolizes hard work, and someone's desire to get a mink can refer to the most demanding person in your life. You are doing, offering and creating a lot, but it is not enough for someone. Excessive demand is directed at you.

If you don't have an incident with someone specific who demands a bigger contribution from you, it may indicate an increase in workload instead. You can reach a time in your life where jobs and responsibilities grow over your head. However, this does not mean that you are not hardworking and therefore the amount of responsibilities increases, but rather it indicates an accumulation of things.

A mink who was your pet in a dream refers to work and money. If you got along well, she was beautiful and vibrant, did not harm you, then you will soon start to do well materially. However, if you had the opposite version of the mink in your dream, you will start to feel worse.

To better understand your dreams, I recommend that you keep a dreamcatcher over the bed.

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