I am often asked how to distinguish between intuition and fear, especially when intuition speaks of danger, that is, it foretells a situation that may not end well, or points to a problem. How do you tell the difference between imagination, unnecessary fear and panic, and intuition that warns you? This is a very difficult subject for many, and I am happy to share instructions on how to distinguish danger- intuition from fear.

Both reactions take place in the Third Eye - the intuitive perception of something dangerous or problematic, as well as the emergence of fear or panic. They come from the same source and are therefore difficult to distinguish.

Danger intuition is triggered by the Third Eye chakra on your forehead when the chakra is healthy. An active and healthy Third Eye chakra triggers clear knowledge of something you should avoid or move away from, or an inner feeling that you need to be extra careful with a certain person.

When the Third Eye chakra is unstable or unhealthy, it triggers fear and panic, creating illusions, false perceptions, and paranoia. Pretty scary, isn't it?

The entire Chakra system is hypersensitive to everything we encounter, what we think or eat. The Chakras need a positive energy charge, either from crystals or from the right healing techniques. If you do not constantly consciously balance your Chakra system, the various Chakras can become unstable and unhealthy. When this happens, the Third Eye stops giving out correct and useful information, intuition closes, and fear and panic emerge, and from there on paranoia as well.

If you want to know whether your Third Eye chakra is working or not, if you can trust your instinct or not, then here is the information you need. I will give you everything you need to know so that you can perform a self-analysis and learn to distinguish between intuition and fear.

Danger-intuition is modest, careful, and polite!

- It warns you very calmly. You get the feeling that something is wrong, but you may not understand what it is. Danger- intuition speaks to you cautiously and is like a polite person who doesn't rush over you right away.

- Danger intuition touches your lower Chakras on arrival. You get an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach, it feels uneasy, it's like a hole in a Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus is above your navel.

-The Solar Plexus and danger intuition are strongly related. If a real threat is really coming, the Solar Plexus will lose its energy, because a negative energy field is coming to the Aura field. The Solar Plexus is hypersensitive to stress, sadness, and problems, and therefore it feels like a cold shiver is running through it when the Third Eye has identified the danger that awaits you. If you feel something like this, trust your instincts. Be careful and if it is in your power, take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

- The Third Eye triggers a correct and reliable alarm when you least expect it. The unpleasant feeling strikes you like a lightning from a blue sky, there is restlessness, but at the same time it is quiet and in the background. You may feel upset, but you can't explain why you're uncomfortable. All threats can not be prevented, and if you do not reach a vision of what the problem is exactly , keep your protective crystals close and face it when the problem arises.

- Danger-intuition does not repeat a hundred times a day. It comes once, leaves an uncomfortable mark, and disappears. If necessary, it will reappear the next day. It doesn't repeat itself very much, it rather reminds itself to you.

Fear is loud, sharp, and rude!

- The fear that is triggered by the unhealthy condition of the Third Eye is unrelated to intuition and is very, very noisy. You hear it, it takes over your mind, it doesn't plan to disappear, it keeps repeating and repeating. This causes anxiety and can even lead to panic.

- The energy of fear is not modest, it is very sharp, and it can be compared to a very rude person. Fear screams in your head and will not let you find peace because it has taken over your mind very loudly.

- It wants to come back to you countless times during the day. It often takes over your mind when you are at rest, want to fall asleep or just feel calm. It interferes with your peace, interferes with thinking and concentration. Fear takes over the whole mind, while the danger intuition remains a background music.

- Fear creates an endless line of thoughts that makes you doubt everyone and everything. All false information is actively and sometimes even endlessly rolling out of fear. But the danger- intuition comes once, lets you know, "Honey, we have to be careful, it's not right!" and then leaves. In the case of danger-intuition, you can also get additional information that explains the situation, such as the perception that the problem is related to a specific person. Fear, on the other hand, creates an endless sequence of information, like a panic roll rolling open, information constantly coming on. In an unstable state, the Third Eye is like a nuclear explosion that only radiates your positivity. Danger-intuition, however, strikes you for a moment and stays in the background.

How to heal the Third Eye Chakra so that danger intuition can emerge, and fear and panic leave you untouched?

The best healing crystals for the Third Eye Chakra are IOLITE and KYANITE. Both crystals contribute to the healing of energies, the emergence of danger intuition, and the blocking of fear and panic. These crystals can properly activate the Third Eye and heal its Chakra. Carry the crystals with you so that they could help you. I recommend wearing them as jewellery so that they can always be in your Aura field. By wearing Iolite and Kyanite, they unleash their healing power, remove distracting information, and reduce panic and fear until the Third Eye is able to function properly again.

In addition to Iolite and Kyanite, the Third Eye can be activated and healed with incense smoke using a special Third Eye Chakra incense or Chakra or Lavender incense. Burn them regularly in your immediate vicinity.

What causes the unhealthy condition of the Third Eye?

Excessive focus on other people's lives, lack of focus on oneself, reading bad news, negative and toxic places and people, foods low in vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and vitamin C and excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation, the latter means too much use of computer, telephone or other electronic devices. Shungite, Pietersite, Black Tourmaline and Amazonite help protect against electromagnetic radiation.

Remember - fear is noisy, intuition is modest!