Before you start reading my mind, I want you to understand one thing - everything I have written here is to expose and highlight the most brutal acts in people's lives. The content is difficult and it takes time to read to fully understand me. Take the knowledge from this article and let's end the demons together. My goal is to expose their actions and raise awareness among all people. Everyone must protect themselves from them. The more you know about demons and their patterns of behavior, the easier it will be for you to end it all.

Lately, in my healing work, I have encountered people who have come to me for very complex and heart-breaking issues. In fact, it has been done for years and it is no stranger to me, but I see a very big pattern here that I would like to share with everyone else who has not yet come to talk to me about this. I want to share it with everyone who needs to hear it and who my thoughts will help. So, I decided to talk about this intriguing and very complex subject.

Demons are people whose bodies are not inhabited by souls, but by incarnations of evil who are of a different species than the ordinary human being. Demons and souls have a similar body, but a completely different desire to live.

Demons have taken over the human body, they can copy and imitate everything that humans can do (humans are those whose bodies have souls). They can blend into the masses and often deceive almost everyone. Because demons can live in the human body, others (or souls) cannot perceive danger in them. This is because demons can perform well in the background without anyone noticing their difference from the average person.

Demons can exist on two levels, both physical and disembodied. In disembodied form, for example, there are nightmares and addictions that take over people. In both cases, they are involved in attacking, manipulating, suffocating, and crushing souls.

In short, a demon is a cancer of the soul. He can exist when he is given strength or attention. They have access to souls (ordinary people) whose Aura field is weak, such as people with low self-esteem, who are vulnerable or hypersensitive, introverts, and who do not have strong close relationships with their families. The demon perceives the weak Aura field and enters this person's life.

Rapists, child abusers, harassers and other perpetrators of the most horrific acts are living demons. They do not have a heart, there is no Heart Chakra within them. There is a large black hole in their bodies at that place that absorbs the energy of other people's Heart Chakra (the energy of people whose bodies are inhabited by souls who have the Heart Chakra). Why? Since they don't have it themselves, they want to eat that energy to keep themselves in balance.

When a demon receives strength, joy, and love for himself from a person in whom the soul exists, he feels pleasure and joy and receives strength from it. What happens to the soul when the demon harasses and abuses it? This soul shatters into a thousand pieces, all strength, joy, happiness, and love disappear. Demons are the opposites of the soul, parasites that consume the energy of the souls. The worst part of all this is that due to the lack of the Heart Chakra, he is unable to maintain good energy, and therefore he is demanding more and more of the energy of the Heart Chakra of souls. Since the feeling of well-being exists in the demon for a very short time, they keep repeating their horrific deeds. Therefore, one should never believe or hope that a demon will change its behavior!

I often see in the news or hear directly from sources that rapists and harassers are released after a ridiculously short or non-existent period of detention. The truth is that due to the lack of the Heart Chakra, demons repeat their actions.

The Heart Chakra is concerned with analyzing and learning from actions and their consequences, and therefore souls have a voice of conscience. A voice associated with intuition leads to self-healing, improvement, and behavioral change.

All the perverted actions of the demons are caused by the absence of the Heart Chakra, and for the same reason, he cannot be expected to change his course. No Heart Chakra, no conscience. To change course, there must be a voice of conscience that directs us to change one's actions for the good of all.

I am constantly sending messages to the universe so that people with souls will one day be able to understand that there are demons among us who cannot be treated in the same way as souls Souls are capable of change; it is part of their journey. Demons are not able to do this, they repeat their pattern to the end.

Why am I talking about all this? Here, in small Estonia, there is too much abuse and burying it. In fact, all souls have the opportunity to end it all. Demons die out if they do not receive food from our Heart Chakra.

How to kill them? They must be exposed, made visible to others, very loud and very clear, and not be sympathetic to them. Why not sympathize? Because compassion exists in the Heart Chakra of the soul and what do the demons feed on? From the energy of the Heart Chakra of souls. Therefore, we must not sympathize with them, instead warn everyone possible, especially children, who by nature trust in life and allow themselves to be dragged along by the flow of life.

Demons can also be killed by those directly involved in their horrific misdeeds.

At this point, I want to send supportive energy and love to all who have fallen victim to the demon in one way or another. I am with you, keep this knowledge in your heart!

Everyone who has experienced demon abuse and exploitation has the power to end their existence. The demon gains strength when you think of him and the act that changed your whole life. He reveals himself constantly over the years and often for the rest of his life. Every time you inadvertently remember an act of a demon, you give him the strength to live. I suggest pushing them out of yourself when painful memories appear. You can use anger energy to block memory, for good reason, it is justified. If it were not useful for something, there would be no such energy at all.

The moment you remember what he did to you, push him out, remove that memory from your mind. Sometimes it helps to say angrily, "Go away!" Try it, believe me, you'll feel easier in a moment. Do this again and again if necessary. Push him away! If the demon has pulled all the energy of the Heart Chakra out of you at least once, he will be able to do so telepathically. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you continue to fight energy exploitation as a victim.

Once you have met the demon and fall victim to it, I recommend that you regularly, monthly, clean your Aura with a Yerba Santa smudge stick. It is a ritual plant that helps to release demonic energies, telepathic connection, and heal the Heart Chakra, which has been destroyed by the demon. In addition, I recommend wearing Chiastolite, Nuummite, or Hypersthene (very good if all three crystals are present). These are the strongest crystals that can protect you from demons and any of their influences

To destroy the Heart Chakra, the demons first break the Root Chakra

The chakra system is crucial, and everyone should know everything about the Chakras If this topic is still far away for you, familiarize yourself with the Chakras for your own well-being. I have talked about them very, very much over the years, and I have highlighted them in almost all my articles, highlighted parallels, and highlighted important issues.

Demons cause the most horrible pain to souls. In my own eyes, there is no worse cruel act on Earth between people than sexual abuse.

The demons do this quite consciously, they know that crushing the Root Chakra will help them to access any Chakra. In this case, they want to enter the Heart Chakra.

The Root Chakra is our lowest chakra, it is located in the pelvic region. There is the energy center, which is responsible for the survival of the whole Chakra system and which gives it strength. If this Chakra is crushed, it is possible to access all the information that exists in the soul. In this way, it is possible to weaken all the other six Chakras at once. That is why demons use sexual abuse, after such an act no soul can hold itself together, because the Root Chakra has been destroyed.

It is very difficult to rebuild a destroyed Chakra, and if you happen to have a Root Chakra, all the other Chakras will be on standby until the Root Chakra heals. The number one healing crystal of the Root Chakra is Red Jasper. It should be worn for a very long time until you feel better and healthy and brighter days have arrived. Red Jasper also cures the most brutal destruction of the Root Chakra caused by sexual abuse.

There are also demons who use physical violence instead of sexual harassment to destroy the victim's Root Chakra. It often occurs in close relationships; with physical attacks, the Root Chakra is destroyed. Not all demons use sexual harassment, they also use pushing, beating, fists.

Why do so many demons choose a man's body?

For the most part, there have been men involved in ill-treatment in human history. I am not saying here that women do not, this is far from true, but demons choose the male body more for their existence. In fact, there is a very clear reason for this - male energy is more powerful, physically stronger, and more determined, which is why they choose the male body to come to life.

Women with demons in their bodies have more male energy, they are stronger, more dominant. A female figure, but a dominant male energy

Demons are not subject to numerological and astrological characteristics; they are related only to souls and their purposes in life.

Have you ever thought that for some people, the interpretations of a sun sign or the purpose of the life path number do not apply? Have you ever, when analyzing yourself or other people, reached a specific person whom you absolutely do not recognize, for example, in the life purpose of Cancer? He should be someone whose goal is to support other people. Or do you not notice the life path number 6 to bear the utmost care for his loved ones?

The fact that numerological and astrological interpretations do not apply to all people exists. This is so with people whose bodies have a demon, not a soul. For demons, these attributes do not apply because they are not souls. Souls have life goals, all of which in the big picture are related to healing oneself, helping others, and reshaping oneself.

Demons do not have such goals, they have exactly the opposite goals. Their purpose is to crush, harass and pour negativity wherever they are allowed to enter.

The word demon already sounds awful, but it is. Not only do souls live in human bodies, but they are also taken over by demons who look like humans and blend well with the masses. As you get to know and bring such people to a close, you will soon realize that it is far from a soul.

If there is a demon in your life or he has been with you at some point, share your experience, don't leave it to yourself. Seek help, let others help you!

If you are reading my thoughts now and you recognize that the demon has taken advantage of you, this message is for you. Don't be ashamed, share your experience, seek help. There are many who do not accept the actions of the demon and they are ready to help you. You are not to blame for what has happened to you. You haven't given the green light for that. You were just there, too close, by accident, without knowing yourself. Demons need to be revealed to avoid further casualties. They know people's language and beautify themselves, and they can leave an impression that is compassionate. Nevertheless, they must be disclosed, at any cost. After all, a lie lives a short life, but the truth lives a long time.

If you are a victim of a demon, grow into a better person from this experience, don't get stuck in a shattered state. Life goes on when you let it go on. I will send you a lot of love, find support, courage, and inspiration in my words to heal!