I am extremely pleased to introduce you to CBD, or the miracle cure in alternative medicine. This is a real jackpot for those who are looking for a solution to their problems. Especially for problems that have been difficult to cure. It can become a savior of your personal well-being and health.

Cannabidiol oil or CBD oil is a healing oil made from 100 natural compounds derived from the cannabis plant. CBD is derived from cannabis, which has no "getting high" effect. This effect is caused by another cannabidiol, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, in the cannabis plant. Because CBD does not have a psychoactive property, it is a perfectly legal oil. I am often asked if it can be used and owned. The answer is a simple YES, as it has no psychoactive effect.

People are divided into two, those who withdraw immediately when it comes to cannabis, and those for whom alternative self-healing is a familiar and reliable path. I want to raise your awareness of CBD and tell you everything I know about CBD and its therapeutic properties. It could become one of your lifebuoys!!

My personal opinion and experience are that CBD gives a person a whole new opportunity. It is an alternative medicine for diseases that are difficult to treat and relief for complications that are difficult to reduce. From reducing stress levels and curing sleep problems to fighting chronic diseases (cancer, epilepsy, allergies, mood swings, digestive problems, multiple sclerosis, depression, etc.).

But why is CBD so powerful?

Humans have an endocannabinoid system. It is a large-scale neuromodulator system that plays a vital role in ensuring the stability of the body's internal environment. Everyone has cannabinoid receptors throughout the body, not just in the brain and heart. CBD directly affects our cannabinoid receptors (or, more simply, "receptors"), which in turn helps to create balance, and healing exactly where your body needs to balance.

CBD affects people differently because we have different problems and health concerns, so to speak, system failures, inflammation in the digestive system, dysfunction of the nervous system, and so on. When you consume CBD oil, it takes place exactly where your "defect" is, a significant positive turn. The cannabidiol in it activates the healing of your defect.

In short - CBD can help treat exactly what you need to treat. Even if you have no major symptoms and you consume CBD oil, you are healing those areas of the body, organs, and reactions that are actually weak without your knowledge. It can be used for both preventive treatments and to solve a problem that is already known. And that's what makes CBD oil such a powerful gift of nature in my eyes. All plants exist here on Earth for a reason.

The endocannabinoid system is essential for everyone because it keeps us together and healthy. Our bodies can also do the work that CBD consumption helps to do, so the body can fight for and restore health. However, poor quality food, trauma, excessive stress, the fast pace of life, administration of toxins through cosmetics, food, and so on, and many other factors can cause diseases in our body that the body cannot heal on its own. This is where the CBD can come to the rescue. By consuming it, you are supporting your endocannabinoid system so that it can heal and keep you healthy.

There are two types of receptors in our bodies that CBD can communicate with.

The CB1 receptor exists in our nerve endings, where CBD can reduce pain sensitivity by helping to alleviate pain throughout the body for those with arthritis, trauma, inflammatory pain, and so on. Therefore, cancer patients also use CBD to relieve symptoms and pain.

The CB2 receptor is present in cells of the peripheral nervous system. When CBD is consumed, they are activated and triggers the reduction of inflammation, which in turn helps to treat all the different chronic diseases. Inflammation causes chaos and disease in our body (including cancer and autoimmune diseases). CBD helps protect the body against inflammation by reducing it and slowing down / preventing the development of the disease.

In short, CBD has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects treat chronic diseases, and prevent further development.

The strength and power of the CBD are admirable, I really believe it can be a great help to those who are looking for a workable solution to their problems.

CBD oil is obtained by extraction of Cannabis Sativa L. The resulting high concentration of CBD oil is diluted with vegetable oil, usually hemp seed oil, black cumin oil, or coconut oil, to obtain a CBD oil of a suitable concentration for consumption.

The amount of CBD in a product is stated on the product. Different percentages indicate how strong the amount of CBD is. The higher the percentage, the higher the CBD concentration. You can find the full range of CBD products available in LA TENE stores HERE.

How to choose the right percentage of CBD oil?

CBD oils are found in LA TENE stores from 5% to 30%. The higher the percentage, the stronger the effect of CBD.

I recommend using 5% CBD oil in infants for training and prophylaxis. I also recommend it for adults who do not have chronic illnesses and symptoms to treat. With it, you can successfully maintain and protect your health.

I recommend using 10% CBD oil in case of moderate symptoms, to practice using CBD. It is suitable for use in the presence of sleep problems, stress, mood swings, pain, or other disturbing symptoms.

15% and 20% CBD oils are already strong, and I recommend using them consciously for self-healing with some of the more complex and major health concerns.

30% CBD oil is currently the strongest version and I recommend using it to heal a serious problem and defect.

All in all, you can consume all these different percentages of CBD oils, you can start with the lighter one by quietly moving on to a stronger one. This way you can experiment with what percentage is best for you. However, we have different symptoms and problems and we need an individual approach. You can find a harmonious and suitable percentage of CBD oil by testing.

CBD oils are often mixed with curcumin, piperine, or black cumin oil. Why choose them?
I recommend these blends for those who suffer from pain (migraine attacks, menstrual cramps, abdominal pain, joint pain, body hypersensitivity, etc.) because CBD, along with other alternative therapies such as these three, helps to relieve pain quickly. In terms of taste, these oils are slightly stronger but are effective in relieving pain.

CBD oil can also be found with MCT oil, a medicinal substance extracted from coconut oil. For example, with 30% CBD MCT oil in the LA TENE range. MCT contributes to energy production and I recommend using it in the morning or during the day. It gives your body produce energy for the whole day with the healing properties of CBD oil.

In fact, all CBD products are good, I suggest you check them out and find the best healer for you.

Personally, I would recommend consuming CBD immediately after eating foods that use extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, or black cumin oil. You get a faster and better effect if you have useful fatty acids in your body.

I am often asked if I consume CBD oil and what do I think of it all?

Yes - I consume it every day. What do I think of that? I think it's great, it's absolutely great. I see such great potential in this, especially if you consume it regularly and make your own menu and lifestyle healthy. That alone is not enough, your life needs to be changed in other aspects and the CBD works wonders. In fact, this whole article is built on my opinion.

Since I have quite a lot of experience with CBD, I can confidently recommend it. It helps me to speed up the perception of vision and also to interpret my own visions. Because the CBD regulates how you think, how you feel, and helps make everything stronger and more functional, it also helps keep my clairvoyance at a more capable level. In addition, CBD oil helps maintain a constant level of peace while maintaining well-being throughout the day. For me, CBD brings me constant meditation or balance. In addition, I sleep well, and the quality of sleep is high.

To know how CBD oil affects you, you just need to use it and monitor yourself. When consuming CBD, it should be understood that it must be used regularly in order for changes to occur in the body at all. Give yourself a month or two to see the big picture of healing, a few days, or a week to notice relief from the most problematic symptoms.

What do you need to know before using CBD?

CBD oil should not be taken with any prescription drugs and should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. CBD is itself a natural or alternative medicine and can only be used with alternative self-healing products, such as food supplements (omega-fatty acids, reishi, ashwagandha, Rhodiola, other herbs, vitamins, minerals, etc.).

The only reason I don't recommend taking CBD oil with prescription drugs is not knowing how they react with each other. If you are taking prescription drugs, you should discuss with your doctor how the two work together. CBD can potentiate or block the effects of a drug, and there are situations where they can work together. You can get this information from your doctor. Anyone who does not use medication can always use CBD.

CBD oil can be used for a lifetime, it works best if it is constantly in your system so you use it every day.

Start with small amounts and increase it over time until you achieve the effect you expect from the CBD.

The usual amounts used are outlined here. However, there are those who use less and those who need to use more to get results. You can find out for yourself which amount of CBD oil is right for you by testing. If you feel it works in small amounts, then this is for you. If you do not feel the effect of these numbers, you can find the optimal quantity by increasing the quantities in small steps. There are also days when your body needs more, and there are days where you need less - all according to how you feel. The use of CBD oil requires awareness.

Studies have shown that CBD is tolerable even in very high amounts in the body, so it is very difficult to cause an overdose. Women are more sensitive to CBD than men. This means that men usually need a larger amount to achieve the desired result.

- 5% - 25 drops a day

- 10% - 12 drops a day

- 15% - 8 drops a day

- 20% - 6 drops a day

- 30% - 4 drops a day

The CBD oils sold in LA TENE are in a bottle with a pipette, they are instilled directly under the tongue, held in the mouth for about a minute (this is not uncomfortable, because the amount is very small and you practically do not feel it). You can gently move it around your mouth and then swallow it (hold the oil in your mouth for a minute for the CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream). You will feel a slight hemp flavor or a carrier oil flavor (black cumin oil or spice flavor when mixed with piperine and curcumin).

The effect can be felt in 15-30 minutes. If you use it, for example, to cure depression or another mental problem, you may probably have a faster effect (you may also see the result faster for pain relief purposes). You will feel less of the effect if you use CBD oil for something that does not have oppressive symptoms. This does not mean that there is no effect, the effect is simply on another level.

When used for depression, it should not be taken with antidepressants As I wrote above - prescription drugs and CBD don't go together. Alternative antidepressants, in addition to CBD, are Rhodiola and many other Ayurvedic plants. In addition essential oils (in diffuser/oil lamp) fr example palmarosa, hyssop, clary sage.

CBDs useful and healing properties and inspiration for use:

- Helps relieve stress, anxiety, panic, insomnia, depression, paranoia, fears, mood swings, melancholy, pessimistic mood, sadness, nervousness, abruptness.

- May relieve cancer, epilepsy, and other chronic diseases (including autoimmune diseases).

- Contributes to the normal functioning of the heart by supporting the cardiovascular system and helping to stabilize blood pressure.

- Helps reduce inflammation by helping to keep various health risks low.

- Helps to heal digestive problems, also helps reduce allergic symptoms. It also has a very good effect on relieving dust allergies.

- Helps to improve the quality of sleep, helps to relax deeply, improves night breathing, and provides a relaxing effect.

- Suitable for relieving skin diseases and allergies. Helps cure acne, psoriasis, and other skin problems.

- Helps get rid of pain and chronic pain. Suitable for relieving any pain.

- Makes a person more patient, calmer, helps to reduce social anxiety, and improves self-expression.

- Helps with reflux and nausea.

TIn fact, I could keep on highlighting those good qualities. In short, it helps you exactly where your problem is.

CBD oil can also be a lifeline for many tick-borne sufferers and those who want to prevent it. It can help protect against Lyme disease or, if the disease is present, alternatively heal the body. CBD has antibacterial activity and has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, toxin-releasing properties and healing bacterial and viral diseases. Therefore, in the case of Lyme disease, it is possible to obtain relief from CBD oil. Long-term use of CBD can lead to significant improvement in well-being and can also relieve the disease. I have also written about tips on how to protect yourself from ticks in the wild. You can read about it HERE

One particularly good thing I see about CBD oil is that it helps get better nutrients from food. It also takes the consumption of supplements to a higher level for you. If, for example, the absorption of iron is difficult for the body, it successfully contributes to the increase of iron or ferritin levels, while at the same time using iron supplements or eating iron-rich foods from which ferritin can be formed. It helps to absorb not only iron but also all other benefits. I gave iron here as an example because it is a big problem for many.

I believe that cannabis and CBD will create a revolution in the self-healing landscape!

Due to Estonian law, CBD is not a food supplement and should not actually be recommended. All information in this article is based on my knowledge, personal experience, and recommendations. This is not medical information. Therefore, my reader is solely responsible for the use of the information provided in this article.

All CBD products sold in LA TENE are of high quality and no harmful plant protection products have been used to grow the raw materials. This in turn makes the products extra high quality and allows CBD oil to be used in a healthy way.