The soul connections have been agreed upon before we were born. We made these agreements when we were in the world of souls, or after death. We make these agreements based on past life experiences and events. As we move from life to life, different connections come together when we create them ourselves and work for them. There are no coincidences, and neither are they at the relationship level. Whether someone meets someone in this life with whom mutual love develops is related to the relationships established in previous lives. No one experiences love by chance, it is from a life-to-life-based relationship that is revived in this life. This, of course, is when these relationships are established in advance.

The more you struggle in this life with maintaining relationships, deepening them, and practicing unconditional love, the stronger your spiritual bonds become. These connections are all carried over to the next lives. In the same way, problematic relationships are transmitted if problems are not healed, and the course of the relationship is not changed. Everything you do is recorded - this is your relationship Karma. So be careful with whom you leave the dispute unresolved, who you take advantage of, etc., because it will all haunt you in the next life. In the same way, you will be followed by everything you have created with good, where you carry love, and where you make relationships stronger.

These thoughts summarize very briefly how we build a relationship and whether we will find someone in this life with whom we will have unconditional and sincere mutual love. If you are the lucky one to have found such a companion next to you, then you can thank yourself and him - you worked great together in previous lives!

The question, however, is how to distinguish between a soulmate, companion soulmate, and a life partner spirit. These are all strong agreements between souls, but they have a different purpose. I will share with you very simple keywords that will help you identify who has been or is in your life right now.

All three of these inter-soul agreements are continuations of past lives. None of them have entered your life for the first time, some of them have been on your path of destiny several times, some even more.

The common denominator of all three is that they are related to you on a romantic and sexual level. Relationships are related to the energy of the Sacral, Heart Crown Chakras. Therefore, it is very difficult for many to distinguish between who is who and what the purpose of the relationship is. The difference between these relationships is that all three inter-soul agreements have different Chakra energies.

- In the case of the soulmate, the energy connection of the Chakras is strongest through the Crown Chakra, the energy contact of the Heart and Sacral Chakras is balanced.

- In the case of the companion soulmate, the strongest and most dominant Chakra connection is through the Sacral Chakra, and the connection with the Heart and Crown Chakras is very weak.

- In the case of the life partner spirit, the strongest and most dominant Chakra connection is through the Heart Chakra, the connection with the Crown and Sacral Chakras is very weak.

You will certainly be interested in why I bring out the energy connection of the Chakras and what you should read from them. My goal is to interpret each level spiritually. To help you truly and deeply understand how life works, I need to explain to you the nuances that cause a certain connection. Our Chakra System is responsible for how we feel something, how we treat something or someone, and so on. The inter-soul chakra connections reveal what kind of relationship it is, what dominates it, where there are flaws, and actually helps to see the big picture better. My life's work is to interpret everything that is happening around us, and I want to share it with you with the greatest love so that you can better understand your close relationships. It also helps to bring clarity to past relationships.

- Soulmate - thanks to the strong Crown Chakra connection, there is an insane need in this regard to help, teach, develop, guide, fill in gaps with one's own strengths, on the other hand, to learn, to develop, to heal and to receive help. It is a relationship full of insane intellectual and spiritual attraction, and where the soul of the companion and his nature is most captivating. The balance of the Heart Chakra and the Sacral Chakra brings romance with a passion to this relationship. The two are connected. There is no dominant Sacral Chakra that brings robust sexual energy, but instead, it is balanced by the Heart Chakra, and sexuality is two-way, related to meeting each other's needs. It is not aggressive, and sexuality is balanced. If there is a sexual attraction in the relationship, then on both sides, if there is a faster period of life, then there is sexual energy in the background for both. Sexual energy is in sync, and the Heart Chakra makes the sexual side romantic and gentle rather than aggressive and robust.

To achieve an even stronger soulmate bond, I recommend keeping Rhodochrosite crystal in this relationship. It is a unifier of soulmates, an activator of even greater passion and love happiness.

It is very rare for soulmates to deceive the other party. During relationship problems, you tend to fantasize about having sex with another person. Rhodochrosite helps to prevent such a problem by providing energy support to maintain the relationship.

The connection of the soulmates is the most balanced, it has everything and therefore it is a more perfect relationship than the other two. There is a bond between soulmates that lasts for the rest of your life. Even if a relationship is broken by wrong steps for some reason, it is not possible to cut another person out of the heart. Lifelong telepathy arises, one is constantly thought of, and all because of the leading Crown Chakra. You can read more about the purpose of a soulmate in your life HERE.

- Companion soulmate - in this relationship the Sacral Chakra dominates, which means that this relationship is full of passion and sexual energy. Physical attraction, body chemistry, and physical compatibility predominate, and the energies of the other two Chakras are in the minority. It creates a mismatch between romance, mutual respect, trustworthiness, and unconditional love. The heart chakra does not release enough energy for companion soulmates to love each other without ego or conditions. Therefore, the companion soulmate has no problem lying, hiding, deceiving, or manipulating; these energies usually come out after the phase of falling in love. Because the companion soulmates have a weak connection with the Crown Chakras, they both live for themselves and walk-in parallel in this relationship, rather than intellectually, spiritually connected.

The crystal of unconditional love is Thulite, which I recommend companion soulmates to keep in their life. It helps you learn to love more unconditionally, and it in turn reduces the disagreements that arise in this relationship.

There can be both one-sided and both side deception between companion soulmates, even at the beginning of a relationship. This is because the relationship is generally not taken seriously.

It is possible to establish a lifelong connection with a companion soulmate, but most relationships last for a certain period in your life. However, a long-term relationship reaches a vicious circle, where the patterns are constantly repeated and on a spiritual level the relationship does not move in any way. The trump card of this relationship is physical attraction, but it lacks a strong intellectual, mental, and emotional connection. You can read more about the purpose of a companion soulmate in your life HERE.

- Life partner spirit - the Heart Chakra is the strongest in this relationship. The Crown chakra is not connected at full power, and at the same time, the energy of the Sacral chakra is almost non-existent. Therefore, the initial contact between life partner spirits in the phase of falling in love is passionate, but after that, until the end of the relationship, the connection is almost non-existent. It is possible to live with life partner spirits for years but restoring sexual passion as it was in the phase of falling in love is very, very difficult, and in some cases even impossible. The dominant Heart Chakra connection helps to see the positive and strong sides of the life partner. Since the Heart and Sacral Chakras are not equal, this relationship loses its romantic meaning over time. Rather, it becomes love between sister and brother or family members. It involves caring and helping each other, but it's all like being on the level of a very dear friend.

The activator of passionate energy is Garnet. I recommend that life partner spirits keep this crystal in their lives to increase their passion. However, if you want to increase your individual sexual energy, I also recommend Carnelian. It supports the growth and retention of sexual energy.

There may be a situation between life partner spirits where one party is cheating on the other, especially if the relationship has been going on for years. This is usually due to a lack of sexual energy. Often the female side is the one who leaves the relationship, but both sides may be open to cheating due to problems.

Life partner spirits come to stay in your life for a very long time, often for the rest of your life. There are many pros in this relationship, and in general, such a relationship is evoked when looking for a sense of security when it has been lacking in the past. There is a very big downside to this relationship - the lack of sexuality and romance. You can read more about the purpose of a life partner spirit in your life HERE.

Soulmate connections develop from life to life when we learn to love each other on different levels. Companion soulmates are relatively fresh connections from past lives, they begin with great teachings and are very half-hearted. Life partner spirits are old relationships and bonds where it has been agreed in advance that it will not develop into a romantic relationship. Therefore, there is no sexuality in this relationship that is natural and self-evident.

Connections between souls are an exciting topic, and I have touched on them from time to time in my articles. I will continue to do so to help better understand the relationship. In my private seances, I constantly touch on these issues, helping everyone to understand who they are dealing with and how to best maintain and contribute to the relationship.