How often have you experienced heaviness in your chest and a feeling that your soul is empty and sick? If you've felt it or are feeling it now, this article is for you.

I often meet people who feel something like this, have collapsed in their souls, fallen into emptiness, and are anxious. Those who hang on to a small beam of light and carry themselves through days, weeks, or months.

It's not easy for me to admit, but I have skills that I can always share with someone who exists in such a void. I am writing to you and many others here about a great way to pull yourself out of this black hole.

Is it easy to achieve? To make it easy for you, you need to practice it. Practice and rehearse - cultivate so-called spiritual flesh in this regard. When you are ready for such a training, you will come out of the darkness. I hope you're ready. Otherwise, you probably wouldn't be here now, reading this article. But you are here, and it already shows that you are ready to take another step towards healing.

Difficulties and suffering within you are an agony for the whole body and soul. You don't have to feel it, you don't have to submit to the problems, traumas, experiences, and problems of the past in this way. You have a weapon against all this - yourself! And now I use your soul to rip out these hardships and sufferings and the dark hole, helping you to set yourself up for work so that you can walk out of this vortex of darkness. For me to help you do this, you must allow yourself to change your thought pattern.

Your mind needs to be recoded to benefit yourself. To do this, you need to look at yourself and quietly, step by step start listening to yourself more.

The pattern I see in people who are in a black hole of hardship and suffering is that they are subconsciously or consciously blocking their own inner voice. They avoid it because it can hurt. There's a self-defence mechanism that ultimately actually works against you, prolongs the agony, and wastes your time - years fly by and you're still in the same pain. If you feel like this, move on with me. Open your soul to the voice, do not block it or run away from it, do not be afraid of it. Feel free to come closer to yourself, discover your voice. It can be painful, uncomfortable, or breath-taking, but do it. To free ourselves from hardship and suffering, we must have the courage to look at them, to have the courage to risk being hurt even more, and only really for a short time. If you look at these problems, it really can't get any worse. You see the truth, you experience it again, and what happens? It happens that your soul can begin to break down these difficulties and sufferings.

To get rid of soul difficulties, you have to disconnect them from within yourself. You can't do that if you run away from thinking about them. When you look at the problem, you can ask yourself questions and release the sick energy. You look at it and ask: "What it came to teach me? What good is it for me to get out of this pain, or how can I turn that pain to do good for me?" And then stop, STOP! Believe me, all evil can be reversed. I am the constellation of Pisces, who always sees many sides of things. I bring this same skill to this article, to my private sessions and personal life. Today I will help you see the light where it may never have been. It's always possible to show the light, trust me!

Asking yourself questions and finding answers to them is the ultimate way to free yourself from hardship and suffering. Listen to your soul, delve into it, look for answers within yourself or the rest of the universe.

Listening in depth is the best therapy you can afford. All it takes is you. And you exist for yourself, right there, now. You are always there for yourself, you just don't know your potential yet, nothing else, but I see it in you. It's in you.

Don't be afraid to communicate with yourself and find contact. You are either your best helper or your worst enemy. Always choose the first version of yourself!

Emotions are not just empty energy within you, they are great guides. Listen to your emotions, let them unleash. Read these emotions, there are answers.

If the heaviness and pain you are carrying is related to shame, it does not mean that you are ashamed or mocked. It's in there, your wounded ego, not your soul. It is the ego that does not like rejection. Maybe the problem is that you can't stand the rejection of others, and that's how easy the issue is. Coming out of it is a place to learn. Tell yourself that you don't have to please anyone but yourself. You have to like yourself. Others always have the right to choose, but you have to like yourself.

This feeling of darkness is often associated with abandonment. There are many who have been left behind, either as a child by their mother or father, in a companion relationship, or who have been left alone by friends as teenagers. It can leave a very large wound in the soul. To get out of it, you have to make contact with yourself, travel deep into your soul and ask, what good did you get out of it? And don't tell me in your mind that it's not possible to get anything good from it. Remember what I wrote to you before. It is possible to find light in everything, and the same knowledge helps to release such a deeply traumatic problem. Say yes more in life, take it as inspiration from me. I'll give it to you; I want to give it to you!

Let us now conclude that abandonment can be healed by seeing the good in it. You can make the trauma useful, only then can healing take place. A father who left a child can give the power to never act this way yourself. You get to know that you will never cause anything like this to your child. A companion who abandons may give a chance to another person who wants to come your way. Such abandonment can also give you time to find and discover yourself. Friends who betray can provide an opportunity to start from scratch, establish your own values and dignity. Everything that has hurt you, and that moves around you in suffering, is looking for you to open that pain, take the valuable out of it, and leave the rest of the shell behind.

Pain, traumatic experiences, and suffering - they come back to you again and again like a boomerang, until you untangle them and take that one tiny piece of gold out of the whole gray mass. Leave that in your soul as a gold medal and move on as a winner.

For relief from hardship and suffering, and for spiritual support, wear a Agate crystal near your Throat chakra. For example, wear it as a pendant around your neck so that it can show you the ability to look at yourself, learn to listen, and gradually release layers of pain, and learn to heal them yourself. Agate is a powerful protective crystal that helps protect you from further deep pain. It speeds up the process of your lessons, guiding you faster and faster to the truth, liberation, cleansing, and moving forward.

Regularly cleanse your Aura field with healing ritual smudge sticks, to open the possibility of energy change. The smoke of Sage, Yerba Santa, Palo Santo and other ritual smudge sticks help to speed up the healing process, open the mind of spiritual analysis and change one's world of thought. Let healing take place by bringing about the practice of spirituality.

Life is full of suffering only if you allow suffering to exist. To step out of this pattern of thought, you must first take a break from yourself and say, "There is a teaching and wisdom in everything, even if it comes into my life in an anxious tone!"