You can amplify the energies of money luck and make abundance flourish. To do this, you can do magic that will help bring money luck to your life.

For the magic of money luck, you need a variety of spiritual items that already contain energies of abundance, luck, prosperity, and wealth. Handling them properly will help bring luck to your life!

This magic can be done at any time or during periods when the energies of abundance are active. I write about when they are active in my monthly horoscopes. You can find the Monthly horoscope HERE.

For the magic of money luck, you need these items that contain money energy:

- Citronella incense (money energy activator)

- Picture Jasper (guarantor of business and professional luck)

- Tiger’s eye (money luck activator)

- Emerald Quartz (to promote money, abundance, and prosperity)

- Dendritic Agate (for growing wealth)

- Bloodstone (preserver of money luck, blocker of misfortune)

- Green Aventurine (helps to increase money energy through work)

- matches to light the Incense sticks/incense holder for incense

- Green bag

- Banknote, coin and a photo of yourself or your family

You can use both tumbled and rough crystals to perform money magic. There can be more of the same crystal to make the magic more powerful.

First you need to make the incense smoke. The Citronella incense unleashes abundant energies, which in turn draws money luck to where the incense is burned. If you use Citronella incense at home or near yourself, it will activate the luck of money in your life.

Then place the photo in front of you and place all the money crystals around it. Hold your hand on the crystals and focus on the desires of abundance, wealth, and money. Seek the amplification and increase of monetary luck and the flow of cash into your life. When you have done this, take the coin and the banknote and place them on the picture. Hold your hand on the picture and the money, close your eyes and ask again for prosperity and financial luck to come into your life.

When you feel that you have submitted your requests, place the crystals, picture, and money in a green bag. Once you have put the bag together, hold it in your hand, close your eyes and resubmit the application, focusing on the cash flow starting to flow to you. Then place the bag next to the citronella incense.

When the first incense is completely burned, light the new incense, and let it burn to the end. After that, you can take the magic bag and place it in a suitable place in your home. I recommend keeping it where your other crystals of abundance and money are located, or in the south-eastern or eastern direction.

Burn one citronella incense every day and do it for at least four to seven days in a row so that the money magic can be activated. The longer you burn the incense, the more powerful the magic will work. You can also do this for more than seven days.

In addition, I recommend that you keep the Wallet luck crystals in your wallet and wear some crystals highlighted in the magic as jewelry.