Rosemary is one of the miracle plants that every Estonian can grow in their household. You don’t always have to look from far away for something to help and heal you. You can offer all of this for yourself, to grow plants with powers and to use them smartly for health and for rituals. Rosemary is a plant, with many different good qualities.

Rosemary is used a lot all over the world in different witchcraft and magic cultures as a ritual plant. Also, I love and adore Rosemary for its cleansing and love related power. A clever witch always keeps Rosemary in her household, whether as a fresh herb or dried.

Rosemary in witchcraft and home rituals

Rosemary has a very long and interesting history and has been used in hundreds of different magic rituals. Rosemary has been used both for casting vile souls out from the house and also for putting love spells on someone. I’m going to write down everything you can do so you could use Rosemary for your own good.

Banishing vile souls from the house


Rosemary has home cleansing qualities and to banish vile souls from the house you need to have dried Rosemary you have grown by yourself. For that grow Rosemary and when the stems are around 7-9 cm long, cut them and tie several stems together with a black thread. Make yourself a similar stick-like Sage smudge stick. For that, let Rosemary stick to dry and then you can use it for casting souls out from the house. You can only use Rosemary for that in the day of the creation of the last quarter of the Moon. You can find information about the last quarter of the month HERE. On this day, place many burning white candles, in the house, placed on the base filled with salt. Walk around the house with the Rosemary smudge stick with candles burning and windows opened. Burn the whole smudge stick and walk through every room with it. After burning it, blow out the candles and throw the salt to the woods. This way you can quickly get rid of vile souls stuck in your home.


Improving family’s health


Grow Rosemary in your home in a pot and when there is a sick person in the home, place the Rosemary pot into his room. When you simply wish to bring extra strength and health luck to the family then set the pot in the Eastern room of the house on a table or a cupboard. For Rosemary to work properly and bring health to the family, place many Brecciated Jasper crystals on the Rosemary soil. Brecciated Jasper combined with Rosemary and Feng Shui East Quarter brings healing to the house. Brecciated Jasper is also added to the soil where Rosemary seeds are planted for it to become several times more powerful healer.


Bringing love to the house and cleansing love crystals


Rosemary has the ability to promote love and to cleanse power objects related to it. Let Rosemary stems to be on and below love crystals on the creation of the First Quarter of the Moon. You can find information about the last quarter of the month HERE. Keep these freshly cut stems on the crystals for the whole day, later throw them out from the house. Rosemary helps to clean love related crystals on that Moon Phase day. That simple! Besides that, Rosemary helps to bring love to the house, for that cut fresh Rosemary stems and put them around a red candle. Burn the red candle to attract more love.


Cleanses the air, home Aura and releases evil


Rosemary plant in the room helps to clean the home Aura from negative energy, helps to protect from negative energy getting stuck and reflects evil back to where it was sent from. Plant a Rosemary plant near the gate of your home or place a pot with this plant near the front door with a Pyrite crystal, to banish misfortune. It’s especially useful when it’s wanted to protect oneself from the bad words and evil of other people. When you have dried Rosemary, then burn it at home to release the overall negativity stuck between the walls of the home.


Bad dreams and nightmares


Hang a bunch of Rosemary on your dream catcher and let it dry there. Keep this bunch from one Full Moon to the other and then, repeat the procedure again. You can find more information about the Full Moon HERE. Old bunch throw away and you must not burn it at home for not releasing the negativity gathered in Rosemary. Keeping Rosemary on the dream catcher protects your soul during sleep.


Men, who find the aroma of Rosemary unacceptable, can’t offer women, true love. Rosemary does not grow in yards, homes or flower beds where the man of the house is dominating.

The healing strength and power of Rosemary

Use Rosemary in cooking, made tea from it or use it without anything extra so you could accept the physical healing qualities of this plant. It would be best to use fresh Rosemary for your health, therefore plant this in your flower bed or buy a fresh pot of herb from the store.



Rosemary helps a wide variety of cancer cells to retreat and is therefore well suited for cancer therapy. Consuming rosemary constantly will reduce the risk of developing cancer.




Suitable for men who have the problem of going bald. Rosemary has a lot of vitamins and minerals that will help hair to grow and stop hair from falling out. Useful also for women with a problem of hair not growing.


Stress and depression


Using rosemary helps to get rid of anger, balances emotion fluctuations, and is one of the best plants to use to combat stress. Rosemary works especially fast in the body when taken with food. In addition, Rosemary helps to fight depression very quickly, so if you feel you are no longer happy, make a good Rosemary course and add this plant to the various dishes.


Memory strengthener


Rosemary can also be used to enhance memory by helping to increase memory and strengthen factual memory. Rosemary also helps those who are engaged in learning or who need to remember a lot due to work.




People with very weak health and who constantly battle with different illnesses, their immune system is very weak and for improving this, you’ll need some extra power. Rosemary supports the immune system and helps to be healthy in that time of the year.


Stomach problems


Drink Rosemary tea when you have problems with stomach viruses, inflamed stomach or gas.


Releasing toxins


Rosemary has the ability to take toxins out from the body, used both as food or tea. Rosemary helps to cleanse the body from different toxins quickly, especially from things added to our food that our body really can’t or need to digest.


Rosemary doesn’t need to be used in large quantities to get its full effect. Rosemary is a potent plant that starts to work in the body immediately, therefore add a little of it to your dishes, salads, smoothies or use it as tea.

Rosemary tea makes the skin healthy and hair shiny

Drinking Rosemary tea is useful for those who have problems with the skin in their face or with skin in general. Suitable for people with acne, too many pores or with some skin disease. I also recommend the tea to people whose hair is not growing that well or the scalp gets greasy too quickly. Generally, a person like this also has acne and therefore the Rosemary tea can be useful in many ways.

Make Rosemary tea from dried Rosemary or from a handful of fresh Rosemary. Do not use tea bags or ready to drink tea. The power of Rosemary comes out the best from fresh stems.

Crystal jewellery cleansing ritual with Rosemary


For that, cut a handful of fresh Rosemary and chop it up, mix it together with sea salt and black pepper. Place the mixture on a white base/plate and place a quite high white candle in the middle of it. Place crystal jewellery, crystal sticks, crystal spheres, wheel of suns, rings on the mixture around the candle. Light the white candle and burn it throughout the day for as long as possible. The longer it can burn the quicker the crystals will be cleansed. You don’t have to finish the candle up and you can also use the candle for some other purpose. After the jewellery is cleansed, throw the Rosemary mixture away from the house to the woods, not in the rubbish. It would be best to keep a Rock Crystal geode under the jewellery, but you can do without it too. Rosemary with salt and pepper will help to release the negativity from the jewellery and give it more strength to work with you. This kind of cleaning is especially useful for cleansing massage wands and Chakra crystals. The best time for the ritual is the creation of the New Moon. You can find this information HERE.


Rosemary essential oil


In addition to rosemary plants, it is also useful to use rosemary oil. This oil helps to improve the respiratory system, skin diseases, it is anti-asthma and dust allergy promotes hair growth, has an anti-aging and soothing effect. In addition, it helps to strengthen the immune system and the mind. Rosemary essential oil is also useful for purifying home energy and crystal energies.


Rosemary essential oil can be burned in an oil lamp. You can find the lamp manual at our website. All the oil lamps in our online store selection are available HERE, where you will find the information on how to use it.

You can read more about Rosemary essential oil and its healing properties HERE. Rosemary oil products can be found HERE.


Be healthy and use the healers created by nature for keeping yourself healthy. Learn to know nature and practice what I teach!