People born under the TAURUS zodiac sign have very hot souls, although they can look balanced and even modest to other people. But a real friend knows that Taurus has everything Aries, Leo and Capricorn have – a fiery wish to make changes, move, make changes, to love and adventure. Taurus's are passionate people who enjoy life. It is said about Pisces that still waters run deep, but the reality is that we can say the same thing about Taurus. When you first meet him, he may seem like a regular modest person, but when you get to know him you’ll understand that Taurus is full of strength and one of the hard nuts. Hard in the sense that he is super analytical although no one would say it at the first glimpse. Taurus can make hundreds of analyses in their mind when you’re only still on your first one. They work well together as they can easily find solutions and do so especially because of their analytical mind. But, when you wish to work with him, you first have to reach his heart. Not everyone with the same zodiac sign can be good every sign has its own weaknesses and for Taurus's, it’s trust issues. Taurus touches limits with a person who comes to his life, analyses and makes his conclusions, thinks around these conclusions, finds problems, tries to understand problems and so many other things and only then will he allow you to be part of his life with your good sides and mistakes.

Taurus is born under a zodiac sign which needs financial order in life, which means when they are doing fine financially, they’ll be calm. They are a bit more spiritual than the sign next to them, Aries, which gives them the chance to share more love. Taurus is the one who gives out love when everything is okay at home. When everything is not okay, they’ll subconsciously close up and when Taurus falls into the trap of his own thoughts he’ll have these walls up and he’ll be like a ghost behind bars. Other’s won’t get easily into his soul because he has the ability to shut down for himself. Well, he is his own worst friend or, at the same time, his best friend. Taurus is one of the signs who can live alone without worry because he has the ability to find stability - he simply analyses why to be stable and sadness is not an option. Pisces, Scorpios nor Cancers can’t understand the Taurus character because they are also hot-levelled and extravagant. But Taurus, by their side, tends to be introverted. From time to time, Taurus lets out steam, not in any situation as he rather tries to remain calm for every cost.

In addition to remaining stable, there are also other things that are important and this is being independent. The question about independence is constantly in his mind and when someone tries to limit him or overdo him with his dominance, then Taurus will run away or make something he usually never does. Firstly he has to understand which vices people have like he has become used to analyse, but domination is something he despises.

Besides that, he constantly needs to work and see the practical and physical result. When Aquarius could work for his whole life for his emotional satisfaction, then Taurus is the one who has to see physical results. Otherwise, it’s like he hasn’t worked at all, as he says to himself.

Best jobs for Taurus are linked to money, banking, heading an enterprise, creating one, business, business management, organising or strong physical labour, which could be building, shipping, forestry work and so on.

They are quite stubborn and when you start arguing with them and they’ll have their own opinion about things, then it’s almost impossible to break them. Taurus will be Taurus even when others are right. This is a question about honour and this honour could fall only after a while, but by that time you’ve already forgotten that thing when he hasn’t.

Taurus can generally get along well with every zodiac sign because they try to understand all the negative sides others have, but only when he is in a good mood. One day he protects, another day he curses.


Earth-element leads Taurus and gives him the need to be in nature or work in nature professionally or as his hobby. Taurus is the one who works in the yard when other’s enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace. He can do this later on in his mind or when nature has been enjoyed in its physical sense. Taurus needs nature to lose their stress, free negative thoughts and clear the head. Besides that, Taurus gets independence with the Earth element, something I mentioned above.


EMERALD is their health crystal that helps to take care of their physical and mental health. The weakest part of their health is the heart, Heart Chakra, heart nerves and problems with the cardiovascular system. This is what comes along with the Taurus zodiac sign. Emerald helps to heal these problems and keep his heart strong. Besides physical weaknesses, also their emotional life is their weak spot, something Emerald helps to heal.

VENUS gives Taurus the need to work, but, it also makes him lazy. Taurus is lazy when someone asks him to do something. Venus gives him the activity but not a freely chosen one, but Taurus is active when he makes his own decisions. Therefore it’s hard to make or direct him to do something. When you want him to move, then you have to wait for him to move or stubbornly push him to move.

Mind. A supportive crystal for an analytical Taurus is CARNELIAN, which helps him to motivate himself and find reasons to move forward.  ZEBRA-JASPER helps to strengthen their analytical abilities. They are already analytical, but this crystal helps them to work this out so they wouldn't overthink or cause themselves too much stress with it. It’s a crystal that helps to focus on working. The crystal gives good luck and energy for working. In addition to this, Zebra-Jasper is also a work success and luck crystal.

The one and only prosperity crystal is the strong prosperity bringer VARISCITE which is very powerful and has similar qualities as CHRYSOPRASE which also suits Taurus well but it's also a crystal for Libras. Also, MOSS AGATE helps to bring Taurus material luck, helping him to find a job he can earn a lot of money with and bring ideas to make his material side in life better. In addition to this, Moss Agate is also a very strong health crystal for them, being a universal healer that helps to keep different health problems away from their life.

Good luck and protection are brought by BOTSWANA AGATE and OCEAN JASPER. Botswana Agate is one of the strongest crystals for Taurus when he is looking for protection from misfortune. This is a crystal that keeps vile people, unpleasant experiences, accidents and sadness away. This crystal should go along with Taurus for their whole life or at least be in his home. This to keep away something that could ruin his happiness. Ocean Jasper helps to bring good luck in every aspect of life. Atlantisite is a great multifunctional and universal lucky crystal for Taurus. This crystal should definitely be present in every representative of the Taurus sun sign. Atlantisite brings good luck on every level. It is a crystal that can work to create spiritual satisfaction and bring good luck to fulfil your desires, dreams and wishes. I definitely recommend Taurus to wear it during the period of his life, when he wants to invite good luck into his life and give his dreams a physical shape.

Both  SELENITE and ROCK CRYSTAL help to communicate and express freely. Selenite helps Taurus to get along better with other people, understand them better and offer support. Rock Crystal increases tolerance and helps him to understand other people better, helping him to understand why people are the way they are.

Intuition will be improved the best by SELENITE and BLACK TOURMALINESelenite helps Taurus to understand his life’s purpose and how to fulfil it. In addition, Selenite helps him to understand in an instant what he should do or how to act in different situations. Black Tourmaline makes him more intuitive, helping Taurus to see things clearly, understand the meaning of things and quickly analyse different situations.

Love crystals are EMERALD, RHODONITE and KUNZITE. These crystals help to bring good luck for love, romantic moments, good partner, soulmate and peace. They are romantic souls and sensual and they want a physical connection with their partner. Kunzite is the crystal that protects his love and feelings because it’s easy to hurt him even when Taurus won’t show this, they are quite vulnerable. ROSE QUARTZ brings love into his house. MANGO CALCITE is a crystal that gives him peace of mind, stability, makes him feel good and gives relief to emotional anxiety. Mango Calcite brings good luck for love, helping to find love and have a family. This is a crystal that helps Taurus to create a loving environment around him. Mango Calcite is very useful for Taurus, helping him to learn to love and respect himself.

I have written down the first and last dates according to belief. Some belief the first date to be April 21, some April 22, etc.
April 21 – 22 Rock Crystal
April 23 – 24 Moss Agate
April 25 – 26 Variscite
April 27 – 28 Amethyst
April 29 - 30 Anthophyllite
May 1 – 2 Stromatolite
May 3 – 5 Bronzite
May 6 – 8 Fuchsite
May 9 – 12 Carnelian
May 13 – 15 Rhodonite
May 16 – 17 Rose Quartz
May 18 – 19 Rhodochrosite
May 20 – 21 Kunzite


All crystals affect all people, but some specific crystals can quickly reach certain zodiac sign Auras. 

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