GEMINI is a sign with the mind of many signs. He is sly, but not in a negative way, but the slyness in him gives him the ability to be at the right time at the right place, tell the right things at the right time or notice a good opportunity at the right time. Gemini is quick-witted, reacts fast, and is very analytical.

Geminis have the need to communicate, but this is a special thing. Today he can speak to you like you’re best friends, but tomorrow he can make you feel like you’re not existing. He is not doing it on purpose, but the energy of his sign gives him the wish to constantly change, be in movement and go in different directions. But, after some time, Gemini could return to you and speak as positively as before, just like nothing has happened. This is their peculiarity and who wants to be friends or close to this super energetic zodiac sign has to have patience.

There is a special thing about them. How their mind constantly changes, sometimes ten or twenty times a day and this is what makes them into an interesting companion. You never know what he’ll talk about and what he thinks about things. Other signs can’t foresee what’s going on in his mind, except Pisces, who is intuitive enough and understanding towards other signs. That quick change in his mind makes them good communicators, as they enrich other signs with their information. Gemini likes to share information that is about their opinion not about their own personal information. Exactly, they are bad at opening themselves, they don’t want to do this and when they do, they’ll regret it for months. Maybe he’ll remember something from five years and this can still today cause them embarrassment on how could he come up with something like this back then. On one hand, it’s good when a person protects his privacy, on the other, they find it extremely difficult to fully express their feelings as they feel like there is an emotional wall between themselves, their feelings, and their partner. The smartest thing would be to give them simply some time or intuitively sense what’s happening in their head. Pisces, Cancers, and Scorpio can probably get along with this sign easier because they have so much more intuition since birth.

Geminis are loving souls. But when they love, they love for themselves. They don’t want to admit that they really like it when people do things for them. That’s why his partner must leave the impression that he is independent, strong, and can do it all on his own. They don’t like it when they are underestimated and they really like it when someone appreciates their strength. It is extremely important for them to be strong, it’s like a mission, and when someone says they are weak, then his next step will be showing his strength. No matter what, nobody can think or know that he can be emotionally weak. That’s why a Taurus who never wants to show her partner’s weaknesses is a good partner for him, and, they are not as impulsive as for example, Leos are.

For Geminis their outside composure, how their life in general looks to the outside, i.e. where they have been and what they have seen is important for them. Geminis go crazy for experiences. When he is in a good period in his life, he can be very adventurous or live his life with no tomorrow. This is what I like about them, they want to get a lot from life and their main wish is to not waste life. This adventurous side in him and wish to experience different things gives them a lot of things to talk about with other people. But, when he is in a negative period in his life, he completely shuts off, blocks people he knows, blocks himself, and gets trapped. Into a trap, no one else can open, because it’s part of their nature to solve everything on their own. Their purpose, the one they are born for, is that in this life you’ll solve your own problems, gather confidence and through that understand the power of a person's soul.

By nature, they are temperament and somewhat nervous that gives them the ability to react quickly. When we are talking about a job or working, then Geminis are multifunctional workers. They need many tasks at once, several goals, directions, and different challenges. One job, one task, and calm life are out of the question. Geminis share their energy everywhere, in every direction, it’s simply part of their nature. Never expect them to finish a task right away, he only does it when it's enough of a challenge when he feels he needs to tackle the task. Geminis are quite manipulative, they can easily pass their tasks on to others with smooth-talking. They do this actually with a lot of things, but they do it so well that other signs can take this task as a premium. Weird, isn’t it?


makes them constantly move, make them want to have a change in life, the wish to experience different things in life, and restlessness, which prevents them from staying still. When a Gemini is a kid, then he can run away under your eyes without you even noticing. But, he needs to discover the world and always what, where, and when has happened. Gemini kids forget themselves and can be quite a headache with their actions.

The air element gives them a constantly changing mind, changing opinion about people that is both good and bad. Sometimes they want to share their feelings with someone, but they can’t. One day they love, the other day they’re passive, both in their friendships and love.


is the crystal of health for them, that helps them to get over different health problems. Their biggest health concern is their nervous system, also hitting their physical body, falling, and other physical accidents. Moss Agate is the crystal that nurtures their health and brings them good luck for health for the rest of their life. Moss Agate has long been thought of as one of the most efficient healing crystals, used for any kind of health problem. Moss Agate strengthens the immune system and helps to quicken the healing process, also, protects from bigger health concerns.

Another really good health crystal for Gemini is CHRYSOCOLLA, which helps to heal a common respiratory system problem. Chrysocolla is a healer that can strengthen the immune system and heal the upper respiratory system. It’s a very calming crystal you can firstly use for relieving stress or anxiety. Chrysocolla is also a big releaser, which means it helps to get rid of unwanted emotions and feelings. 


MERCURY gives Gemini the wish to be constantly close by, be important to someone, for someone to listen to them and someone to talk to them. For them, talking to people is as important as for Virgos is organizing or for Sagittarians is working, seriously. Mercury gives them their deep soul, ability to analyze in detail, and a wish to teach others of their knowledge.


In addition to crystals, both silver and gold suit Gemini, they can wear these metals together.

When we talk about the mind, then they are quick thinkers since birth. They actually need a stop button so others could rest and clear their minds as they still are overthinkers. For thinking RED JASPER is best. This crystal helps them to be grounded and understand what’s worth worrying about and whatnot. Red Jasper helps Gemini to really be who he is, not one of many and the kind most people are.

Prosperity crystal on is definitely CITRINE and ORANGE CALCITE. Citrine is a wonderful crystal for prosperity and wealth, that can bring financial luck into a person´s life who uses it or who has it in his home environment. Citrine is a crystal that helps you to understand and notice how to bring good financial possibilities into your life, opportunities to tackle and use for improving your own financial state. Citrine suits many zodiac signs and Geminis also easily adapt to its energetics. Orange Calcite is not a typical prosperity crystal, but it works really well with Geminis. I really recommend Orange Calcite, two crystals would be even better. CRAZY AGATE is also a crystal of prosperity that helps Gemini to be successful both professionally and in private life. It is a crystal of wealth and success.

For Geminis their financial stand is very important, they can count their money several times because they simply like to have control. It’s part of their character to feel poor even when they have paychecks from several months in their pocket, they simply always have to be prepared for unexpected situations. Orange Calcite is the crystal that helps to create financial stability and Citrine brings good pay for work.

is a prosperity and wealth crystal for Geminis. Dendritic Agate works perfectly both with men and women. This talisman brings success at work and financial prosperity. Wear Dendritic Agate with you at work to understand other people more, create a better opinion about yourself, get along better with other people and co-workers. Dendritic Agate is a negotiation crystal that promotes communication in any field.

Protection crystals are on SERPENTINE JADE, TIGER’S EYE, BOTSWANA AGATE, and DALMATIAN JASPER. Geminis generally know how to protect themselves, but they often can’t stand up for themselves which means they emotionally bully themselves. Geminis stand up for themselves when someone wants to hurt them, but, at the same time, they can sometimes criticize themselves and put themselves down as no one else could do. Serpentine Jade teaches Geminis to love themselves and, at the same time, protects from cunning female acquaintances and brings along the right people, i.e. it’s also a luck talisman for friendship. Tiger’s Eye protects good luck, work, materialism, and brings along prosperous opportunities. Botswana Agate protects Gemini from their own negative mind that could harm them. PICTURE JASPER brings success for business and work. Dalmatian Jasper protects the representative of the Gemini sun sign from the worst that could happen to him. It strengthens the Aura Field of the Gemini, self-defense, and encourages them to live more. Dalmatia Jasper promotes a healthy lifestyle, protects health, and provides support in difficult times. Connects a Gemini representative with his or her companion, friends, and family.

Communication is something Gemini doesn’t have to nurture but at the same time, WATERMELON TOURMALINE helps Gemini to understand who he should share energy with, who he should let into his life, and who not. This is friendship, love, and business. Watermelon Tourmaline crystal is linked to love and therefore it helps to heal their love energy. When you carry it with you, then it improves your Aura, helping to close off leaks that prevent love from coming to your life and staying there. This prepares for a deeper and more fully love, helping to accept a love so you could keep it in your life.

Intuition crystal is CELECTITE. This is a crystal that helps them emotionally evolve quicker and open their Third Eye, i.e. their source of intuition. Celestite is a crystal that helps to find a way for healing, find a way to find oneself spiritually, and learn about your own destiny. Celestite is all about spirituality and is a very good helper for anyone who wants to learn about their intuition, senses, sense of one's own body, and everything else that is spiritual. BLUE QUARTZ is also a crystal that promotes intuition for Gemini. Helping to understand oneself, gain clarity, improve concentration and understand where to move in life. Blue Quartz improves how Gemini feels, relieves stress, and brings a lot of harmony into his life, especially in relationships and getting along with other people.

Love. First I want to tell you that Libras or Aquarians can understand them the deepest. Because these signs can live with a zodiac sign with a billowy character. Gemini love talismans are AQUAMARINE, BLUE SAPPHIRE, and RHODOCHROSITE.

Aquamarine increases his feelings for his partner, helping to deepen the relationship even more. Aquamarine teaches Gemini about the value of his love and directs him to express his feelings even better. Aquamarine helps Gemini to understand who his heart belongs to. Aquamarine brings love luck to Gemini's life, helping them to find new love or make feelings for his partner even stronger. Read the article about loving a Gemini HERE.

Rhodochrosite stimulates the heart, helping to feel love, increases passion, and brings romance into life. Rhodochrosite is a love crystal that restores even deep hidden love. Rhodochrosite activates you to feel happiness and passion in your life. This is a crystal that can easily make you happier. It gives you hope and the ability to enjoy life. When you feel like you want to live with content and happiness, then Rhodochrosite helps you to become a healthy person like this.


I have written the first and last dates of the sign in accordance with belief. Some believe that Gemini begins on May 21, some that on May 22, etc.

May 21 – 22 Smoky Quartz
May 23 – 24 Red Jasper
May 25 – 27 Snow Quartz
May 28 – 30 Watermelon Tourmaline
May 31 – June 1 Crazy Agate
June 2 – 4 Orange Calcite
June 5 – 6 Blue Quartz
June 7 - 9 Tanzanite
June 10 – 11 Blue Calcite
June 12 – 13 Yellow Calcite
June 14 – 15 Green Calcite
June 16 – 18 Dalmatian Jasper
June 19 – 21 Larimar

All crystals affect all people, but some specific crystals can quickly reach certain zodiac sign Auras.

You can find the Gemini crystal set, which brings prosperity, positivity, optimism, protection, and love to this zodiac sign, HERE.

I have written many articles about Geminis, you can find them HERE. Have a nice time reading!