Green tea is one of the most valuable teas to make for your own health and soul. Green tea is part of my life because it is one of the teas I drink every day. There are many reasons for this, and I will also let you know why you should keep this tea on your menu, for both mental and physical health. First of all, I would like to say that everything I am talking here today about green tea is all about quality tea. When buying green tea, I definitely recommend not to choose a cheap price, but to bring more expensive varieties to your kitchen, and also those that are not packed in sachets but still natural crumbs. So remember – always choose your green tea carefully.

Green tea comes from a plant Camillia Sinensis, and did you know that green tea, black tea and white tea are all made from the same plant. I believe that many, and perhaps you yourself, are unaware of this interesting fact. So yes, indeed it is one and the same plant, and therefore these three teas have very powerful healing properties. How do these different teas come from the same plant? This plant, Camillia Sinensis, is simply dried and treated in different ways.

The green tea has a very long history and it has come to us from the East. Green tea has been used for millennia, and humanity has been aware of its healing properties for a very long time. Sometimes it is good to talk about all these simple ways and plants that are good for us so that we can get out of our fast pace of life again and repeat our healing habits. My wish is that people are healthy, and I hope that you will take green tea out of the store shelf or from the cupboard for a while and make yourself a delicious and healing tea.
One more thing you should definitely know. Namely, all herbal teas are drunk cleanly, i.e. honey, agave syrup and sugar are not added. If that makes you sad, know that if you mix such a valuable herbal tea with sugar, be it processed or unprocessed sugar, you are simply killing the valuable power of tea. Therefore, get used to drinking tea without sweeteners. For example, I feel that putting honey in the tea spoils the taste of the tea. That's the way it is when you get used to it. In my opinion, people are quick to keep up with change, it is only worth trying and giving yourself a chance.


One of the main reasons why I drink green tea on a daily basis, for example, is that it gives caffeine. It doesn't work exactly like coffee, but it provides energy. When coffee energy is directed directly to the brain system, the caffeine in green tea goes directly into the bloodstream and nervous system. So, if you drink green tea, it stimulates your senses, your sensitivity, but at the same time removes stress and nervousness. It helps to stay awake so that you are not tense. For example, if drinking too much coffee can cause nervousness, drinking green tea removes nervousness but increases physical activity. Of course, green tea doesn't have as much caffeine as coffee, but if you drink several cups a day, you'll get one cup of coffee for energy.


Green tea heals the senses, intuition, clairhearing, clairvoyance, telepathic talents and is useful in spiritual sessions or studies. I recommend drinking green tea to all those who attend my sessions so that spiritual information is stored in the subconscious more quickly. Green tea is my favourite tea without what I cannot imagine my day.


Green tea is a herbal tea that is still being studied because it contains many different compounds that cannot yet be explained, so it may have even more useful properties than is known today.

I recommend everyone to think about health and eat only foods that are good for their body and drink herbal teas. Preventing diseases is more effective and sensible than fighting them.
The breakdown of fats is one of the main forces of green tea, and I believe that is also the reason why many people are now drinking this tea. But I'm still happy if you choose this path for that reason, the other good qualities come with it one way or another. Indeed, green tea breaks down fats, especially those that are stuck in the body for a long time, but I would also like to remind you again of what I wrote above – that you should not drink it with sweeteners, otherwise the fat burning property will not work.

Green tea is a great fit for those whose blood sugar is out of place or fluctuates. Green tea could even be drunk to prevent this problem.

I also recommend this path to those who have problems with mood swings or sudden loss of energy. My personal opinion is that many people are unaware that their blood sugar is constantly playing with them. This rapid loss of energy is a sign of a sudden change in blood sugar.

Green tea is ideal for fighting and preventing heart disease. I especially recommend to include this powerful tea in the menu for those whose family has already had heart disease. You too can carry this weak gene, but you can always do your best for your heart so that it does not manifest in your body.

Drink this tea every day if you want to keep your cholesterol levels normal. Green tea lowers weight and removes fats, so it also helps to heal the blood vessels by breaking down fat in the blood.

Green tea stimulates the senses, and if you drink this tea regularly throughout your life, it will help your memory to be alert and it will prevent the development of very serious mental illnesses. Even if they do occur, it reduces their rapid exacerbation.

I recommend everyone to drink plenty of green tea during the summer, as it helps the skin to stay healthy and retain moisture. This is good so that your skin can't be damaged while taking in the sun, and you can help reduce the risk of skin tumours a little.

Green tea helps to heal everyone by destroying various bacteria that are harmful to our digestive system.

Green tea is not only good and healing for your physical body, but it is also invigorating and beneficial for your spiritual body. Green tea opens up intuition so that it can develop, as I pointed out above. Most importantly, if you drink it daily, it will help to accelerate any spiritual growth and development. In addition, it helps to get rid of excess materiality, constantly thinking about money, and helps to see the most important things in life in the long run, which is emotional well-being. The more spiritual a person becomes, the more he can find a balance between love and physical life in material society.

Be healthy, understand that your physical body is not given to you to use it, but it is a privilege given to you that you should never take for granted. If you feed it with good, positive emotions and vitamins, it will thank you. If you ruin it with bad, negative emotions and empty foods, it will punish you.