Like I also have written in previous dream interpretations then not a single symbol in your dream is there by accident – they all have their  deeper message and meaning you could interpret for yourself. We all have been given the ability to foresee things about ourselves, you don’t need to be a clairvoyant for that and do what I carry within myself. Dreams are given to everyone, clairvoyance is a part of a different life. Dreams are prophetic visions about our own lives. Flowers carry a very powerful message in them, which mainly is the message that you’re taken care of and loved. Always interpret your dreams to understand what’s really happening in your life.

Flowers symbolise freedom, creativity, love, peace and happy times coming to your life. Also, explain that emotion you felt in the dream, were you sad or happy. Through that you’ll start to understand what these symbols specifically try to tell you.

Flowers in general
 show how you feel good and positive feelings towards someone or something. When you only dream about a person giving you flowers or you’re the one gifting them or when you two are together among flowers then this message is about that person. A message that let’s you know about your relations and attitude.

Being among flowers is a sign about the fact that you have sacrificed something for someone and you’re receiving a karmically positive reward for that.

Colourful blooming flowers in the garden, near you or in your hand
that make you really happy is a sign of a peaceful/happy period soon coming.

Running or walking on a meadow of flowers is a sign about your own character becoming better. When there is someone else running or there is someone else with you then it’s a sign about him becoming better or making your relationships better.

Flowers in a very bad dream or in nightmare with a negative context is a bad sign. This symbolises your own arrogance, self-centeredness, egoism and too high self-esteem that’s equal with insolence.

Flowers with a symbol of prosperity, like a frog, lion, dolphin or other symbols in your dream, bring pure enjoyment from work and getting paid for that. Flowers symbolise working and living with joy.

Planting flowers is a sign about your own dreams. Dreams in the sense that when you’re planting the flowers then you’re going to fulfil one of your dreams. Make the first step to make this dream come true. Now, think about what you’ve done recently and thought about and when you have started something new in your life then know that this step will take you towards a positive result. Don’t be afraid, everything will work out for you.

When there is a blooming flower in the middle of nowhere then it’s a sign about you starting to slowly come out from a very difficult time and a very bad period in life is about to end.

Dead flowers is a sign about you being disappointed about something or someone. Dead flowers symbolise seeing and witnessing something bad. As they bring a bad omen, then surely interpret other symbols or activities you dreamt about, to understand where the misfortune may come from and what accident you’ll witness.

Throwing flowers away in a dream, let them be dead or in bloom, is a sign about your very lightweight attitude towards a problem thanks to what you’ll get into trouble. Now think, which incident has been in your life, or comes soon, and know that this is something you have to deal with, it won’t go away on its own.

Snake among flowers is a very typical dream many people dream about and I questions about that kind of vision are often asked from me. When you see a snake among flowers, flower bush or on a meadow, then it’s a very bad omen. It’s a sign that you’re allowing yourself to let someone else ruin your life for gossip, envy and malice. When you see this, then it’s actually an enemies victory, as you are the one who lets empty emotions to hurt you and disturb your life.

Flowers you don’t like or you don’t care about
, symbolise something in your life you’re indifferent about, but is really a great joy and treasure.

Artificial flowers 
warn you about an insidious friend who listens to what you talk and will tell it to others.

 is a sign about a person coming soon who was sent to you by fate. Let it be love or friendship, but something good he will carry with himself.

Closed flower petals symbolise expelling an important person from your life.

Red flower, that are not roses, is preventing something bad and seeing bad in people before you start to trust him. It’s a sign about you seeing someone through and trusting your own intuition. Roses have a bigger meaning in a dream and this is something that needs a separate interpretation. Yellow flowers give a clue that you need to value what has been brought to your life. Purple flowers tell you to rest and enjoy the moment. Also gives you a hint that things will turn good for you and you don’t have to do anything for that. Blue flowers are a sign about coming out as a winner from a humiliating, false or very shameful situation. White flowers symbolise getting an apology for something. Pink flowers mean frivolity towards something or taking good luck too easy.

Wreath and fresh or blossoming flowers in hair symbolise marriage, strengthening relationship and moving towards the better future in your love life.

Picking flowers is a very good omen showing that something is coming to your life, that has a physical form and is very valuable. This could be a new job and with that, an opportunity, maybe it’s an opportunity to get your own home, etc.

Dried flowers that need watering to become vital again, symbolise something in your life that needs nurturing. Seeing dried flowers like this is a clue about putting an effort into something, taking care of it or noticing something for that something to work. Dried flowers, in general, could also symbolise something moving forward very slowly. When you dream about watering flowers and they become beautiful again, then you can make things work the right way. When watering flowers didn’t work then you can’t find what would make things move.

Watering flowers is mostly a very good vision. When you water flowers in a dream then you make something better, put your energy, love and care into it. When it helped, then your effort and energy was also useful. When it wasn’t beneficial, then your efforts failed or your moves could even be harmful. 

When you wish to understand dreams better or see prophetic dreams that would help you to live and understand your life better, then keep Lazurite and Labradorite in your bedroom or dream crystal set. These two crystals activate your minds to see prophetic dreams.