VIRGOS are so interesting, so mysterious, so mystical - they truly are. I, a Pisces, am fascinated by their mystery. It could be even said that Pisces understands Virgos the best, BUT others not that much. Virgos can lean a “but” in the air any time, to anyone in any situation. This is the sense that the Aura field radiates mystery. Why is it like that? Because they like analysing things, love to think, also their fantasy and the visual world are wonderful and it radiates through their energetics. This is the mystical energy, a person who uses his mind and soul more than his physical body. I’m giving you an example - when Leo is the one who constantly needs physical activities and expression in any sense, both in work and love, then Virgo is the one who needs a spiritual approach in pretty much everything. They like to analyse, but when they are not allowed to do so or he is not given time for it and he has no time to think things through, then this is one of the biggest stress factors for him. Virgo always needs to be prepared and it’s not important what for! Virgo needs to think things through step by step in their head. Think about whether it is useful, what it could bring along, how can things be done better, is there any point and many other questions about different things.

The need to analyse things and the ability to do so are good qualities that can’t be resented. Generally, they rarely act impulsively and when they do so, then they have to be cornered by someone. Usually, impulsive words and behaviour come in the midst of fights, generally with another sign.

Analytical skills give Virgo the ability to work in places where the main tool is the mind. But, when he has a physical job, then he uses those skills with his family members and friends. Virgo needs to be caring, therefore he always targets someone and starts to help him. When this task or interest has been lost, then he takes on another target. The a constant need to “improve” someone or something. He does that subconsciously and completely unnoticed by himself, but other signs will notice it.

Virgo is such a mystical creature, something he fully can’t understand himself. He is constantly searching for himself, when he is not in a relationship then he is madly looking for his soulmate. It’s super important for a Virgo to find the “one”. Virgo looks for a soul he can be mysterious with. Generally, they are the ones who wish to stay with one person for the rest of their life and their biggest wish is to find a soul they can create a stable home with. Virgos can be quite sacrificial with their partner to have peace in the house. Also, they can move from one relationship to another, but this only happens to a Virgo whose trust has been broken by someone. They don’t like dominating and when someone is like this, then trust between them is lost and they can become butterflies, which means they can begin from going from one relationship to another, but still on the inside waiting for the one to come and promising himself that when the one comes along, he’ll leave everything behind him. That’s true, Virgos have that in them, they can be on a very positive path in any field of life and they can instantly start a new life which means they can go through many life phases. They create these phases themselves! This is something other signs won’t do that easily and would rather go with the flow. Virgo is the one who can say out of nowhere that things are now like this and that the past doesn’t matter anymore.

Each family should have a Virgo in it, honestly! When you ask why then the answer is simple - Virgo is a really good adviser, maybe he can’t see it that well on his own, but he can find solutions really well or make someone else's mind positive. He does that when someone he cares about has a problem and talks about it, he’ll talk with him and while doing it, directs that person towards solutions. This goes so mysteriously and secretively, that after a while the concerned person is already solving his problems and Virgo simply applauds. This is how Virgo works with people he loves. Virgo notices other people’s problems and also sees the bad sides really well. He has an especially good nose for problems and bad behaviour. They see when someone hurts themselves or others. They keep this in them for some time, waiting and hoping for the other person to see what he does. It may take a month, even two, and then he’ll explode and can seem arrogant to others. But the reality is that he wants to help, it’s part of his nature, but it won’t always end up well when it’s someone else’s stupidity or nonsense.

But, at the same time, he can’t help himself when he deals with stress. This is the biggest problem they have - they can’t balance stress. They need someone else for that, they literally need a person to help them. When Virgo has a friend or a lover who is a Pisces or Aquarian then these are the people who can save him from stress the best, by listening to him, because this is all he needs. His stress comes out of his Aura when he can talk about this to someone specific. They need the so-called support persons!

Virgos work hard, they constantly need “projects” to work on. Virgo men usually choose a specific direction in their life they will follow through until the end. There are a lot of Virgos who work with mechanics and metal elements also suit them really well. This is also a way to do well materially. Female Virgos can have any profession, but being a teacher suits them the best, being a helper or something social. This is simply a gift he has but all, of course, depends on numerology which is different for everyone.

They are very open to communicating with different people, also in the sense that they allow people with different beliefs and directions to be by their side. But most people or not anyone is not allowed into his life. But there can still be that shallow minimum communication. This is their defence, they are very protective over their life, personality and family. Not anyone is allowed in, only those who have won his trust.

Most Virgos love systems, it is said that they are perfectionists. I would rather say that they are a perfectionist about certain things. Every Virgo has that “thing” where something has to be under control and fine, but definitely not everything. They take this one thing they think of as the most important thing and they have really good intuition about and see afar to the future. How, when and what to do...


Earth-element gives Virgo the need to seem peaceful, balanced and confident in other people eyes. They hate their own weaknesses and will try to hide them from other people subconsciously. This is actually something they do really well, people with weaker intuition won’t even see their weak sides. Of course, Scorpio is the one who can sense them really well and can be a real stickler for him. Their own balance is super important for them, family ties and the ability to maintain stability, this is what the Earth-element gives them.

The earth-element gives Virgo men the need to be loyal to one partner he loves from the heart. For Virgo women, the element gives them the need to protect their children, raise them even without a man’s opinion. Virgo women are mothers who won’t need any kind of help for raising children, they would do anything on their own because they think they know everything about their children and even the father hasn't got the ability to know everything.

This is something other sings reading this article should know because Virgos can often seem angry and arrogant, but they won’t see it about themselves. Why they sometimes act the way they do can be caused by the fact that they are being agitated or pushed with something. To have a good relationship with him, keep a little distance.


CARNELIAN is the most powerful crystal for Virgos that brings them health. Actually, this crystal also brings wealth and positivity. Every Virgo should have Carnelian with them or at home, it brings him luck.

The weakest part of their health is digestion and stomach. This is the place a problem may arise the fastest and where stress gathers, which, in turn, brings out a physical problem. Carnelian helps to avoid this problem and get rid of the stress that causes the illness. And, Carnelian is a crystal for Sacral Chakra which is also linked to the digestion system. Therefore, wear Carnelian!


MERCURY gives Virgo an overly critical mind over himself and, as I mentioned above, the Earth-element makes him look stable in other people’s eyes, when actually in his soul they tend to be critical about themselves. And, Virgo is the most self-critical sign, in the sense, he is often not pleased with himself. He wants to be better, he wants to become better, he wants to do things better and even when he does things well and everything is actually good, he can be melancholic and feel like everything has fallen apart. Things like this come in waves, this is a constant fight in him that can only be controlled by a very secure and loyal partner or, rather, a friend who is a Pisces or Aquarian.

Mercury makes him a little shy, in their mind they can be great predators and fireballs with armour, but when they have to act and they have to stand up to someone, then only coal can glimmer through the armour. This is also what they have to fight with - assert themselves when the time is right or keep up with the pace.


Besides crystals, also gold suits them, as it gives Virgos the ability to come down from the clouds and notice the physical world around them. Different metals react differently to zodiac signs.

Mind. Virgos are professional analysts and most of their life goes on in their spiritual world, not in the physical one, therefore LEPIDOLITE gives them the strength to cope with excessive criticism, and helps them to love and appreciate more. Their sign helps them to analyse and memorize facts. PICASSO JASPER is the crystal of Virgo's creative success and is a talisman of prosperity and luck in this field. Suitable for Virgo who is creative in nature and wants to open up even more on this topic. A crystal that creates a path to luck and opportunity in destiny. It is a crystal that injects positivity and helps the Virgin to be healthy.

Prosperity crystals are CARNELIAN and also MOSS AGATE. These crystals bring him good luck financially, at work and in business. Virgo should wear these crystals with him as a piece of jewellery or add mainly these crystals to the prosperity corner or money box at his home. The perfect prosperity talisman for male Virgos is PYRITEAMETRINE brings material good luck to Virgo's life, giving her the opportunity to be professionally successful and ambitious. For a Virgo, Ametrine has an inspiring and motivating effect, encouraging her to realize her dreams and ensuring good earthly luck on an energetic level. The use of Ametrine increases Virgo's success.

Good luck and protectionGARNET and HYPERSTHENE protect him from negative energy, criticism, ill-will, misfortune and physical problems. But CHIASTOLITE is the strongest protection crystal for Virgos as it helps them to understand their gut feeling and know the difference between right and wrong.

Communication. SUNSTONE gives Virgo the ability to be positive and express himself that way. Sunstone is for those who wish to have a relationship at different levels.

Intuition is something ATLANTISITE helps to promote, this is a crystal that helps him to find his real life’s purpose and understand where his soul comes from and what is his goal in the big picture. In addition, also JET is helpful as it protects Virgo from vile souls and the negativity that comes along with improving intuition.

Love crystals are WATERMELON TOURMALINE and BLUE TOPAZ. Watermelon Tourmaline helps him to heal love energy, helping to accept a love so he could keep love in his life. BLUE TOPAZ is one of the most powerful crystals of love for Virgo. It brings Virgo happiness, romance, good relationships with family members, good luck in friendship, and a new love for those who are still finding a soulmate. Blue Topaz relieves stress, helps to create a feeling of well-being and brings peace of mind to the Virgin's heart.


I have written the first and last dates of the sign in accordance with belief. Some believe that Virgo begins on August 22, some that on August 23, etc.

August 23 - 24 Malachite brings both good health and success at work and also good intuition for business.

August 25 - 27 Angelite helps Virgo to contact his Angels and hear their messages better and also to listen to it.

August 28 - 29 Agate strengthens their character, confidence and helps to manage life better.

August 30 - September 1 Ruby-Fuchsite brings joy, good sleep and the ability to face problems.

September 2 - 4 Chiastolite strengthens protection and helps to notice liars better. Chiastolite helps to protect from dangers.

September 5 - 6 Pearl or Seashell will bring luck for love and the ability to be romantic and loving.

September 7 - 9 Mango Calcite helps to create a family, get along with family members and brings luck in love.

September 10 -12 Iolite strengthens intuition and gives the ability to interpret dreams. People born on these dates usually have better foresight through sleep, not through direct sensing.

September 13 - 14 Rock Crystal helps to let go of the past and live in the moment.

September 15 - 17 Unakite creates a better connection for sensing his body and helps to heal him.

September 18 - 20 Apache Tear helps to encourage and, at the same time, protect from dangers and helps to let go of the past.

September 21 - 22 Lava brings along vitality, energy and protection from misfortune.

All crystals affect all people, but some specific crystals can quickly reach certain constellation Auras.

I have written many articles about Virgos, you can find them HERE. Have a nice time reading!