The Moon is one of the most important, powerful elements that can be used in witchcraft for its own benefit. The Moon gives the power to perform rituals, magic, and change energies. What the Moon's energy is and how much it affects us depends on the phase of the Moon, as well as what can be done at that time depends on the phase of the Moon. Of course, in which the sun sign the New Moon waxing crescent takes place is also an influencer.

At the time of the waxing crescent of the New Moon, the Moon is invisible or can only be seen very minimally. This is the period when the Moon has freed itself from the previous Full Moon and is beginning to circle again towards the Full Moon.

During the waxing crescent of the New Moon, the Moon stands more or less on the same line with the Sun and the Earth, being in front of the Sun. This is also the reason why, when there is a waxing crescent of the New Moon, we hardly see the Moon at all. The Sun does not reflect the light on the Moon at that time. When the Moon is exactly on the same line as the Sun and Earth, an eclipse occurs

During the New Moon, most part of the Moon is not visible to us because the Sun does not illuminate the Moon, and only a tiny part of it remains in the sky. This is the period when the Moon affects us the least. The more the Sun reflects the Moon, the more powerful the energy of the Moon and its effect on our souls. Thus, the time of the waxing crescent of the New Moon is the period when the energies are grounded, is calmer, and there is no anxiety that accompanies the period of the creation of the Full Moon. During the Full Moon, however, everything is the opposite - all energies are multiplied, and that's why most magic is done just then. The Sun reflects the entire lunar energy on the Earth. During the New Moon, for example, it is possible to create peace in ourselves, to find it, to create new beginnings, and this is because the Moon does not affect us in any way in a negative or irritating way during this period.

Observing the phases of the Moon is an ancient tradition that is quite true. For example, the farther away from the creation of the Full Moon, the calmer the human soul, and the closer the Full Moon is, the more nervous, sudden, and fast-paced your energy. During the waxing crescent of the New Moon, most people feel calmer than usual, and during this time it is very easy to make adjustments within themselves. That is why I recommend using the phases of the Moon for yourself because following them and acting accordingly will give you more strength and fulfillment of desires if you do it wisely.

The Moon is the companion of the Earth that moves with us unstoppably. It is a companion, and therefore it has a reason why the Moon was given to us, as well as its power that we can use. The Moon gives mysticism, intuition, introspection, contact between souls, mystery, and much more. However, the sun provides energy, strength, mobility, and pace.

You will begin to feel the power of the New Moon a few days before it is created, its most powerful moment being the day of the creation of the New Moon (each month has a different day for that). The magic and rituals of the New Moon are performed a few days after the creation of the New Moon. Exactly when the waxing crescent of the New Moon is, I will always announce it in my articles, so follow and you will be able to live with the Moon Phases.

During the waxing crescent of the New Moon, various magic and activities are performed, which are related to changing jobs, improving work, bringing success to work, and attracting good opportunities for oneself.

The power of the New Moon is also used to promote one's health. This is the perfect period to start a new healthier habit. Bad habits are usually abandoned during the creation of the third quarter of the Moon, which is just before the creation of the New Moon. Therefore, leave it behind first, and then on the day of the creation of the New Moon, you will begin with a "whole new self." The New Moon gives you the strength to change yourself, it gives you perseverance and will.

It is also a period of building relationships. Many of the relationships that began during the creation of the New Moon receive a great deal of love and strength to stay together. In an energetic sense, it is most advantageous to get married at the time of the creation of the New Moon, to ask for someone's hand, or to make romantic surprises. The energies are good for them to happen beautifully and everything to go better than planned.

Children born during the creation of the New Moon want something new in life, they are always looking for something more than life can possibly offer them. There is always a question in the soul: "What else, is that all?". These people are not restless, but even if they get what they have been waiting for in life, they will always start looking for something more. The day of the creation of the New Moon is the same: those who can perceive energies on such subtle levels may understand my idea of ​​what the power of the New Moon means. On this day, I feel that I would like to start doing something, to do something new, and on this day, I can also foresee the future the most, especially about myself. Consequently, the power of the New Moon gives the power of looking beyond and the great beginning of something for which this phase of the Moon is thought to be. But I always say that I try to feel through my body and soul the ancient beliefs if things are as they have ever been. I always do this for the Moon Phases.

During the waxing crescent of the New Moon, it is ideal to start a new project, be it building a house, building something, going to school, traveling - all these new things are given power. Starting something new on this day can only bring good if you do it with positivity and love.

Remember that our emotions affect what we get from the energy of the Moon. For example, if you are negative during the creation of the New Moon, do not believe in a better future, are critical of yourself or others, mourn or cause problems, then you attract all this to yourself. During the creation of the New Moon, practicing such negative emotions brings them to you because, during the creation of the New Moon, you begin a new lunar chapter again until the creation of the next New Moon. So be positive, and if you want something good in your life, then dream especially big that day. The Rutilated Quartz and Rock Crystal, are ideal to send wishes, so take them off the geodes and carry them with you for that day.

During the waxing crescent of the New Moon, it is good to start making plans or start realizing your ideas. For example, it is enough to start discussing something you want to do, because even better ideas will come up during that discussion. Therefore, it is useful to plan all meetings, be they family or work, for that day. In the future, the Moon Phases will certainly be taken more seriously and implemented more on a daily basis, all of which are very positive. Believe me, that's how it goes!

On this day, take a sea salt bath for the whole body to release the negativity from your Aura. If you want to get rid of some specific energy and it is related to love, add Rose oil, or Rose petals to the bathwater. If you just want to get rid of the misfortune, add a little dried Sage to the bathwater.

At the night or evening of the creation of the New Moon, when the Sun has completely set, one goes for a walk. Take a walk under the starry sky and the New Moon to send out your desires. Sending wishes related to a soulmate or love helps the most. When you go for a walk, go right away with the wish that you are going to send your wishes with your thoughts. For example, you go with the desire to find a loved one - the whole time you walk, focus on what you would like to have in your life, which is what you are willing to accept. Remember that if you want, you must be prepared to face it when it arrives. Desires sent from the heart are answered, and if you do so during the creation of the New Moon, the desires from your Aura will quickly travel to the universe, especially when it comes to finding souls.


On the day of the waxing crescent of the New Moon, create a crystal set for a soulmate. To do this, you need a Rose Quartz, Chevron Amethyst, Lavender branch, and Larimar and Sage smudge stick. Also find a purple or pink, bag in which to put the crystals.

Place a pink candle, on the table, preferably in the bedroom, and place all these crystals, a bag, and some lavender branches in front of it.

Find a moment where you can fully focus and start making wishes. When you are ready, light a candle and focus on wanting to find your soulmate or make even better contact with your Soul mate. If you have not yet found your Soulmate, ask the universe for him in your life. If you are with your soulmate or you know who he is, ask for better understanding and a deeper connection with him. Focus and desire it, place your hands on the crystals and continue to focus until you feel that your desire is powerfully transmitted into the crystals. When you feel that your wish has been communicated, take the Sage smudge stick and make it smoke for a moment from the flame of the candle on the table. Take a smudge stick and hold it in front of you and dream the same dream. After a while, put out the Sage and set it aside. Let the crystals and the Lavender branch be near the candle and burn the candle as long as possible. The next day, take the crystals, put them in the bag with the Lavender. Carry this crystal set with you from that day onwards or place it under your bed or on love crystal sets or on the Feng Shui crystals in the South region. Burn the candle before the Full Moon arrives, which is about 14 days after performing this ritual, if you do it on the exact day of the creation of the New Moon. Do not open the crystal set until the Soul mate has entered your life or your wish has been fulfilled and the closeness to the person has improved. When your wish is fulfilled one day, release the crystals and Lavender into the river, thanking the universe for uniting the souls.


As a spiritualist, you really need to take time off and take care of yourself that day. I recommend this to everyone. Even write in your notebook that this is your day. During the creation of the New Moon, new power items are activated and purified, especially those that predict, heal, or change energies.


This is the day when the pendulum, is taken out, it is cleaned in Sage smoke, its charging crystals are cleaned, and they are all placed on the windowsill with the pendulum charging geode During the warmer period, it is especially good to bring the crystals to the yard for the night. The energy of the New Moon gives new energy prediction items and removes from them the false information created by the stationary energy over time. Thus - pendulums in the yard and on the windowsill.


On that day, new power items are taken to use and put into service or are first charged, and in a few days, they will be used. The best day to predict with a pendulum is also the day of the creation of the New Moon, because on this day it is easy to get answers about yourself. On this day, new massage crystals, massage wands, pendulums, spheres, chakra sticks, runes, angel cards, and other power items will be introduced. 

During the waxing crescent of the New Moon, all your crystals and crystal sets associated with bringing something new into your life will be cleansed. Be it a job opportunity, a soulmate, or, for example, bringing prosperity.

To clean the crystals during the New Moon, I recommend letting the Patchouli incense burn with the crystals of prosperity, the Rose incense, with the crystals associated with love, family, and soulmate, the Aloe incense, with the health crystals, the Sage incense with the home protection crystals and professional success crystals near Patchouli or for example Cannabis incense.


The day of the creation of the New Moon is the day of cleaning one's Aura, and it is the easiest time to do it. To do this, find a room where you can be at peace and quiet and place a white candle burning in front of you. You need two smudge sticks, take one smudge stick in one and the other in the other hand, and smoke them from the flame of the same candle you have lit in front of you. If the Sage sticks are smoking, use both hands to circle around yourself with that smoke. Do it intuitively, use your senses, purify your Aura, circling around your entire physical body with Sage smoke in parallel with both smudge sticks. Do this until you feel like you don't want to do it anymore. At the same time, focus on having all the bad go out of your life, all the negative going away from your Aura, and you can have a new beginning in your soul. If you have a specific negative thing in your soul that you would like to get rid of, focus on that emotion while cleaning the Aura, thinking that you want to release it. When you feel that is it and you got this ritual done in your Aura, extinguish the Sage, extinguish the candle, and put them away. You can use the white candle again the next time you Aura clean.

On the day of the creation of the New Moon, toxins that are trapped in our bodies are released. To do this, make food that releases toxins. On this day, the body exchanges the substances inside itself faster, and that is why it is necessary to do so.

Here are some suggestions on what body cleansing rituals you can do with yourself that day:

On the day of the waxing crescent of the New Moon, immediately after waking up in the morning, drink a glass of lemon water, squeezing as much lemon as possible into the lukewarm water, depending on your taste preferences. My preference is the more lemon the better. Lemon is an ideal detoxifier and energetic body cleanser. You can do the same with lime juice, depending on how it suits you.

Drink at least one cup of ginger tea during the day. Ginger tea cleanses your body both physically and mentally, helping to get rid of unnecessary substances and energy. Ginger tea should be made from hot water and chopped ginger, not any other additives. That's how witchcraft works - a pure plant, nothing else!

Eat herbs this day, especially parsley, dill, chives, which also help to expel toxins from the body.

On this day, avoid eating sweets, adding sugar to anything, and don't eat fast food to let your body rest.

You can find various articles and rituals and magic about the New Moon HERE.

The Moon has been given to Earth to have a soul-based life on Earth. The Moon is given so that we can live in both the material and the spiritual world at the same time. The Moon affects our soul, our actions, our thoughts, and the fulfillment of our desires. Be wise and use the power of this magical Earth companion to your advantage and make your life more mystical.