Tea tree oil is an ancient remedy used today to solve a variety of health problems and create a healthier atmosphere. Tea tree oil may not yet be very used among Estonians, but I bring out the healing properties of this plant, and maybe somebody therefore finds a way to Tea tree oil. It's really a wonderful medicinal product, and it's possible to heal yourself so that you do not harm your body. I always say that Earth provides everything to be healthy, to every disease and problem there is a plant or a natural opportunity to oppose it. Tea tree oil has been given to us for solving dozens of problems. Moreover, Tea tree oil is very easy to access, the only thing you should watch for is that you will find 100% natural Tea tree without additives.>

Tea tree oil is obtained from leaves of plants such as Melealeuca alternifolia. The Tea tree plant comes from Australia, and the Australian aborigines, or natives, were the first to use it. At first Tea tree leaves were used to heal ulcers. The leaves were put on a wound so that the wound would grow faster without complications – and that's how it worked.

The Tea tree leaves were made into Tea tree oil, all because the healing abilities of this oil are strong. It is antibacterial, and its effect is several times more powerful than the substances made by humans today. So why use chemicals if you can use totally natural Tea tree oil.

I do not use chemicals to clean my home for several reasons. First, the less chemicals in your home, the healthier your home. There is a healthy Feng Shui energy, there is healthy air you breathe in your home and your body receives less dangerous substances that have very harmful effects on health. How do I use Tea tree oil in my home cleaning? I mix Tea tree oil with vinegar and water and make a solution out of it. With this solution, I will clean all the reflecting surfaces, ceramic tiles and wash-rooms at home. First, this kind of natural combination cleans your home several times quicker and with less effort, and secondly, it's not harmful to your body. This is for me the so-called two-in-one home cleaner - in the energetic sense, it cleanses the home Aura and in the physical sense cleans home itself. Tea tree oil is used in energetic cleaning rituals, so this is one of my rituals, which I use quite often.

Tea tree oil kills harmful bacteria, which harm the human health and body. By cleaning your home with this you will eliminate viral illnesses that are in the air of your home. For example, I burn Tea tee oil with water several times in a week in the oil lamp. This is to ensure that the Tea tree oil purifies airborne toxic substances. About the airborne invisible toxins, I also wrote in one of my articles about Fern. Likewise, Fern clears the chemicals in the air.

Today, many children have dust allergy, all probably because our food is not the healthiest, as well as the medicine that parents have given may have caused the allergy. All this is my personal BUT, I honestly say that to whom I have advised to start steaming Tea tree oil in the oil lamp before bedtime in bedrooms, their children will no longer have stuffy nose and bitter throat in the morning. This is purely my own experience, and I believe it helps to clean the air from those substances / dust that the allergic child cannot breathe in.

Using Tea tree oil in the aroma lamp is effective even when someone has gotten cold in the family. This is to get well faster and to ensure that other family members are not infected in the event of an infectious disease.

Some drops of Tea tree oil I recommend adding to the washing machine before you start washing clothes. Tea tree oil removes harmful bacteria in the clothing and cleans it from irritating dust. It does not damage the look of the clothes.

Tea tree oil is used for cleaning and washing a washing machine, dishwasher and, for example, an oven. Make a water solution from it that removes dirt very easily.

Qualities of Tea tree oil:

- Antibacterial

- Antiseptic

- Virus destructive effect

- Destroys fungal bacteria

- Skin and wound healing

- Respiratory healing

- In general, healing everything

- Aura and soul purifying

- Avert a curse

- Protecting from being cursed

As I have outlined above, Tea tree oil has wound healing effect. It is also used to heal acne or other skin problems. For this, very small amount of Tea tree oil is applied directly to problematic skin. If you think it is so powerful that it can burn your skin, then actually Tea tree oil does not kill good bacteria on your skin but only removes the harmful part. Therefore, it's not burning if you use it moderately, why otherwise Tea tree oil is used in the cosmetics industry. Frankly, you can actually use it without cosmetics, it works even faster. Also, it is very good to put together a few drops of Tea tree oil with honey and apply it to acne or problematic skin and let it take effect. Honey removes all that is causing problems in the pores and Tea tree oil literally destroys harmful bacteria.

Tea tree oil stops most viruses before they reach the body. Viruses are very ice-headed, almost never disappearing, but they can be blocked and stopped so that they will not be able to do devastating work in our body. Tea tree oil helps to create such protection for your body. Have Tea tree oil steam in your home, so you breathe it in and so does your skin, which in turn creates protection against viruses.

But who already has cold or viral diseases, I suggest to them another way of using Tea tree oil. Make a solution from water and Tea tree oil – for that drop a few drops of Tea tree oil into the water – and put some of this solution on a towel that you place on your forehead or chest. In this way, Tea tree oil can speed up your healing.

To be honest, Tea tree oil is one of the main tools I use for healing a number of problems and I have tried all of these techniques on myself. For example, I wash my hair with Tea tree oil. That does not mean that I wash with pure Tea tree oil, but I just drop a few drops in my hair when I wash them normally. Tea tree oil stimulates my scalp so that the hair can grow vigorously. For example, I recommend this treatment for those who have problems with scalp cleanliness, as Tea tree oil removes all excess substances from hair, especially from shampoos. In this way, the multi functionality of this plant oil has been proved again.

For example, when talking about fungus or mild, Tea tree oil is also helpful here. Tea tree oil can be used to heal a fungus from a human body, for example, rub Tea tree oil on a foot fungus daily. It really helps to get rid of this disease very quickly. Tea tree oil can also be used to stop and destroy molds at home. If there is a mold on the windowsill or washroom, then wash these places with Tea tree oil and apply oil there consistently. This way you destroy the mold.

Spiritual home and cleaning crystals with Tea tree oil 

With Tea tree oil steam, it is possible to clean home and crystals on a spiritual level, that is, to heal them energetically. When burning Tea tree oil inside the aroma oil lamp, its healing properties not only affect us physically, but also mentally. If you burn this oil, it will help to release and degrade the negative energies in your home or crystals you have at home.

The spiritual effect of Tea tree oil is related to health, on a spiritual level burning of Tea tree oil to release the negative energies at home that cause diseases. Tea tree oil is not only a very good physical healer, it can also help the person on a mental level to stay healthy. It is very useful to burn Tea tree oil inside the aroma oil lamp if you or some other family member have severe stress or someone suffering from excessive tension.

The Tea tree oil steam works very well for those crystals that are for your healing purposes at home. For example, if you have a crystal set for health improvement created at the East corner (according to Feng Shui Health corner/ Health Channel), burn Tea tree oil near them. In this case, the Tea tree oil helps to release the negative energy accumulated in these crystals that is causing the disease. Tea tree oil helps the crystals work longer and more efficiently. In addition, it is useful to collect all the crystals that help you to solve the disease-related problems and let them clean inside the Tea tree oil steam.

Speaking of Tea tree oil at a spiritual level,, I have the impression that those people who dislike the fragrance, yet they do not have allergy to Tea tree oil, these people ignore their mistakes. Tea tree oil cleans Aura, and if you do not like it, you yourself will create barriers around you to solve the problems. So, this is a little hint about it!

Constant use of Tea tree oil and its steam at home work in the same way as Sage. Sage keeps evil away, cleans negative energy from home and helps to clean the human Aura. Tea tree oil does the same. Why are plants with similar effects in the world? This is because during the creation of the Earth different plants were sent everywhere so that every human being and animal could receive their vitamins and the necessary power. Several plants were sent in order to have something to eat at any time of the year. This is also the reason why there are similar plants in the world and why the same problem can be solved differently.

If to talk more about the magical properties of Tea Tree Oil, then it is dripped into amulets that are made of glass and can be worn or carried with. This is done to control the bad energy that wants to enter the Aura for one reason or another. It is worn to increase your energy and strength.

If you are allergic to Tea Tree Oil or it's fragrance is abhorrent to you, I do not suggest using the techniques I recommended. In this case, find another alternative.