"Inviting prosperity to home" is a magic, that can be done for your own prosperous energy as well as for your good luck. In addition, this magic will also help to bring abundance to your home in every way. 

When is the right time to do this magic?
The most auspicious time for this magic is the Full Moon, the day before or after. The full moon has a very strong energy charge and that is why it is at this time that it is most useful to do this magic. Of course, it would be best if you could do it on the exact day when the full moon power is at its maximum. You can read when is the full moon on my Moon Phase calendar, which you can find HERE.

1. Horseshoe  (if possible, take the one that has ever been on a horse, as it is ten times more powerful.)
2. Cinnamon incense
3. Lemongrass and Coriander candle
4. Citrine point
5. Citrine geode
6. 1 tumbled Chrysoprase
7. 1 tumbled Malachite
8. 1 tumbled Green Aventurine
9. Knife 
(one that is not used in cooking.)
10. Matches

# Magic items and crystals are not exchanged for alternatives, in which case magic will not work. If you want to do magic, I recommend that you follow everything carefully, this is also a magic secret. Magic works, when you use the right elements.

# The crystals I use in magic are all prosperity crystals that start to attract prosperity to your home through the horseshoe.

Sending of the magic...

1. Make magic in a room located in the Southeast. Southeast symbolizes wealth, abundance and material success. To do magic, find a suitable table in that room, top of the cabinet, or a corner in the prosperity area where you can begin to do the magic.

2. Do the magic when you know you won't have to leave home for hours (because of the candle burning time). First, light exactly three Cinnamon incensein the magic spot. Then go to your front door and light three Cinnamon incense to smoke also there.
3. Next, take a knife for Coriander & Lemongrass candle. With a knife, pull three identical Runes side by side on the candle. The Rune is FEHU. Draw the Fehu rune so that the ends are facing up on the candle. Try to dram the Runes in the middle of the candle as large as possible. Fehu helps magic to work, so it is necessary. While drawing the three Fehu, focus on bringing abundance into your house and making your life more abundant. Focusing is crucial!

4. After drawing the Runes, place the candle in its place, place the horseshoe around it and place the crystals around the horseshoe. So that the candle is in the middle of the horseshoe and the crystals surround it.

5. Now you take a match, set it on fire and say in your mind the magic phrase, "Prosperity comes into the house, prosperity come to life!" Repeat this sentence until you have lit the candle. Then put out the match.

6. Leave the candle with other magic items in place. But on the first day, let the candle burn as long as you can. Let the incense burn out completely. When putting out the candle, say the magic phrase again: "Prosperity comes into the house, prosperity comes to life!" Burn a candle every day for as long as it runs out. Every time you light a candle and extinguish it, say the same magic phrase. You need to burn the candle before the next New Moon is created, so you have about two weeks, but the sooner you get to burn it, the better. You can see when the New Moon is coming from the Moon phase calendar.

7. Once the candle has been burned, place the magic crystals either to the prosperity corners, in the money box on the soil of some prosperity plant. Hang the horseshoe over the door in the shape of a "U" or place it on a cabinet in the hallway. This same horseshoe, together with the crystals, will start to bring prosperity to you home, and they must not be taken out of the house.

When moving, the crystals and the horseshoe will be buried to release the magic. When it is the full moon, I recommend that you use the Cinnamon incense to stimulate the prosperity corner for the crystals with magic to work vigorously.

Crystal magic is safe, and since I use Runes in this magic, it is crucial that all elements are the same and not replaced by any other element. Otherwise, I can't help you in the future, and magic can change its meaning, not always to positivity.