LIBRA, Libra... This is exactly how I start writing about Libras, they’ll understand really well why. The confusing start to this article already has a hint about who our Libra truly is. Zodiac signs like Libras, Gemini and Pisces are described by two sides. In Libras, it describes the two sides of a scale, in Gemini two personalities and in Pisces two fish. These three signs all have two sides in their characters and they are very strongly represented in them. Of course, each has their own character traits, but the two sides of Libra personality is what I’m talking about in this article.

Libra has two sides, one of them is their perfectness, the wish to be in good relations with everyone or, at least, communicate without problems, and the other contrast comes out when Libra is upset or losing his balance and this little bully comes out of him, a little bickering or even some envy. Libras knows very well that the negative side in them is not created on purpose and, well, they also suffer from it so their emotions come and go and they have to fight with it constantly. But, the thing with Libra is that they constantly fight with themselves to achieve the utmost well-being around them that would have peace and happiness in it. I don’t want to say that Libra is a bad sign, absolutely not, I get along really well with them and I have many Libras among my acquaintances. Not many people see the fight in Libra, they are so clever that they can hide their emotions. When they don’t want you to see that they are insecure about something, then they can hide it by pretending that they are completely confident!

Their major theme throughout most of their lives is creating the perfect home. Each Libra, of course, has the picture of their perfect home, but they constantly try to make it better and better. When they have kids, then they can often sacrifice themselves for the well-being of their kids, as ideally, they should raise the kids in the best way possible, but, at the same time, they can do sudden moves and show that child that they can do it on their own and not everything will be done for them. Although Libra is the one who does things for others – they do want peace and balance in life. When they don’t have kids, then they are generally the ones who analyse through and through who they should have the kid with. Having the child with the right person and at the right time is really important for them. And, it’s not only like this with kids, they generally try to analyse their life in advance for several years and later make decisions based on the plan they have created. They are definitely not the ones who are impulsive and similar to, for example, Leos who jump on things when there is a good opportunity. Everything needs to be thought through, every side analysed. Unlike Virgos, who over analyse, Libras analyse a bit differently, with them it’s related to their own emotions, to their own well-being. Virgos analyse everyone and everything, despite the matter.

A typical Libra is, for example, the one who suddenly gets lost in his own thoughts in the middle of a conversation. Especially when a problem is being discussed or something has happened to someone. Libra gets lost, why? He’ll start to think quickly that this is not something he would do, won’t anything like this happens to him and isn’t he the bad one? Others at the same time would have already found a solution through discussing. After that, he or she will go home and keep analysing things in bed. Even when the matter is really nothing and long forgotten. This is simply an example about Libras - they’ll get stuck on small words and facts and try to play it through their life as thoroughly as possible. All of this to know “If it would happen to me... what would happen?” It doesn’t matter whether it could logically be part of his life. They always think!

Libras have a lot of good qualities, for example, they always have the wish to be in the company and they like when there are other people around them. They wish to be loved, they sometimes like to listen to the most frivolous conversations, they simply like when people notice or need them. It’s just like they love the whole family. Always there when someone says we should spend time together and always the last one to leave. He won’t have to talk much, as long as he can be there. To other signs, Libra is the perfect friend or simply the person with whom they can spend time with and feel good. He won’t show his negative sides to his friends, these are preserved to his family members.

They can become friends with very different people and with completely different lifestyles. Generally, they tend to not judge or criticise other people’s decisions which also makes him into a good friend. Libra quite likes different views and lifestyles other people have. They somehow get energy when they see different sides of life.

They can be completely independent and are so for their own intelligence, sharpness, analytical skills, ability to learn. They have everything to be the leader of their own life, but only when they have someone at home who 100% supports them. They always need “someone” to live for, someone to get advice and support from. He needs support! If that person is there by his side, whether a man or a woman, a mother or a child, then Libra will only grow and their soul can freely fly.

In the inside, Libra is a creative person who would like to experience so many different things in life, see places he has never seen before and lives through positive emotions and interesting experiences. On the other hand, Libra is a homey person who constantly fights with the wish to go outside, stay in, go out... Well, after a few hours of deliberation the decision will be made. To conclude, they have the ability to prolong making decisions. With bigger things, they can deliberate even for months. One day you’ll hear how he has made a decision, is certain. And on the next day, when the same thing comes up, he’ll be back at the start. For family members, Libra decision making will be a testing stone. Even the small things “Where to eat?”, “What to eat?” will be fully analysed. Complicated... Libras should sometimes take over the decision-making process of Aries. Aries are the ones who can make decisions in seconds.

Libras can be professionally or financially very good as they have a good nose about financial matters. In the sense that they can sense a good deal, sinking ship, perfect output, etc. Libra wishes to work for money, but, at the same time, they are lazy enough which means that they won't do the work they really don’t like. If they don’t like it, then a Libra will run away. The work must challenge them somehow, as they have to have a job that challenges them, that makes him exceed themselves. And, they often create those hidden goals, phases, tasks others may know nothing about. These are all linked to their emotional development and defeating their own negative sides. They are perfectionists which means that work and money matters have to always be in order. It must be clear how much he earns when he does something, where he does that and why he does that. He hates things being in the air.

When you’re friends with him, then you may actually never get to him. You know why? They wish to like to people, they want peace for their social life, actually everywhere, but they especially want this with other people. Therefore, they often want to push down their negative emotions and make a face that something hasn’t happened when something actually did happen. All of this because they want to get along. And they may never open their hearts fully. This heart is always opened to a limit. To others, they may seem optimistic, happy, free, but they may never see their sad side. They simply don’t want to bother others with their sadness, to not ruin a beautiful friendship or get together.

The thing with Libras is that they may not fully understand for their whole life “Who I really am,” this question will follow them for their whole life. They constantly look for their own “thing”, try to understand why they are in this life, for who it’s good, what’s the purpose of life and from a young age they are looking for their own character. They are really spiritual since birth and they are really interested in everything I am interested too – the depth of souls, mysticism, the mysterious sides of life, the purpose of life and everything related to it. Therefore they will easily go along with everything spiritual and sometimes they can even lose themselves in this.

Libra men supreme analytical skills can be visible in their choice of profession. They have great potential in info-technology, technology and something with systems, engines. Anyhow, very complicated themes full of knowledge suit them. Libra men love facts, they love memory training, learning facts and acquiring knowledge. To Libra women, organisational work or independent work suits the best, work where she could lead others, help, guide or ever teach them. At the same time, most Libra like to work completely alone at peace and quiet. Believe me, Libra is never alone when they are on their own – their own thoughts are so loud like the whole room is filled with people, they constantly think about their own ideas and have discussions. Therefore, when you see that your Libra friend works on something on his own, then know that he won’t be bored.

When anyone wishes to know why this Libra person is such a weigher and why decision making so hard for him is, then there is an answer for that. Libra knows very well that the world won’t consist of only the good, it has its ups and downs. Libras wish to go through these downs as calmly as possible and that’s why in their thoughts, not at all knowingly but instinctively, they analyse everything to choose only the best direction in every situation. They never want someone else to suffer by their decision, especially someone close to them, they wage on every person related to their decisions and make decisions based on that, sometimes even while pushing themselves down and making decisions harming them. All of this for someone he loves to not get hurt.

To be honest, I could keep writing about Libras, but what they should know is the reason why they were born as a Libra. Libras are the one whose purpose in life is setting their life in order. They could have been living a life in a previous life where future or consequences weren’t cared about. In this life, you who you were born as a Libra chose that you want to do good for your future and live a life where you take responsibility for your own actions. But that’s how Libras are, they take responsibility, they know that everything in this life can be done by you.


Air-element is what makes Libra analyse and live their emotions inwards. This is the element that gives them the ability to tolerate other people and communicate in so many different things without feeling uncomfortable. Air element helps Libra to think clearly and analyse, this is where the ability comes from.

At the same time, the air element gives them the need to be “free”, free in the sense that he could make his own decisions. They don’t like when someone just comes and makes the decisions for him, but they may tell others “Be good and decide yourself!” but in reality, they hate this. Controversial, isn’t?

Air element gives to a Libra who is not happy with his life and on the so-called wrong path, one negative side. When he happens to be on the wrong path, then he’ll become nasty, hypocritical, cunning and gossiping thanks to his air element. This only happens to Libras who have lost their path. Generally, Libras are really good people.


CHIASTOLITE is a health and protection crystal for Libras. Chiastolite is the one that helps to keep away everything Libra doesn’t want in his life, helping also to remove fears that attract the bad. In the inside, Libra has big-eyed fears and they can be afraid of utopian things that may never happen. Chiastolite is the one that protects from big health problems, protects from wrong decisions and helps to strengthen intuition on health, helping to understand what’s good for his body and what’s bad. Helps to make the right decisions for your own well being.


VENUS is the leading planet for Libras which gives them the most energy. Venus gives Libra, let him be male or female, the need to be loved and find the right soulmate. One of their main purposes in life is to find someone who would love him and would never betray him. For them, fidelity and loyalty are important, something the other side must give him. They look for their soulmate and are the ones who wish to find someone to spend the rest of their lives with.


Besides crystals, also silver is something for Libras, it gives them emotional balance and helps them to understand themselves better which is, of course, the toughest parts of their mind. Different metals react differently to zodiac signs.

Mind. As they already have quite good analytical skills and they are mentally very capable, then the calming, tension relieving crystal that relieves their over thinking is LEPIDOLITE. Lepidolite is a crystal that helps them be calm, helps also to fall asleep when the mind is not allowing it to happen. Helps to calm and removes anxiety. Nerves are one of their weak spots and this is what RUBY-FUCHSITE helps to relieve.

Prosperity. One of the most powerful, full of luck and beautiful prosperity crystals is CHRYSOPRASE, which brings luck in every part of the life, let it be love, simple luck, being at the right place at the right time, materialism, work, business success, etc.

Good luck and protection. Chrysoprase with prosperous abilities brings good luck. Besides that, also GREEN AVENTURINE brings good luck to Libras, but this in the sense of materialism, self-fulfilment and work. One of the strongest protection crystals Libra can wear is HYPERSTHENE. Hypersthene has the ability to keep away chiding and curses.

Communication. Libra likes to communicate and they can do it really well, but do not let the critical and harsh words to his soul, then this is what RHODONITE helps to protect from. They are emotional and vulnerable.

Intuition is actually really strong in Libras, but they don’t always trust their gut feeling and this side rather is what needs support. TOURMALATED QUARTZ helps to strengthen and, at the same time, trust intuition. The beautiful PREHNITE helps to grow spirituality and helps to evolve different spiritual things. For example, Prehnite is helpful in predicting.

There are several Love crystals for Libras. The most important love crystal is MORGANITE, it’s a crystal that helps love to come to life, find a soulmate and heals old wounds, that won’t allow being in a relationship. MANGO CALCITE is the crystal that helps to get along with the family and create a very strong and loving connection with people close to you. STRAWBERRY QUARTZ helps Libra to learn to love himself, share love, accept it and see when someone else loves him and teaches him to accept it all.

There are a lot more helpful crystals for Libras, Mookaite brings positivity, Black Tourmaline protects from unreliable acquaintances, Moonstone brings femininity to Libra women, etc.


I have written down the first and last dates according to belief. Some believe that Libra begins on September 22, some that on September 12, etc.

The things I have written for each crystal are one of the challenges or a great wish Libra born on these dates has, that’s why he needs that crystal.

September 23 – 24 White Opal helps to bring emotional peace, well-being, balance and belief. This is weak in people born on these dates, and it should be supported with White Opal.

September 25 – 27 Moldavite helps to develop intuition and to find the right “way”. These people look for their own personality and solving their own mysteries the most.

September 28 – 29 Rutilated Quartz. People born on this day are true dreamers and, by the way, they have been given the ability to make dreams into reality. Rutilated Quartz helps dreams to exit from the Aura to the universe so they could come true.

September 30 Lazurite. A special day for a Libra to be born, this person has the special mental ability and the need to focus on their work. Lazurite is good for finding their own professional skill and it supports the success of this talent.

October 1 – 3 Hawk’s Eye. These Libras need Hawk’s Eye to know how to make a difference between the right and wrong decisions. Decision making has been made really hard for them.

October 4 – 5 Red Agate these Libras need more life energy, they are really energetic, but they use their energy to the max in everything they do. Red Agate supports restoring energy sources and removes mood swings.

October 6 - 7 Uvavorite helps to develop the good sides and talents given by fate. Favourite helps to protect everything you have created. People born on this date have one strong talent.

October 8 – 10 Hypersthene helps to let go of inner fears, which is also one of their biggest challenges.

October 11 – 14 Amazonite helps to find peace, inner balance. This is the biggest goal they have – to find balance. Also, helps to let go of emotions gathered in oneself.

October 15 – 17 Crazy Agate brings happiness and helps to take life easier. The most important thing for them is to learn to enjoy life, Crazy Agate helps to do this.

October 18 – 22 Mookaite helps to adventure and enjoy it. For them, one of the most important things is to experience, see and discover. Mookaite helps to do this without limitations.

You can find the Libra crystal set, which brings prosperity, positivity, optimism, protection and love to this zodiac sign, HERE.

All crystals affect all people, but some specific crystals can quickly reach certain constellation Auras.

I have written many articles about Libras, you can find them HERE. Have a nice time reading!