Palo Santo is a tree with a mysterious and secretive power that grows in South America. Each country has its own special and useful plants and trees, and Palo Santo is one of the magic plants that grow in that area. Palo Santo has been one of the most widely used plants among the Indians.

The Latin name of Palo Santo is bursera graveolens. Its name comes from Spanish and it means sacred tree. The name comes from its magical effects. Palo Santo is a tree with a very good smell, which is used for burning like Sage. In the burning of the Palo Santo tree, smoke will help to heal and clean both and is considered to be a Sage-like plant. Equally, they are both very potent home and soul cleaners, although they work a little differently.

Palo Santo trees grow very interesting, first and foremost, they grow in nine-headed groups, with one tree being male and eight of these are female plants. Palo Santo's male habitat grows to about 200 years old, but female plants somewhere up to 60 years old. The structure and colour of these plants are also different. For all this, it is believed that Human is growing inside the Palo Santo, who has been resting there since his last life. It is also believed that in the Palo Santo, the soul lives on even when it has passed away, and therefore this holy plant is also treated with great caution and with great respect. And not all souls will enter into the tree, but souls who have been engaged in healing in the earthly life.

Palo Santo tree grows in Amazon rainforests and this tree is under protection. This tree must not be rooted out of the ground or be cut before the dead parts of this tree have been lying on the ground for several years. Only pieces of the tree that have been dead for many years can be used. This tree is respected, and it is believed that if you treat this tree with dignity, it will be useful to you if not, it will bring you misfortune. also been scientifically proven that pieces of Palo Santo tree that are broken from the tree and used for burning do not contain such valuable substances and oils that have been in the piece of wood that has been lying on the ground for many years and has survived its time It has.

Palo Santo is a plant with a truly powerful and mysterious power, with the ability to clean everything that it encounters with its smoke. Be it the human Aura, the energy of crystals or the aura of a home. Palo Santo tree heals energy fields, which is why it is very useful. If the energy fields do not work properly and there is bad energy, bad things will happen, such as illness, sadness, stress, and accidents.

Palo Santo has a pretty good aroma, and if you like the smell of this tree and it's attractive for you, then that means you have a deep soul. Palo Santo tree is suitable for those who are open to spiritual development and believe that there are two lives in the world, which is spiritual and physical.

The effects of the Palo Santo tree will start to work the most when you use it regularly. Especially if you have not ever encountered any incense or plant smokes. First, it is working towards energy purification, and then it will open the energy channels and bring peace.

Palo Santo tree is burned to reap its healing qualities. The smoke of Palo Santo tree is the one that delivers the secret power of this tree. The burning of the Palo Santo tree will give you the following healing:


In Peru and Ecuador, this wood is burned to keep mosquitoes and other poisonous and unpleasant insects away.

Apart from home energy, it also cleans up the car's energy. It helps to get rid of bad and accident-induced energy accumulated in the metal.

Palo Santo tree smoke makes you calm, helps to heal nerves, and is suitable for burning when you feel you need something that would quickly bring back the positivity.

Used as soon as there has been a quarrel or some bad event in the house in order to get rid of the fast-moving hurtful energy.
It’s always a good idea to use Palo Santo right away after Sage smudge stick (also smudge sticks, where there are other plants with Sage). As Sage cleanses negative energy that prevents good luck from growing, makes Palo Santo the perfect follow-up. Palo Santo can grow new energy into your home, crystals and people’s Aura fields during the cleansing ritual.
Palo Santo brings joy and creates good energy around it. When you want for your family members to always have good mood, for you to always enjoy your own home and feel good there, then Palo Santo will help to create that. Palo Santo eliminates negativity, then it leaves a mysterious power around you to help invite abundant energy. Therefore, it can be used to attract good luck.< />
Burn Palo Santo when you want to activate prosperous energies and their channels. Regular use makes your home Aura field and the home where it’s being used to attract prosperity. It’s particularly useful to use Palo Santo near your prosperity and financial luck crystal to make them more active.
When Palo Santo tree or incense smokes it calms anxious energies. It helps to restore balance, harmony and good spirits. Use it at moments you wish to balance yourself. I recommend burning it monthly to ensure the harmony of your home and soul. 
Different mix incenses with Palo Santo are also efficient, because each plant adds value to Palo Santo and their joint effect enriches the soul.
Palo Santo helps to reach a deep connection with yourself. It’s a very good plant for spiritual evolution. It opens the minds to evolve and activates the flow of awareness in you. By burning this, you may sense how you’re starting to think about very important things and can easily come to conclusions that will begin to help you in the future.
Use it regularly when you wish to move forward spiritually, make your intuition stronger and be connected to your inner voice. 
This is the perfect plant for cleansing rituals when you want to cleanse your crystals or home. This has a universal effect, therefore you can use it at any Moon phase. Palo Santo cleanses all the crystal and activates them to give out their energies faster.

I recommend Palo Santo tree smoke for cleaning healing rooms and in preparation of healing treatments. Palo Santo helps to focus on spiritual activities and helps to meditate and healing therapies to work better.

If you feel that you need creative inspiration and motivation, but you cannot find it anywhere, be sure to burn the Palo Santo tree.

Heals asthma, flu, stress, depression, helps alleviate headaches, mental distress and feelings of disappointment. Helps to cope faster with colds and severe diseases and strengthens immunity.

It is recommended to put a piece of Palo Santo tree in the room in case of colds. Re commendably in a room where a person is sick
Or into a room where most people go through or into the bedroom.

Based on the beliefs, the regular use of Palo Santo's tree smoke is believed to help keep away cancer, in the energetic sense. This means that Palo Santo helps to hedge the stress level so that this disease does not make your Aura a desirable place for development. The cancer is activated in Aura, where there is a lot of stress and negativity.


Palo Santo trees are used in such a way that one piece of wood / a branch and a heat-resistant base and matches are taken. A heat-resistant base could already be available for burning ​Sage. Palo Santo`s tree branch is lit from one end with a match. With a match because lighting with lighters insults the plant. Allow the branch to burn slightly, and then the flame is put out by shaking it and thereafter a smoking tree remains. The piece of wood could burn for half a minute or even a minute. The smoking piece of wood is placed on a heat-resistant base and kept in a necessary place.

If you want to clean the house, place the base in a room where you want to have the cleaning ritual, or in the area where you feel the energy is standing.

If you want to clean your own energy, keep it in your hand or place the smoking base beside you and stay next to it until you feel very good. All such rituals must be made intuitively and as long as you want it and you feel it is necessary.

If you want to clean the crystals, keep this container or smoking wood beside the crystals. Palo Santo purifies universally all the crystals, so you will not hurt the crystals when you use it to heal your crystals.

The crystals need to be cleaned in order to release the energy they improve inside you. Crystals pull everything negative into themselves and if you do not clean your crystals, they will cease to work, they break, go out of colour, and their energy will turn out to be bad. Every true admirer of crystals knows that the crystals must be treated with dignity and royally so that they bring you the desired and wished result.

When you ask when you should use Palo Santo, then do it with a feeling. I use the power of this tree when I feel the lack of this aroma. At one point, I feel that I need this fragrance, and this is also a sign that it's time to cleanse. At first, you try Palo Santo and you are left with plenty of it, so it will remind you, and then you will use it. But of course, it is useful to use it at least once a month. Certainly, you should not forget the use of Sage or replace Sage with Palo Santo. The alternating use of these two plants helps to create a home, Aura or crystals with truly powerful energy around you.

Palo Santo wood pieces and incense work the same, but the pieces from the tree are a magnitude more powerful and will do their job faster and more efficiently. You should definitely use incenses more often than Palo Santo tree. As a piece of wood, there are high levels of essential oil in it, the incense no longer possesses that much. Therefore, you need to use a lot more incenses. All La Tene Palo Santo incenses can be found HERE. When I have mentioned Palo Santo wood not incense (or, the other way around) in magical rituals follow the directions.

To store the Palo Santo chips and also to store Sage, you can find a wooden box, into which I recommend adding  Rock Crystal, Girasol and Tourmalated Quartz, to preserve the power of these plants.

In addition to all this, occasionally I burn Palo Santo tree in order to focus, and guess what was burning next to me all while writing this article? Of course, Palo Santo with its powerful aroma.