Time and time again, crystal lovers ask, "How should I clean my crystals or jewellery?", "How should I charge them?" I will write down a little bit about why all this should be done and how it would be easiest to do it.

First, crystals are energy sources and if we use them, whether simply in crystal sets or worn as jewellery, their energy will run out if we do not treat them with dignity. In reality, however, we can use them for a very long time if we take care of them on a regular basis.

If you use natural crystals or not cheap fakes, then they have value and it is worth keeping that value. It is the case that crystals are imitated very well, because, unfortunately, there is a widespread perception in the world that what the people want is also made into a vile business.

The crystals give you the energy you need, the same energy it carries with it. At the same time, it removes from your Aura exactly the energy against which this crystal is working, i.e. if the crystal gives you energy, it will replace the negative energy. This means, however, that the crystal gives its positive energy to you and at the same time captures the negative energy within itself. Now, this is where you should understand why the crystals need to be cleaned. We need to clean them in order to release the negative energy inside the crystal that it has trapped in your Aura.

Plant smoke has an energy-cleansing effect, therefore for cleaning crystals incense, ritual plants or essential oils.

Plant smoke is what releases the energy accumulated in the crystals that do not actually belong to that crystal. In fact, all plants are suitable for this, because everyone has their own good energy, which comes out when burned. I recommend using ritual plants regularly, as they offer energy healing at every level, for example, keeping your home energy overall and everyone at home healthy.


If you have bought the crystals from me, then I can say that after you have bought them, you can start using them immediately, because I will cleanse and clean them all before taking them to La Tene stores. So they are ready to help you immediately!

If you have been wearing a piece of jewellery for a month, it is time to start doing cleansing rituals until you finish wearing it.

If you have created sets of crystals, they should also be cleaned regularly after one month at home. I recommend that you wash the crystals, which can be washed under water, from time to time.

Massage crystals, massage wands and pendulums are always cleansed after using

- Crystal jewellery are cleansed with plant smoke at least once a month.

- Although the crystals can be cleansed without monitoring the lunar phases, I still recommend paying attention to this. This is because you can clean them more effectively at the right Lunar phase. The lunar phase calendar can be found HERE.

- Each lunar phase has its own characteristic power, which I always write on the horoscope. I recommend keeping an eye on it.

- I am used to cleaning myself and my jewellery during the creation of the Full Moon and the New Moon or the First Quarter of the Moon. You can find the full moon article HERE, You will find an article on creating a New Moon HERE and you will find an article on the creation of the First Quarter of the Moon HERE. In these articles, you will find useful information about the energies of these lunar phases.

- The jewellery is placed on the table, where a smudge stick or incense is also placed to smoke. Allow the smudge stick to smoke for at least 5 to 10 minutes. If, for example, you’re using Tea tree oil or another essential oil, then keep it in an oil lamp for at least an hour. With essential oil, cleansing takes longer than with a smudge stuck or Palo Santo. I recommend Tea tree essential oil because it helps crystals to work longer and more efficiently

- Let the plant smoke burn exactly the same way in the middle of the crystals.

When you’ve allowed Sage smudge stick, Palo Santo, Tea tree oilincenses or other cleansers to do their job, then take them away from where you used them. The next step is to charge the crystals.

If you have a question about which plant smoke to use, I have written down the effects of different plants in the descriptions of these products. Clean love crystals with love energy incense, protective crystals with protective energy incense. You will find all incense and ritual plants HERE, and essential oils HERE. I recommend reading about the effects of each plant separately.


ametüstil laadivad ehted
There are pieces of jewellery charging around an Amethyst geode on the picture. Amethyst charges jewellery that aims to activate spiritual growth, restore intuition crystals and help bring peace. A protective bracelet is being loaded on top of this Amethyst geode to help strengthen intuition for poor perception. In addition, there is Phantom Quartz, which contributes to spiritual development and Rock Crystal with Green Tourmaline. All of this jewellery is associated with spiritual growth, which means that Amethyst is the ideal charging crystal for this jewellery. The purpose of Amethyst is to restore the energy that exists in them so that they can work with people for a very long time. In addition to Amethyst, for example, you can also charge these pieces of jewellery with Rock Crystal geode, which has universal charging properties and is always suitable for charging any piece of jewellery.

While cleaning helps release the energy trapped in the crystals, charging helps activate the crystals. Charging adds vitality, energy and power to the crystals. It restores the natural strength they have, with which they work with you. Cleansing helps to release the energy that has accumulated inside you in these crystals, and recharging helps to restore it.

When we talk about energetic charging, the Earth has given geodes among the crystals. Geodes are those crystals that have the ability to revive other crystals. Geodes consist of small crystal peaks, and the same peaks carry energy to other crystals. Geodes have the property of not running out of energy and can recover by keeping them on the windowsill. The only thing a geode wants for it to be able to do its job properly is that it can enjoy the light of the Sun and Moon.

To charge jewellery, find a special window sill in your home where you can store geodes. Create a crystal resting place where you will keep the jewellery while you are not wearing it

Each geode has its own energy that it can restore. You can read more about the different geodes HERE.

If you have a lot of different jewellery, crystals with protective energy, energy with love and also angel crystal, then above all you could have a Rock Crystal geode on a windowsill. Rock Crystal geodes cleanse and charge all the crystals. If you have a lot of crystal jewellery, there could also be special geodes for jewellery with a specific power.

When we talk about making a charging place, first of all, it is the jewellery that is charged there. I will talk about charging crystals below.

salvei, palo santo, mäekristall ja kuivanud roosinupp kausisOn geodes, jewellery is charged by placing the jewellery on top of it or right next to it, and holding it there while you are not wearing it. This is so that they can be constantly full of energy and so that they are immediately ready to help you if you feel that you want to wear one or another piece of jewellery.

If you wear some jewellery every day, I recommend removing all the pieces at night and having them charged. This is so that the jewellery does not run out of energy, it does not break and change colour. Crystal jewellery that has not been treated with dignity, cleaned or charged will lose its energy and begin to break.

Sometimes you could wear jewellery at night, but then those that bring visions or are related to prophetic dreams. I have written these suggestions under various talismans, and it does not cause the crystal to lose energy if done occasionally.

You can prepare the jewellery charging place gradually, starting with one Rock Crystal geode and complement it when jewellery is added. The charging place is so that the more you deal with the crystals, the more jewellery you have, the bigger the charging place could be. When I talk about the size of this place, I actually mean the geodes you've brought there.

The more jewellery there is, the bigger the geode there could be or the more there could be small geodes. You don't have to find one big geode right away, but you can slowly bring small ones there as well.

How many pieces of jewellery can be charged on one small geode? For example, when I have a Rock Crystal geode, about ca 5 cm, then it covers approximately two bracelet and one talisman or a set of earrings. If the geode is overloaded, this crystal will no longer be able to work as you would expect.

For example, if you wear crystals related to prosperity or success, it would be very ideal if you had them to charge on a Citrine geode. Citrine has the ability to energize these crystals. You can place Citrine next to the Rock Crystal or prosperity or work-related jewellery. You place one crystal jewellery on one geode, others on another. 


If you create a special place for crystal jewellery at home where they can recover from your help, then in addition to the necessary geodes there could also be other types of useful crystals. For example, it’s very useful to keep different obelisks there. Obelisks have power and strength that can amplify energies. By placing this with a geode, it can make the charging process more powerful. Black Obsidian obelisk, having the ability to remove old, stagnant and harmful energy from jewellery is especially useful.

Pyramids act similarly, giving geodes stronger power to restore jewellery crystals. Keep a Rock Crystal pyramid near a Rock Crystal Geode, Black Obsidian pyramid near an Agate geode or Hematite geode. With a Rose Quartz geode keep a Zeolite geode, Amethyst pyramid with Amethyst geode. You can also keep other pyramids there, depending on the charging energy you want to generate.

Rough crystals are useful to use on the charging altar if you want to give your jewellery even more energy. For example, use rough Selenite pieces when charging Angel and intuition crystals. Place them on top of Selenite, which, in turn, is beside a Celestite geode. In this way, two crystals related to the energy of angels and personal development can restore your jewellery.

If you want to charge and amplify the crystal set, then, in the same way, a geode is placed in the middle of the crystal set, or a pyramid. For example, place a Tiger’s Eye pyramid by a Citrine geode to further amplify the power of work success crystals.

When you charge crystals and jewellery, their power increases and they gradually work harder with you.

Finally, I would also like to mention that your place of recharging, I call it the altar, do it by using your intuition, use your creative side, let the visions come and fill it with the elements you feel you might need there. Take plants and many other things that could be useful for your crystals next to the geodes. When doing cleansing rituals in exactly the same way, feel when you want to do it, whether the crystal needs your cleansing ritual, and so on.

If the jewellery breaks, goes out of colour, disappears or has an accident, it is a sign of a lack of crystal energy. Sometimes this happens when you are just starting to work with crystals. The crystals simply lose power quickly because they have to give you all their energy.

Crystals are a gift from Earth so that we can use them in our emotional bodies. Be wise and treat them with dignity and respect - then the expected result will come!