A soul mate – this is someone our soul always wants to look for, to find him, keep him next to you and truly understand who this is in our lives. Today I am talking about a soul mate who has been sent to this world to love you both physically and spiritually.

Soul mate is the one with whom we made an agreement before we were born. Of course, the spiritual agreement by which both sides of the soul agree that in this life we are created to protect, love, help, and assist each other to develop emotionally.

I can say that I used to believe that everyone had a predetermined soul mate, but today, working with people on a daily basis, I don't think so anymore. Of course, for most people, this spiritual agreement exists, and I would say that nine out of ten people may have this relationship, which is actually very much. Therefore, the probability that somewhere there is your soul mate is very high.

Why do we have our soul mates? Soul mate is the soul who helps you to progress and has an incredibly strong ability to protect you. Today I'm talking about the type of soul mate who is also created to love you physically. Of course, there are soul mates who are like friends, but I would not call them simply soul mates, but rather friendship soul mates. But I'm not talking about them today.

Today I want to share with you thirteen important facts that you should know about a soul mate. These are the thirteen facts that the soul of the soul mate does not break, or if you want to know if you already have found your soul mate, read through these facts. If you feel that it doesn't apply for you and him, he may not be your soul mate at all. Maybe there are completely different spiritual rules with him, maybe he is the teacher soul, maybe a companion of fate...

Our souls have had many previous lives, and perhaps more will be added in the future. From previous lives we take along the burden, which we must bear in this life, our own karma, which we have to solve, the skills, advantages and purpose we create on the basis of what we have learned and done in advance. We also take the souls with us into the future with whom we have unfinished business. I believe that the agreement between two souls is because in a previous life you have forgiven, made peace, re-conciliated, caused pain and forgiven, and helped each other. All the stages are done, which on the one hand caused pain and on the other hand, gave a lesson. In this life, you will meet to love one another and help each other to become stronger for the future, and to help each other to move forward. Therefore, I believe that two soul mates in this life have actually been together for several decades, even dozens of lives, and only then will there be a magnetic bond between the two souls. Otherwise, it could not exist, it is such a strong bond that needs to be learnt and created in advance.

Very often, I am asked, "Am I together with my soul mate or what is the connection between us?" and of course I will help to identify it if it is in my power. I suggest that you compare your companion with these thirteen facts I have written here, and then you understand yourself whether he is your soul mate, or he is some other soul in your life.

When you read these facts about a soul mate, you have to find yourself in that story, and in the same way you have to find your companion in that story if you are really one another's soul mates.


The very first fact you should know is that you simply realize that he is right for you. This feeling comes from somewhere deep inside. It is just a feeling that someone has made it clear to you and it is so right that there is no arguing about it. It's somehow as clear as the knowledge that you have to eat or drink water. It is like a simple rule of living. With a soul mate, you will never feel that you have doubts about his importance. You never think, "Interesting, is he the right one for me?" or "Is there someone better for me?" You just know that "somewhere" there can really be someone, but never worthy of him.


This is one of the most important facts that you should identify with your soul mate. The truth is that before you and he meet for real, you must have had some kind of connection in the past. It may be that your mothers were working in the same place, and in fact, you were "almost" closely connected. It may also be that you lived on the same street, but you did not communicate, even though you saw each other from time to time. You were at the same event or party in the past, and your best friends talked at the same time as you were there, even though you didn't interact with each other. There has definitely been some kind of indirect connection, and if you are really soul mates, this meeting really comes to mind and you will find this meeting from the past. The soul mates are allowed to meet in life, before entering into the soul mate stage, to say hello and share the energies for the future.


With a soul mate, we have been given telepathy from birth. This is one of the most important points that you also need to recognize between him and yourself, to understand whether you are soul mates for each other. Telepathy is when you start to call each other at the same time, or when you think about your companion and he calls you seconds later. Telepathy is when you think you could make him a certain meal, that has gone through your thoughts and he comes home and says he just wanted that and wanted to also let you know. Telepathy is when sitting in a company, he knows your poor feeling, though you don't signal it and he comes to ask you, "Honey, is everything okay?” and with that, he thought if you are feeling good. There is magical telepathy between soul mates.


The Aura or spiritual relationship between soul mates is very special. This means that the Auras of the soul mates can come together so that they are not harmful. Energy is able to come together so that neither of them feels embarrassed or discomfort in any situation. You can be yourself with each other and you can speak freely and express yourself without pretending. The Auras fit together, you are not feeling bored or uncomfortable being with each other. If you are with a soul mate, you will be united by a common moment of silence. If you do not want to talk about something, then it is not strange and if he wants to do something on his own, it is natural, and you don't notice it. The feeling of "being on your guard" disappears, where you have to be constantly tense and monitor the influence of your words.


You will find all your soul mates faults, weak sides, and these sides will start to disturb you. But they will not bother you so much that you want to start repairing them frantically. It is not that you are just going to complain about them, just as companions of fate do to each other. It's for you as a mission to help him and fix him. It may take a long time for you, as you have internal motivation to heal him. The relationship of the soul mates is so strong that the other half is allowing to be fixed. If the other side does not allow it, this connection may be a companion of fate connection, where any kind of change will be resisted.

If you repair your soul mate, he will do the same to you.


The connection between soul mates is so strong that as time goes on, the more there is teamwork. The soulmates want to do everything together, always ask each other for advice, each other's opinion is crucial. Nothing is done without talking through with each other and if the other side doesn't like something, then it hurts. The only opinion that counts is the opinion of his soul mate. The soul mates do not care about the opinions of others, but only about one another's. They may hear other opinions, but they will not be heard unless the other party agrees. The soul mates are always planning the future, living a step ahead of today's life. For example, companions of fate want to live in a moment, this is their duty at the spiritual level. But soul mates are always dreaming about the future. The soulmates fight the world. This is because they create a team, us and the world, trying to improve everything, to get out of all the problems together, and to resist the misfortune together. In the soul mate connection, there is never me and him, there is us.


The soul mates are full opposites in their character, but they are united by a common image of life or life view. In a big picture, they expect the same result from life. Their attitude to life is very similar and so is their wish to achieve something. I'm not talking about personal achievements! For example, soul mates both want a large family, or both want a small family. Both want to gather wealth through work, not through happiness. Both want to be faithful and its absence is a complete disaster for both. Both love animals or they both like to live in the countryside. There is no argument over the souls of such things. Therefore, it cannot be that one soul mate wants to live in the countryside and the other does not tolerate this idea. Or, for example, that one side of a soul mate would want a small family and the other one would want a big family. The soul mates always have goals in place that are related to greater things in this life. For example, in a soul mate-like relationship, both sides want to live healthily and feed their body with the right foods. Vegetarian and a complete opponent to it cannot be together. However, it can be that one is a vegetarian and the other is open to it, although he does not know how to create it for itself. Then the other soul mate will help him get to that path. There are no major disagreements between soul mates regards to the attitude of life and the greatest priorities of life.


The soul mates are designed to protect, look after and save each other. When you are with a soul mate you will never feel that you should be afraid that he is not with you or that you are alone in a problem. You always know inward that if you can't count on anyone else in this world, you can always count on your soul mate. At the same time, you do not need to feel betrayal by him. The soul mates do not betray one another, or at least they don’t do it consciously. Your soul mate is your rock, your confidence, your home. Wherever you are, no matter the moment in your life, if he is with you, everything will be solved. The companion of fate is the one who makes you sniff, worry, discover the betrayal, and the alarm clock constantly works: "Is he faithful? Does he love someone else?" But you just trust your soul mate. You can't believe that he can betray you. The same is true for life partner souls, but this connection can be treacherous, the soulmates connection is never betrayed.


The soul mates always look at each other when talking or if something needs to be discussed and explained. The soul mates need to look into the eye, this is crucial. You know why? The soul mates are related to the soul and the eyes are the source of the bond that gives them the right answers. Therefore, think when you are interacting with your companion, is it important for you to look into his eyes. Eyes are the source from which you understand the true emotions of your soul mate and understand his true feelings. Eyes are the ones that actually interact with you.


The soulmates trust each other and they may be away from each other so that it does not compromise their relationship. Of course, there is a longing in this relationship, but there is no danger of a relationship to be breaking. If they are away, they both know that when you meet again, everything is the same. There is no suspected of cheating, betrayal, or cooling of the feelings. The relationship between soul mates is not buried by distance or being apart.


You have no problem doing anything for him or preparing something for your soul mate. You never expect anything back, you do everything with pleasure. You never feel that just you are trying.  If you are soul mates for each other, you will always contribute the maximum to each other's well-being. You're doing things for him, and he does for you. There is no such thing that only one person serves the other. If that is the case, then there may be another kind of agreement between souls.


The soul mates are able to apologize to each other. When I speak of soul mates, that does not mean that there are no problems between them. There are problems, of course, because these two souls are put together to help each other, to teach, to protect, and to help move on in life. If there were no problems, there would be no purpose. But still, soul mates can forgive each other at the speed of lightning and can forgive and understand their own created problems. Hard-headedness can be momentary and disappears the next moment. However, the problems between soul mates are small.


The soul mates have been created to help each other and to progress in life. The soul mates are like medicine to one another, that can heal each other emotionally. If one has stress and an emotional problem, then the other side has the ability to treat it with their attitude. If one is down, the other can and wants to help. The soul mates will never have any pity on one another, if there is a problem, then it will be fixed as you would fix yourself. Soul mates are never at a low state together. Whether they are healthy together or taking turns being physically or emotionally sick.

There are a passion and a desire for a relationship between soul mates, but passion may sometimes disappear among the soul mates. Under passion, I mean the physical passion or sexual relationship. The soul mates may be very passionate at the beginning of the relationship in a sexual sense, but it may eventually subside, but may not. Here, most people make a mistake and break up with their soulmate by running to someone else, believing that there is no more love between “us”. Love is not just physical, there are two sides to love, both physical and spiritual. The passion subsides because the soul mates first and foremost love each other's soul, not the body. Loving the body is secondary in this relationship and the body is never complained about. If the companion of fate is the one who complains about your appearance, the soul mate will never do it. The sexual side of a soul mate is like a yo-yo, at one point it has a very good sexual relationship, and then there may not be a sexual relationship for several months. At this point, I simply suggest to those who have lost the passion, raising your passion energy with crystals, being able to be in a sexual relationship with a soul mate so that this yo-yo effect does not occur, at least not so great.

When in the facts above I wrote that soul mates have common life views and common priorities, this does not mean that they agree on all the little things. Of course, the big things are the ones that have to be the same. The little things are still debated over.

The soul mates are able to live together with each other until the end of this life, and in fact, they both want to do it. A wish to be with someone their whole life!

In addition to all this, being together with a soul mate, there will be a lot of Deja vu moments. You know this feeling, a fraction of a second where you know all the next movements, events and words in advance. This is a Deja vu moment! Do you know what Deja vu really is? I know and now you also know! This is the moment when we all remember what was shown to us before we were born to this world. We see things given by fate like a film from a film tape. It remains in our subconscious mind so that in this life we can subconsciously go to the right places to meet the right souls and trials. When we are born, we get blocked this part of the memory and it is left in the subconscious. Through the development of intuition, we have greater skills to exist on the right path of destiny and to move in the direction of the film tape. With a soul mate, we see many Déjà vugs when together, we are just given confirmation that we are very much tied to each other. This is the sign by our subconscious saying "look-look with whom you are with" by our subconscious.

Moreover, meeting with a soul mate must happen at the right time, it happens exactly when you are both ready for yourself.

The soul mates meet when one's soul has finished their love ties. The soul mate does not come where love already exists to some extent. This is also the reason why so many people let their soul mate go because of being in a comfortable relationship. The relationship is not ended when it is poor, and it does not work, but something that is not going to happen is expected. Or, being in a relationship for material reasons. The soul mate can come without greater materiality, but it does not matter, you can always create a good life for yourself. Moreover, soul mates are usually very hard working together, and both want to make an effort for a better life, so materiality can also be achieved where you can enjoy life in this area. Therefore, the soul mate expects the other soul mate to be free.

The soul mates get together when both Heart Chakras are open, and both want to find each other. When you send your request and he does it at the same time, you will be sent together. So, there must be a lot of wishing to be done to meet a soulmate at all.

Scheduling a meeting with a soul mate is very important, you just have to catch it and grab it and invite to your life. Each person's life is so different that I cannot recommend anything other than to not be together with a wrong person, if you are looking for a way out, this is the first sign that you are with the wrong person. Better be alone then with the wrong soul, wish for meeting a soul mate, heal your Heart Chakra, aim to meet him and wear the crystals of love that will help you with all that.

Many people may never recognize their soul mate here in this life or simply miss the opportunity to meet him because they are not listening to their intuition. It is also the reason why you should develop your intuition all the time to be more powerful so that you can listen to the voice of your soul, this voice of the soul will help you identify the right and wrong souls with whom you should associate yourself in this life and you can also understand through this voice who brings you misery.

Soul mate is not the same soul who is a companion partner, a life partner is one who is very similar to a soul mate but does not have all the qualities of a soul mate. There is no spark, magnetic pull and passion. In fact, a lot of people choose a life partner instead of a soul mate. Do you know why this is so? Most people are impatient and want to quickly find someone to enjoy their life with... but you know what, after all, life will not be enjoyed with a life partner soul, because the passion for life fades away in this relationship and eventually people grow apart. But it never happens to soul mates. Until death, they have a strong bond and a desire to coexist and offer each other a passion in life. Thus, a more convenient and faster option is not always the best. I would recommend you to wait for your soul mate, and once you find him, keep him as a gold.


FINDING THE SOUL MATE There are crystals that have the ability to find the soul mate, to attract him, to open the Heart Chakra for him, and to send out the wishes that invite him to your life.

Larimar, Rainbow Moonstone, Watermelon Tourmaline, Rhodochrosite, MoonstoneAquamarine, Morganite, Rose Quartz, Sugilite, Uvarovite, Pearl, GarnetRuby - these are crystals that you could wear when you want to find "him" and invite him to your life.

If you want to find a soul mate through the crystals, then there could be many of these soul mate crystals, and they should definitely be worn as a piece of jewellery for them to work. Most of all, you need something that you wear over the Heart Chakra, as a talisman around your neck, for it to work with love directly.

If a man wants to find his soul mate, then I recommend wearing Garnet around the neck and if you want to establish a good relationship with a soul mate I recommend Aquamarine.

If you are with your soul mate and want to get along better, to understand him more, to be in a very comfortable and positive communication, be sure to wear Larimar or Rhodochrosite.

If you want to improve the bondage of a soul mate, which you, or he or you both have broken, or if you are too shrewd against each other constantly, then a woman needs to wear Kunzite and a man needs to wear Lava. Both must wear crystals together. The woman wears Kunzite and at the same time, the man wears a Lava crystal. These two crystals help to get rid of the constant quarrelling and tiny problems.

If you are with your soul mate and want to strengthen, amplify, and enhance your love, you can also make a set of love crystals from the same crystals I brought out. Put these crystals together in a box of love that you create using these crystals. Find a box where you put the picture of you two and crystals on it. This box will be cleaned once a month by Sage or Palo Santo and kept under a common bed. From time to time, you add these same crystals to the box, it is like a love box that helps to create a powerful personal bond between you.

When living with a soul mate, in your bedroom you could have Apophyllite geode or candle holders, created in Apophyllite. Apophyllite is one of the most powerful geodetic crystals that helps to enhance the energy of love and increase spiritual bonding between soul mates. I also advise you to put the Apophyllite tip or geode into the box of a love of the soul mate, which helps the crystals to reach you and his Aura.

I also recommend adding Beryl, to a set of love crystals if you want to amplify the telepathy between him and yourself. I suggest adding two pieces at a time, one to each one. When you set the crystals in the box, make sure that both sides of the image have one Beryl. There must be a picture of two of you in the box, one of the Beryl's near you and the other near him.

If you or he have lost sexual desire and your sex life is not exactly what it should be, as a woman wearing a piece of jewellery made from Rainbow Moonstone and as a man wear Buddha crystal. Similarly, add both crystals to the box of love. If a woman has no need for sexuality, then wear Rainbow Moonstone and, as a man, a Buddha crystal.

If you want to bring your relationship to an even more powerful level and increase your passion, even if you have a very good physical passion, add a Ruby to the set. Ruby helps to strengthen the connection.

I have felt the rules between the souls myself through helping people in a long time and working with them; so my belief in the law of a soul mate does not come from anyone else except my own feeling.