ARIES is the very first zodiac in the zodiac system. This zodiac sign is dominated by the fire element giving Aries the ability to be energetic, viable, active. If you are going to describe Aries briefly, it is these words that are the most appropriate.

Aries is a very active person who absolutely does not like to stand still, and in the strict sense of the word, they always must have something to do. Aries just need some physical work, which is essential for them to survive because they use their excess energy there. Aries are born with very great inner strength and power, and most Aries have more energy than places to apply it. This is also the reason why Aries must have activities to do.

If Aries has work to do, and here I am not only talking about working from clock to clock but also chores at home, then Aries is more balanced. Aries with little activity misuse their energy, meaning they may take it out on others. Each Aries does so in its own way – who will organize the other's life, who will do things for others, who will quarrel. In that case, the Aries must definitely be given something to do. Aries must feel that he is useful and must see the result with his eyes. Aries live through the eyes, that is, they appreciate and believe what they see. The exact opposite of  Pisces character that is next to the Aries sign. 


For the Aries, the ideal work success crystal is CARNELIAN the crystal that motivates the Aries. Carnelian gives Aries good luck at work, helping to bring about the kind of work that Aries would be pleased with. It is also a motivation crystal that helps Aries to be positive. Each zodiac has a positive self and a negative self, Carnelian is the crystal that helps to reveal only positive qualities in Aries. Thus, the Carnelian for Aries is a relatively multifunctional crystal.

Aries are very independent in nature and do not like being doubted in their independence. It is very important to them that they can manage, decide on and lead their own lives. The leading character has been given to Aries since birth and this is also the reason why Aries wants to be head of the family at home or the manager at work. For Aries, I recommend wearing Carnelian because it helps to bring out positive leadership qualities in Aries. This is useful so that they do not scare other people away with their courageous attitude. Most zodiacs are not so daring, and the energy of Aries may seem a little daunting at first glance. But whoever will get to know Aries, knows that such energy does not come from evil.

Generally speaking, it is not difficult for Aries to become friends with or interact with other people. Aries is quite open communicators on a variety of general and global topics that help you get on with other people quickly. However, Aries does not want to talk about what is going on in his soul. To be honest, it's such a big secret as though Aries has some crime on his soul. Aries does not want to share his personal information with anyone, particularly because Aries is not used to talking about his weaknesses and problems because he feels that he is not strong when talking about them. In general, Aries also tries to cope with extreme sadness himself and only talks about it as a last resort.

A crystal like  AMAZONITE helps to calm the inner world of Aries, balance emotions, and reduce stress and negative emotions. Amazonite is a crystal for Aries when they want to solve their personal problems. It is a soothing crystal that helps to overcome nervousness, which is one of the weakest points of the Aries. In addition to relieving stress, Amazonite is able to open the Aries to the development of intuition, so Amazonite is one of the crystals that each Aries could use to increase their spiritual power.

Aries can become good friends for other people if a friend can appreciate and show it to Aries. If that person is liked by Aries, Aries will protect and help him. The only thing Aries is waiting for in secret is a little praise and a motivational speech. When you are born in the sign of Aries, your subconscious is waiting for good words from others and that is what makes you act.

Aries have a fairly temperamental character, which means that they are quite stubborn and hard-headed when they are determined to do something that is not suitable for them. Other people find it very difficult to persuade Aries, only he can do it. When Aries departs from his positive path of destiny and falls into negativity, he becomes rather sarcastic and even malicious. The temperament of Aries is extremely good when it is in its positive moment of life. It is this temperament that gives him the ability to cope with life, to impose himself and to stand up for himself. 

RED JASPER is an essential crystal for Aries, as Red Jasper helps keep the Aries in his positive life path or bring him enough luck to succeed in life. Red Jasper is also a crystal that helps Aries to be kind and take advantage of his temperament positively. In addition, Red Jasper helps protect the health of Aries, by maintaining and strengthening his physical body. DRAVITE is also a crystal that helps to protect his health and prevent accidents. In addition, Dravite makes a person very strong and durable. Dravite also helps you see your own problems, which are very much suppressed and denied.

For Aries, it is always very important to be constantly excited. When the excitement disappears, they look for a new exciting topic. It goes with everything, but especially they have to like their job, it must be interesting and economically motivating. Meanwhile, Aries are those for whom material motivation is important, a fire element gives them that. Material motivation in their job is also important for Leos and Sagittarius.

The crystal that brings work success, material happiness, abundance, and overall success to Aries is MARIAM JASPER. This crystal should be on Aries's work desk, in the corner of abundance at home, or he could wear it as jewellery. Mariam Jasper is also good for Aries because it gives him the stability to work in one place. Aries is a very hard-working person, but he needs the motivation to work in one place. SARDONYX helps Aries cope with his life's tasks, increasing his motivation and ambition. Helping Aries shine and his most positive traits to emerge. Aries receives a tremendous amount of energy from Sardonyx, which helps him succeed at every level. KAMBABA JASPER also brings special abundance and happiness to Aries. Kambaba Jasper has the ability to purify the Aura and draw out the energy that prevents material success. Kambaba Jasper helps to release the energy of misfortune so that you can move on to your dreams. It helps to open up abundance and is especially useful for who everything goes wrong lately.

Aries are the ones who remain childish until the end of their lives and who always like jokes and fun. Without it, life is not valuable to them. This is one of the best qualities that Aries carries in his soul, the desire to have fun in life and enjoy it.

If you have a little Aries boy or girl growing up at home, you should know that he should never be pampered. Aries are those little kids who need boundaries, or else they'll walk over you very quickly. And then there is no way back. Aries likes to dominate or control the situation, which is also why little Aries make their mom or dad quickly dance to their music. Little Aries grows into a very successful person when they are taught at home that other people must be respected. The crystal of little Aries is definitely AMETHYST because it helps the Aries learn that others may also be right.

AMETHYST is a universal crystal for Aries, which has many of the useful properties of Aries energy. Amethyst gives Aries intuition, spiritual energy, good sleep, calms his nervous system, brings dream interpretations, and helps Aries better understand his fate. Amethyst is a crystal that helps Aries make wise decisions and teaches him to move in the right direction.

Aries are extremely active, temperamental, viable, multifunctional, and hardworking. But behind this self-confident, successful and highly optimistic shield is uncertainty. Despite his ability to shine and succeed, Aries is very vulnerable and insecure. This uncertainty teases him when he has to be alone because then Aries begins to overthink. Therefore, Aries must always have people around so that he does not hurt himself. This uncertainty also arises because he constantly sets himself a very high bar and very high goals, knowing and believing that he can do it all. If there are a few obstacles in his path, these obstacles make him internally insecure, but he does not give up on his goal. If Aries has the right companion who is positive and who is cheering him, then Aries is strong. He needs someone who constantly tells him how to handle everything.

 APACHE TEARS helps Aries to overcome, or at least reduce, his insecurity. Apache tear helps to relieve the inner stress and especially the stress that Aries causes to itself. In addition, the Apache tear will help strengthen, cleanse, and restore the aura of Aries. I recommend wearing the Apache tear or keeping it close to a little Aries child or an adult Aries who have lost the love of their father. For the Aries, it is very important that the father exists, and the Apache tear helps to heal this gap. Read more about this in the article"Aries as a Child – Special and spunky" HERE.
As fathers-mothers, Aries are very active and want to take on the role of parenting only on themselves. They believe they know everything about their children, how things are, what is bad and what would be better. Therefore, Aries are the ones who can raise children alone when the need arises. Aries want to keep their children under their control, and that is through the great paternal-maternal instinct. This is actually good because it gives the child a sense of security. Aries is not the kind to show his cuddly emotions, he shows his love in a way that this child would have everything. Aries are the ones who do everything for their children and often apply it to their companion. Therefore, Aries may at times pamper others. He does this because Aries likes to organize and do things in his own way. Rather, he does everything himself quickly, because then things are done! Aries do not want to wait until his given task at home is done after several hours, it is easier to do it himself. He also has a lot of energy.

The love crystal of Aries is the STRAWBERRY QUARTZ for women and the HAWK’S EYE for men. These are the crystals that bring love to Aries, the right person, and even the soulmate. Strawberry Quartz helps you to establish contact with your soulmate and understand why we have such a strong bond with one person or another in this life, what is the reason of that bond. It also helps to understand what should be done with the person with whom the bond is established. Wearing this crystal will also help to bring goodwill and friends to you. Strawberry Quartz promotes patience, caring, love, sharing of emotions, acceptance of emotions, good communication, open attitude to love, family love, unconditional love and kindness. 

Hawks Eye can help you achieve contentment in your life. If you feel that you are not satisfied with what you have, or that you are unable to value the very little things that are important in your life, the Hawk`s Eye will open your eyes. Hawks Eye helps you feel content with everything that is good in your life, making you feel grateful.

Aries are passionate lovers and, above all, expect their companion to show their passion. In love Aries do everything to get the person they want and love. As the relationship with Aries moves forward and the relationship develops into a routine, Aries wants to be constantly shown emotions. Aries are independent and expect the same from the other side. Independence is also the character that fascinates them, and Aries falls in love with the one in whom he sees strength!

Aries are very cautious in making economic decisions and do not need additional energy from the crystals. However, they do not know very well the insidiousness of other people. If, for example, Pisces re the ones who can tell you instantly whether you are cunning or not, and Cancerfor example, knows right away whether you want to take advantage of him or not, then Aries cannot immediately recognize it. This is because the element of fire gives Aries power rather than intuition. Therefore, I recommend Aries to develop his intuition and AGATE is very helpful in that. Agate is a crystal that helps to steer the Aries away from insidious people and situations that are harmful to him. Agate is a very strong defence crystal for Aries, which protects him from both emotional and physical problems. It is especially useful for those Aries who want to quickly identify the true face of other people. It also protects against accidents and prevents misfortune.

The zodiac sign of Aries is in the forefront of the zodiac system for a reason – Aries are the ones who guide others, help others move forward in life, and are the ones who have the ability to put other zodiacs in place. Aries are also the ones who can live most of their lives by working. Not because they can't say no to a job, but it's the way they keep themselves lively, positive, and viable. If Aries is doing well and everything is going smoothly at work, then also all other areas of his life are in order. When Aries has a problem with work, there is no health, love or good mood for Aries.

Aries has the ability to make decisions quickly and can act quickly. But when it comes to money matters, they can often miss out on good chances because they calculate money numbers for too long. Aries prefers a solid income rather than relying on luck. Aries are also the ones who save money just in case because you never know when you might need it!

This zodiac has one very good attribute that they teach to many others in their lifetime. When Aries is on his positive path of destiny and has not shown negative temperament, he can live in the moment and at times with one foot in the future. Very many other zodiacs tend to live in the past and lack the ability to let things go. Aries is the one who enjoys the moment and can do it. Aries can turn off the past for themselves and think that whatever happened in the past no longer exists, and they teach their companion that things have to be let go.

In addition to crystals, wearing gold, is also suitable for Aries, as gold brings good material happiness to Aries.


I have written down the first and last dates of the Aries constellation according to beliefs. According to some beliefs, the constellation of Aries begins on March 20th, on another March 21st, and so on.

March 20 – 22 Black Obsidian
March 22 – 24 Red Aventurine
March 24 – 26 Onyx
March 26 – 28 Chrysoprase
March 28 – 30 Malachite
March 30 – April 1 Rock Crystal
April 1 – 3 Charoite
April 3 – 5 Ametrine
April 5 – 7 Amethyst
April 7 – 9 Chevron Amethyst
April 9 – 12 Agate
April 12 – 15 Green Aventurine
April 15 – 17 Sodalite
April 17 – 19 Serpentine Jade
April 19 - 20 Picture Jasper

All crystals affect all people, but some specific crystals can quickly reach certain zodiac sign Auras.

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