Rituals are a part of the life of a person who is on a spiritual journey. Rituals are performed to help oneself and improve one's energy, to direct something away from the energies or to attract something. The ritual I have written here is to cleanse your Aura Field. This Aura cleansing ritual is very simple and requires only your desire to function. Remember – rituals only work if you do them wholeheartedly and enjoy performing them.

Since the rituals have to be done exactly as I have written here, I suggest that you do it step by step in your mind according to the magic recipe before starting the actual ritual. This is so that you can do it with all your heart and for it to come out as naturally as possible.


I recommend doing the Aura cleansing ritual all the time, and it is a ritual that will last for the rest of your life. The Aura cleansing ritual needs to be performed in order to release the excess, stressful, obstructive, unhappiness, disillusionment and disease energies in the Aura. Our Aura is constantly accumulating negativity when we are not protecting ourselves from danger, and most people in the Aura are constantly having excess harmful energy that is causing emotional problems.

If you feel that you are stressed, you are not doing the best thing in some endeavours and you are sent the idea that you need to start from a clean slate or you want new refreshing energy, then this ritual is definitely for you.


The Aura cleansing ritual can be performed four times a month, depending on the specific energy you want to release from your Aura. As it is a very universal ritual, you have the opportunity to do it constantly.

An Aura cleansing ritual that helps to release the most negative energy that exists from your soul and the Aura field. This means that the power of the Full Moon will release the most harmful power. What is released from your Aura is decided by the power of the Moon itself. 

During the third quarter of the month, it is good to do this ritual if you want to be free from the past or get rid of other stressful energy related to the past. It is suitable to do when you feel that your life is not going any further and you are standing still with your life.

On the day of the Waxing Crescent of the New Moon, perform the Aura cleansing ritual if you want refreshment and new possibilities in your life. During the creation of the New Moon, this ritual works as powerfully as during the Full Moon.

Perform an Aura cleansing ritual on the day of the first quarter if you want to free the Aura of over-emotionality, stress, depression, melancholic thoughts, and your own overall negativity. It is also done when you want to get rid of the disease.

An Aura cleansing ritual can be performed on all four of these days, but each day of the lunar phase has a more specific force and power that sends out some negative energy out of your Aura. 

You can find the monthly lunar phase calendar from HERE.


For the ritual, use exactly the elements I have written here, i.e. they are not replaced by another element. This is necessary for the ritual to work because every element that is changed or missing changes the effect of the ritual, i.e. you do not get the result you expect.

1. Lemon candle
2. Lemon
3. Glass with water
4. Girasol tumbled crystals 3 pcs
5. Sage incense (and incense holder )
6. Rock Crystal Geode
7. A knife that you only use for the ritual
8. Matches

The Rock crystal geode is the only crystal in this ritual you may have used before. If you already have a Rock crystal geode for home cleaning, use it for the ritual.


First you need to find a suitable day when you want to perform this ritual. I write about the lunar phases all the time, so I always let you know which lunar phase is approaching. You can also find the lunar phase calendar HERE. Once you have set the right day, find a place in your home where you can perform this ritual alone. You definitely need to do this alone so that you can focus as much as possible. The ritual place should also be one where you can burn a lemon candle for a week or two.

Begin the Aura cleansing ritual

1. First, take the Rock crystal geode and bring it under your bed. Under the bed so that once you have completed the Aura cleansing ritual, it can continue to work with you at night and Aura cleansing can be active throughout the night.

2. Now take the lemon candle and place it on a heat-resistant base. Take a knife and draw a very large rune called FEHU on it. You can also see the FEHU rune on the picture, draw it on the candle with a ritual knife in exactly the same way as it is in the picture. When you draw a rune, focus on releasing bad energy from your Aura.

The FEHU rune is a very important element in this ritual because it helps to release the negativity and impeding energies that exist in your Aura. The Lemon Candle helps to do the same.

3. When the FEHU rune is drawn on the candle, take the matches and light the candle. When lighting a candle, focus on getting your Aura cleansed, refreshed, and getting rid of negativity on your Aura.

4. If the Lemon Candle is lit, take 3 Girasol crystals and place them in front of the candle. So that these crystals are drawn in front of FEHU rune.

Girasol is a crystal used in Aura cleansing rituals and various magics, as Girasol absorbs all your negativity and helps to block the return of negativity. The rune activates the Girasol crystals to help you and that is why it is very important that these crystals are placed in front of the FEHU rune. There must be 3 Girasol crystals because the first symbolizes your past, the second your present and the third the future – each Girasol has its own purpose in this ritual.

5. Now place your left hand on the first Girasol from the left and say in your mind, "Free the past" Then hold both hands on the middle Girasol at once and say, "Cleanse the present.". Now hold your right hand on the far-right Girasol and say, "The future is coming.". This action activates the crystals to help you.

6. Now take the Sage incense and light it on top of the lemon candle Let it burn a little and then shake or extinguish the flame. Now the sage incense smokes, place it on the incense holder near the candle and let it smoke all the way.

Sage incense helps Girasol crystals to work and make changes in your energy. The FEHU rune is what confirms the task for the Girasol and thanks to the FEHU, the Girasol can also help you from a distance. A lemon candle releases your negative energy to the universe thanks to the power of the Moon.

7. Once the sage incense is placed on the incense tray, take the lemon. Cut the lemon in half with the same ritual knife and squeeze one half of the lemon into the glass. Now fill this glass with water. When the lemon water is ready, place the water glass next to the candle, crystals and incense. Let it be there until bedtime.

8. On the same day you perform the Aura cleansing ritual, do the following before going to bed: the incense must be burnt, then take a match and push the candle flame into the wax. Now leave the candle with the crystals in place and go to the bedroom with lemon water. Drink this water just before going to bed. Lemon water carries a cleansing power, and when you drink it, the ritual continues when you sleep at night, the lemon water with the ritual words and the geodes of the Rock crystal can do the useful work in your Aura. 

9. The geode of the Rock crystal only needs to be under your bed one night, the next day you can bring it back to its place.

10. Burn the lemon candle every day as much as possible, but for a maximum of two weeks. For example, if you perform a ritual on the day of the waxing crescent of the New Moon, it must be burned by the Full Moon. Or if you perform a ritual on the creation of the Third quarter of the Moon, the candle must be completely burned by the day of the creation of the first quarter of the Moon.

The candle is burned when the FEHU rune on it is burned. Then you can throw away that candle.

11. When the candle is burned, take 3 Girasol crystals and take them to nature as a token of gratitude. It would be best if you take them into the river, if that is not possible, somewhere in the forest. Definitely thank the crystals for the work.

It is a universal Aura cleansing ritual that helps to release negativity and obstructing energy from your Aura field. The lunar phase affects this ritual, giving you more specific power to cleanse your Aura. The Aura cleaning ritual helps to eliminate everything bad in your way in a universal way.

The ritual can only work if you do it with full dedication and want to do it with all your heart!