The angels surround us everywhere, and if you are open to the Angel energies, they will assist you through sending number combinations. They direct your mind and look at the watch at just the right time, show you the same car numbers or make you focus exactly on the same house numbers. You start to notice these numbers, and if you see a number and it's going to leave you feeling uneasy, it's a sign from your Angels. Believe me, you will know if these numbers are sent as signs in your life.

1111 consists of four number 1s, which in turn symbolize strength, progress, wish coming true and solutions. These are the four keywords that this particular Angel message carries.

Seeing number 1111 is an obvious sign that you have reached to a point where life begins to take a turning point. All the changes, all the hints that life offers, must be received so that you do not fall off the opportunity given to you for a better future. Be smart and analyse situations every day and do not be afraid of taking risks. The main keyword is that you should not look at new opportunities through fear but go positively to the unknown because it will lead you to paradise.

If you see number 1111, be sure to keep your thoughts and minds positive at that moment. This is for the Angels to do a great job with you. I recommend that you read the whole article and if you see number 1111, then all the thoughts outlined below will only come true if you hold yourself positive. Therefore, every time you see number 1111, move all the negativity out and be optimistic – in order for the Angels to cooperate with you!

Every time you see the Angel number 1111, know that your spiritual body is becoming more capable. The Angels will not send such a powerful and meaningful number to you unless they can get in touch with you. Number 1111 refers to the growth of your soul, and this is also the reason why they can help you. Only those who are willing to move themselves can be helped.

This is an Angel message that motivates you to act, helping you move on to something. Angels send you the number 1111 when they signal their support. Angels are beside you and they are willing to help. Take advantage of this opportunity and give Angels the opportunity to bring you closer to your dreams.

"At the same moment you must make a wish"

Remember, when you begin to see these numbers, the Angels will hear your thoughts. They will hear your desires and try to fulfil them for you. I recommend everyone to just wish, wish and wish during this period, since the wishes of your heart may be delivered to you after seeing the number 1111. Desires are listened to, if they are good, positive, with love and desired from the soul. Angels make a very good distinction between heart wishes and greed.

Each time you see number 1111, you must react quickly at that same time. You react by sending out your wish. This number 1 sequence will not be shown to you in vain. This is a sign to you by the guardian Angels that they will be able to carry your wishes through your Crown chakra. Crown chakra is the energy channel in our Aura, through which we send signals from our souls to the universe. This is the channel through which you can complete your dreams. The Crown chakra is located directly above the head and can be activated by wearing Rutilated Quartz crystal or Rock Crystal.

Anyway, please remember that ALWAYS send out a wish when you see the number 1111.

"Universe opens channel for your soul"

At this very moment, when you notice the number 1111, the Angels and the different energies acting on the soul will open the universe channel for you. This means that they will take your signals into themselves. Every time you see the number 1111, know that your thoughts are being listened.

At that moment you have the opportunity to send a signal to your dear grandparent, who has departed from this physical world long ago. You can send thoughts to departed souls. In addition to this opportunity, you also have the opportunity to send a message to your soulmate, twin soul, life partner, your future baby or anyone.

When seeing the number 1111, send your thought and wish to the soul with who we have agreed to have a bond between souls.

For example, if you are single and are waiting for love, then, when you see the number 1111, you will be able to send your desire to the right soul. If you see the number 1111, then send a message to your soulmate that you're ready to meet him or something like that.

"If you have seen number 1111, a new message will soon appear for you!"

Being in contact with Angels you have to keep track of the signs and you have to wait for them. If you have recognized the number 1111, then the following message will soon appear in your life. Usually Angels give you more specific clues about what they can do in your life and which direction you should take. Therefore, after the number 1111, new combination of Angel numbers can be followed.

Now that you've seen number 1111, wait for the following notifications. If you see a new combination of numbers on the same day, then translate it for yourself and add to this interpretation a motivation talk that Angels give with the number 1111. All the Angel numbers I have written about can be found HERE.

1111 gives the next number a big boost, giving the opportunity to quickly solve things and bring them to you.


Previously I have written an explanation of why you just start seeing specific combination of numbers and why they do not disappear. You can read about it HERE, and I definitely recommend that you read it so that you better understand the work of Angels.

However, I can still tell you why you are constantly seeing the number 1111 and why they exist in your life. If you constantly see the number 1111 and this will somehow come and frantically shows up, then it's an "alarm clock" for your soul.

You are constantly seeing the number 1111 if you should move on with your life and the Angels notice your stagnation. Angels want to send you a message that everything is ready for your better future, but you need to be the one who will take the first step. This is the law of karma, which gives us insight every day that if we want something very much in this life, then we must be the first to take the step. So, if you constantly see the number 1111, then act!

Analyse yourself at that moment! Think about what you've been wanting for a long time, but there's little courage. What you are thinking about, but there is no physical activity yet? Analyse and you will find out the reason that your Angels are sending the motivational thoughts.

If you constantly see the number 1111, I would suggest that you carry Rock Crystal with you daily to help guide you on the right track, to the place where Angels want to guide you. Rock Crystal helps release the self-imposed blocks that prevent you from understanding the Angel messages.

Remember – the number 1111 gives you the opportunity to adjust your life and make it better. Use the message of number 1111 wisely. Be sure to remember that the Angels should always be thanked for the messages and opportunities they send. If we do not show gratitude with our hearts, they will give up helping us.