By combining crystals, they transmit to you a specific power that is transferred to your Aura. Create a crystal set for getting rid of smoking when you want to quit smoking and give yourself the support to be able to do so. Another option is to create it to someone else for whom you want to do a lot of good. This set is full of magic if you create it for yourself. However, if you create it for someone else, the magic is even greater, in which case the recipient of the set must perform the magic themselves.

I've previously written an article about smoking, telling you why people start smoking at all. You will find this article HERE.

You can make a crystal set at any time, but according to Lunar Phases, the best time to create it is the day of the last quarter of the Moon, because it is easier to get rid of bad habits during this Moon Phase. You will find the lunar phase calendar from HERE


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Crystals to help you quit smoking

Jet is hardened charcoal 180 million years ago that has both protective and problem-relieving properties. Jet has the effect of getting rid of addictions, and it is a crystal that absorbs magic very quickly. Therefore, it is very useful to put a positive spell on Jet and use it to heal yourself.

Jet fights evil souls, weak Aura Field, and addiction problems that arise from them. In addition to helping to get rid of the addiction, it also strengthens the human soul so that such an addiction never occurs again.

Smoky Quartz - even the name of the crystal indicates what it can do. It is a crystal for getting rid of the need to smoke and for tobacco. Smoky Quartz blocks the need to smoke, helping you to gradually quit and become healthier. This crystal blocks the taste buds that want tobacco and can therefore make smoking unpleasant.

Smoky Quartz is a much-needed crystal for this magic, it supports the work of Jet and Dalmatian Jasper. Smoky Quartz can also be worn around the neck as a talisman to make the possibility of quitting smoking even greater.

Dalmatian Jasper will help you take more care of your body and find the right moment when you want to quit smoking yourself. It adds knowledge to your soul and helps you analyse if you really need to smoke. Dalmatian Jasper blocks the need for tobacco, giving you the confidence and consistency to quit. It strengthens your character so that you can say NO to smoking.

All three of these crystals support quitting smoking and help you get rid of it!

What you need to know when you start creating this kit 

First of all, you need to find crystals of pure energy, i.e. crystals that have not been used for any other purpose before, and a bag suitable for these crystals. If you have those, then you’ll need black ritual and magic candle and one cigarette, take it from your own package.

Doing magic on crystals is a breeze. This is a positive chiding of the crystals, and it is done so that these crystals work towards one specific goal.

Place the crystals on the table around a black candle and place a cigarette in front of them. Now take the matches and light the candle. At the same time, say in your mind: "Let the need for smoking be released, let freedom come! ” Do this several times, as long as you feel you want to do it.

When the candle is lit, let it burn. When the evening comes, extinguish the candle, break the cigarette and put it in a bag with crystals. Place the magic bag under the bed overnight.

The next day, put the magic kit in your car or handbag or carry it with you every day.

Burn the candle over the next few days. Each time you light a candle, repeat the magical phrase. When the candle is burned, the crystals have acquired magic that will help you quit smoking.

Carry the crystals with you until you have finally said NO to smoking. One day, if you have given up this habit, thank the crystals and take them to the river so that they do not give you addiction back.

You do not need to clean or charge this magic bag. You just have to carry it with you or keep it close to you.

If you already have the La Tene crystal set "STOP SMOKING", then this magic will amplify the power of the crystal set.