Capricorn is the tenth zodiac, lead by the power of the earth element who is stubbornest by nature. Stubbornness is good, but not always, every Capricorn should know it. If an Aries, happens to read this, then, believe me, Capricorn is even more stubborn than you are. He is indeed the most stubborn, followed by Aries.

The beginning of the Capricorn zodiac is DECEMBER 22 and it ends on JANUARY 19th. Everyone born between these dates is a Capricorn. Towards the beginning and end of this sign, there are even more special zodiac signs, which is Sagittarius-Capricorn and Capricorn-Aquarius. These are zodiac cusps, which has both the characteristics of Capricorn and the influences of another zodiac sign.

Capricorn is very capable in itself, a character is given to it by its astrological energy, but it must learn to turn its strengths to its advantage and take advantage of them. There are also those Capricorns who have strayed from the road and descended. In fact, he has everything he needs to be successful, he just has to learn to feel his power and apply it correctly.

Determination, stubbornness, ego - positive or negative?

Capricorn is determined - when he has something in his head, he steps towards it. He can work very hard for something he is sure to bring to life. This is one of his strengths, which many other zodiac signs don't have. Especially determined are Capricorns born on the first, he is the most bellicose and also the most stubborn.

If Capricorn has taken something into its head, it will not leave it unfinished, it is simply not possible. Do you know why? Capricorn has an infinitely high ego, some so high that it suffocates in it. The ego is a good thing as long as it is positive and healthy, not harmful and oppressive. Whether the reason is a positive or negative ego, Capricorn cannot give up because it makes him incompetent. However, he is the only one who thinks this about himself, others do not look at Capricorn with such a look at all.

The same high ego actually allows Capricorn to complete things, keep their promises and change their life for the better. He is definitely not a runner - if he has chosen a path, he will at least try to move along that path.

Capricorn has very high expectations and that is why he gets in a fight with himself very quickly. This is when he cannot live up to the expectations he has set himself when he has taken it upon himself. He may be emotionally beaten, fight with himself, and be disappointed. This is such a typical Capricorn behaviour, whether it is a male or a female. But once again, no one else sees that he is at odds with himself. They don't just show it to someone else. Why? That would make him a weak person, and what is Capricorn most afraid of? That someone sees his weakness. But what I am saying is that if you have decided to deal with your own problems, it is your choice, and through it you will get to know yourself the most. This makes changes within you easier.

Hematite helps to control Capricorns negative sides. Hematite is a necessary talisman for every Capricorn. It helps to reduce his negativity, excessive selfishness and stubbornness where he does too much to himself. Hematite is the balancer of this character and the harmonizer of its energies. This crystal could accompany a Capricorn when he feels that everything has started to go downhill and when he can no longer get along with himself.

Capricorn born in the year of the sheep - a real Capricorn

Capricorns born in the year of the sheep are the purest Capricorns. This means that they have the most characteristic features of Capricorn, i.e. they are, so to speak, the most genuine representatives of the Capricorn zodiac sign. Capricorns born in other years are more affected by their astrological year and may be of a softer nature or have some specific trait in Capricorn.

Saturn rules over Capricorn

Saturn is a planet that gives Capricorn energy and affects its whole being. What is Saturn like? This planet directs the human soul more towards negativity, as in the case of Capricorn. Towards negativity in the sense that it makes Capricorn very sceptical. Sceptical of other people, not of esoterica or mysticism. Scepticism means distrust and he has a lot of it with people. It is characteristic of a Capricorn to doubt another person's intentions and seek insidiousness. He's just a born detective who needs things to be clear. But he gives the other person at least ten times the opportunity to show his downsides before he trusts him. So, Capricorn can look at you with a beautiful wide smile and you don't even know that he is actually analysing your reactions, facial expressions and your whole being. Detective.

The fact that Saturn makes Capricorn negative is due to his distrust of man's natural goodness. In my opinion, this is a very good feature if Capricorn is able to balance this. There are also those who do not trust anyone and even in their long-time companion they constantly see skeletons that have not yet come out. Capricorn must be able to keep the line between good and bad scepticism.

Among zodiac signs, they are also one of the most jealous ones being preceded by the most jealous ones Leo and followed by a silent jealous sign Taurus. Red Tiger’s Eye helps to ground jealousy in all three of them. I recommend wearing Red Tiger's Eye for those whose jealousy has become excessive.

A solid path - a good or bad choice?

Capricorn was born with astrological characteristics that make it necessary to step on the determined path. It is a person who wants to walk in one specific direction fair and softly in his life. He doesn't like very abrupt and colossal changes, but at the same time, he likes the idea of changes. However, should these changes come, it will take him down for a long time.

Saturn gives Capricorn the need to live a routine life at times. Routine is his friend when we talk about home and work life. Capricorn doesn't like to have relationships, get together, and doesn't like to travel from one place to another. He needs to have a sound footing and the relationship needs to be strong. If one or the other is missing, he is confused and unstable.

Smoky Quartz is one of the most important luck crystals for Capricorn. Above all, Smoky Quartz helps relieve his inner stress, and the second most valuable power of this crystal for Capricorn is the ability to help him live his life so that he is happy. Smoky Quartz brings clarity and the ability to create the kind of life around you that Capricorn wants. It helps to solve problems and solve situations that concern him. Smoky Quartz with Hematite brings Capricorn a balance and a routine in his life that makes him happy.

Independence is crucial, it is a goal in itself

By its nature, Capricorn strives for independence. One of the most important goals of his life is to achieve complete independence and live so that he does not have to depend on anyone. Capricorn men are the ones who create security for the family, and Capricorn women are one of the few women who can live and cope alone.

It is crucial for a Capricorn to have its own money and to be able to manage it itself. Materiality and earning money are very important to him. Capricorn is one of the most materialistic characters while blocking his intuition. Thus, if Capricorn wants to open up his intuition, the knowledge of angels and the ability to explain dreams in addition to his materialistic thinking, he definitely needs the help of crystals.

One of the strongest crystals for developing his intuition and spiritual energy is Girasol. This is very necessary for Capricorn to be able to distinguish between right and wrong intuition. Girasol helps to balance the logical and material side of Capricorn so that it does not shut down its higher Chakras. This crystal opens all three upper Chakras, through which Capricorn can predict things and feel its destiny in its life. Girasol could be worn by Capricorn as a piece of jewellery or kept as a crystal in your own home.

If there is money, everything is fine

Capricorn loves money, and even if a Capricorn wants to say the opposite to me, it would lie to itself first and foremost. Capricorns are quite materialistic, they like comfort and the idea that they have a material sense of security. Capricorn is the zodiac that collects money in its back pocket and some even hide money for black days. On the one hand, the economic mindset is very useful, Capricorn can cope in very difficult times, but on the other hand, it can become greedy for money. He has to repeat to himself that not everything can be counted in money.

The material attraction of a Capricorn can also lead him to work that he does not enjoy but is willing to do because of the money. This is one of the most harmful decisions for him, especially with regard to karma. Capricorn must do the job he loves, otherwise, he will fall apart from within. The material outlook for Capricorn is crucial on the one hand and emotional satisfaction on the other. So he has to find a balance in the work - to find the work he loves, not the work that only pays well. Kambaba Jasper is a great crystal of prosperity, money, luck and health for Capricorn. Kambaba Jaspis helps to improve the quality of life and make the right choices through intuition. It is a crystal that leads the Capricorn on the right path in his life.

Capricorn’s money flow, prosperity and personal achievement crystal is Picture Jasper. Picture Jasper brings Capricorn material happiness and prosperity on every level. This will help him find a job he loves and only move up the career ladder. At home in Capricorn, the prosperity corner/prosperity box should definitely have Picture Jasper. This crystal should also be worn as a piece of jewellery to open the prosperity channel in Aura.

It is crucial for a Capricorn to know that he can manage well materially.

Planning and delving into one's own mistakes

Capricorn has been given the ability to make realistic plans and live by them. He is the one who can make a ten-year plan and live according to it perfectly. Plans are good, but Capricorn should remember that it pays to live in a way that gives you a chance at fate. If he can give fate the opportunity to make various corrections in his plans, then all is well. This is often his problem - he doesn't like changes.

But life is such that many good things come your way in a way that you cannot perceive, and many good things need prior confusion and putting things in order. This is fate. If Capricorn lets the restrictions set by him a little loose, he would also see that many beautiful things want to enter his life.

Capricorn can see its faults and this is one very good quality. But as I mentioned above, he doesn't admit it to others! Capricorn still has a high ego, remember?

But despite the fact that he does not want to admit his mistakes to others and apologizing is out of the question if someone has been hurt, Capricorn can learn from his mistakes and become a better person. It doesn't always happen the fastest, but one day the result will come one way or another.

Onyx is the strongest protective crystal for Capricorn. It is a crystal that helps keep him out of the wrong path by helping him keep his karma clean and healthy. Onyx teaches him to learn quickly from his mistakes and directs him to a lifestyle that does not harm him. This crystal protects against addiction and stress and depression. Onyx is a so-called universal crystal for a Capricorn, which helps to keep both misfortune and bad people out of his life.

Onyx could definitely be in the immediate vicinity of the outer door of the Capricorn home or in the crystal set of home protection. At least once a year, Onyx could be worn as a piece of jewellery to strengthen his Aura and teach him how to keep evil out of his life. 

Hypersthene is also a powerful protective crystal for the Capricorn sun sign. Protecting him from negative energy, dangers, accidents, wrong choices and stress. An excellent crystal for healing yourself and strengthening the Aura Field. Improves intuition, makes Capricorn a happier and joyous person.

Loves deeply, but it's hard to express

Not many understand Capricorn, especially those who interact with him. What I share about his personal life is something Capricorns partner should definitely read.

A Capricorn is one who keeps his feelings secret and to himself. He may love, care for, and respect very deeply, but it is extremely difficult for him to express these deep feelings to the other side so that his beloved can understand them. He just isn't very good at it. But that doesn't mean he doesn't love - far from it!

A Capricorn will never fall in love at first glance, he is not a Pisces, Cancer nor Scorpio, who can be struck by love in an instant. Capricorn adapts very slowly to the relationship, he can start a relationship, but does so very slowly and wisely within itself. Capricorn’s planet Saturn makes him sceptical. At first, he has to conclude within himself whether he has chosen the right person. When he realizes at one point that "Yes, this is the right person," he opens his bottomless heart.

Capricorn needs to be given time to show feelings and romantic intimacy. He may be physically close, but he cannot utter sentimental words unless he is ready to do so. So if you are in a relationship with Capricorn, you have to be very patient and believe in his love. Capricorn is not with a person he has no feelings for, if he is with you, then you have to mean something to him.

Pink Moss Agate is Capricorns love crystal. Pink Moss Agate brings Capricorn happiness, helping him to find someone with whom he can share his life. It is crucial for him to find a partner for life. This crystal is also useful for those who are already in a relationship, helping to bring positivity, good luck, trust, deep love and mutual understanding of the relationship.

Pink Moss Agate could be next to the Capricorn bed in the middle of love crystals or he could carry it with him. I especially recommend wearing it when Capricorn is single.

In the same way, Piemonite brings luck in love with him. Piemonite increases the passion in Capricorn to show to your companion. The combined influence of Piemonite and Pink Moss Agate also helps Capricorn to better express its feelings.

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Capricorn needs proof!

Capricorn needs constant proof of everything and everyone. Without proof, there is no other thing that tells him. He is not a visionary like a water-element he is a real representative of the earth element - a realist. He can't leave anything to fate and give time to create dreams, even if he wants to. In order to achieve something in life, you have to seize power and create it yourself. Capricorn is not satisfied with visions, to believe he must see a little real and physical side. However, Capricorns are often the ones who, in my private sessions, wonder how it is possible to see the invisible and the secrets of the human soul. With these topics, I shock Capricorns the most.

Releasing emotions and the past

The Capricorn has many strengths, but each zodiac also has its weaknesses that it must learn to overcome in this physical life.

The representative of this zodiac sign can sometimes be very withdrawn, often becoming cold and not even knowing why this is happening to him. Honestly, he doesn't know it himself!

The Capricorn has serious problems unleashing its past and healing its emotional problems. It is difficult for him to forget the pain and harm he has suffered. He doesn't even forget the words and he just has to remember everything in his own way. He is no Leo, who always moves forward nor Sagittarius, who understands the negativity in people. He is a Capricorn and he is very vulnerable behind his armour.

One of the biggest challenges for Capricorn is letting go of the past, how to live so that it can focus only on the present and the future.

Snow Obsidian is a crystal that releases the past. Snow Obsidian helps to forget the pain and heal the wound where the pain exists. It helps to block bullying and helps him move on with his life. If you are a Capricorn and you feel that the past is chasing you, wear the Snow Obsidian talisman for several months in a row. This talisman helps to repair aura leaks and wounds. If you feel well, rest the Snow Obsidian and wear it again when emotions start to rise. In addition, Snow Obsidian is one of the best protection crystals for Capricorn next to Onyx.

Self-defence mechanism

Capricorn has a very strong defensive stance, which emerges in him when he is afraid. Whatever the cause of the fear, when it enters his soul, he will begin to attack that fear.

The self-defence mechanism manifests itself in that it takes a very high stance as soon as it feels threatened. If someone insults his honour, he becomes nasty and vile. He's not really like that, but fear makes him arrogant. Other zodiac signs often feel that Capricorn can be very arrogant, but this is a reflection of his insecurity. He defends himself in any situation, he is so valuable to himself that he simply does not allow him to be hurt. It is out of the question for someone to trample him on his feet.

If there is work to do, then Capricorn lives

Capricorn, on the one hand, is relatively restless and unstable. He can't relax, it's just so hard to sit down and turn himself off. When Capricorn works and does something, life moves. He does not tolerate stagnation and wasting time. Time must be put to work. This is especially true for men born as Capricorn. If the Capricorn man has a job, everything is fine. Should the job be lost, he is not a pleasant person at all.


Capricorns, born in December, are the most powerful in their relationships and private lives. Everything must be under their control. He is also the most ambitious and the one who always wants to achieve the desired result. This is Capricorn, whom I always recommend pursuing his dreams, even if the path is very difficult.


Capricorns who born at the beginning of January, until January 9, are insanely determined and purposeful. A goal in front of your eyes and here I come! It is hard to move and influence him. Even the closest person cannot shake his thoughts.


Born between January 10-19, Capricorn is the most restless in his soul and wants to quickly create and do something in his life. He is the most energetic and active, he even runs through life. It is also Capricorn, who does not like it if someone comes to teach it. It is very difficult to give him advice because he does not want to accept it.

A relationship with a mother gives a strong personality or weakens her for life

It is very important for a Capricorn how he was raised in childhood and how close he is to his mother. The mother's closeness, caress and loving relationship with her give confidence. The better and more loving Capricorn's relationship with his mother, the stronger he is. A mother is his weakest point. If he is fighting with his mother, Capricorn is out of line. Dad doesn't affect him that much. And many Capricorns have been away from their father as children or the father has not devoted much time to raising him. Representatives of this sign carry a very high level of male energy and do not need their father's support as much as their mother's.

A Capricorn who has been away from his mother, has not received support and care from him, can remain emotionally vulnerable for the rest of his life, and very severely. Lack of maternal love makes Capricorn unstable, creates unfounded fears and makes him even more sceptical of people. For healing this side in them, I recommend  Petalite. Petalite is the giver of love and the healer of the Heart Chakra. Despite the situation that led him away from his mother, Petalite is able to heal these wounds. This crystal should be worn as long as Capricorn itself feels that its maternal needs are in harmony and the wounds have healed.

CAPRICORN - a lifelong problem solver and solution finder. Self-defence and being in trouble with himself is common for him, he has a constant need to prove his strengths. A very stubborn character, an inability to line up words and an insane need for a sense of security - all this makes Capricorn Capricorn.


I have written the first and last dates according to my beliefs. According to certain beliefs, Capricorn starts in the 32, others believe on December 22, and so on.

December 21 - 22 VARISCITE
December 22 - 24 SERPENTINE JADE
December 24 - 25 PREHNITE

December 25 - 26 SUGILITE
December 26 - 27 RED AVENTURINE
December 27 - 28 BLUE GOLDSTONE
December 28 - 29 PURPLE FLUORITE
December 29 - 30 DANBURITE
December 30 - 31 APATITE
December 31 - January 1 GIRASOL
January 3 - 4 PYRITE
January 4 - 5 GALENA
January 5 - 6 WHITE HOWLITE
January 6 - 7 OCEAN JASPER
January 7 - 8 WHITE CALCITE
January 8 - 9 BLACK SPINEL
January 9 - 10 RED JASPER
January 10 - 11 PETALITE
January 11 - 12 HEMATITE
January 12 - 13 STROMATOLITE
January 13 - 14 BLOODSTONE
January 14 - 15 ONYX
January 15 - 16 PINK TOURMALINE
January 16 - 17 CHRYSOCOLLA
January 17 - 18 PERIDOT
January 18 - 19 WHITE OPAL
January 19 - 20 LEOPARD JASPER
January 20 - 21 QUANTUM QUATTRO

All crystals affect all people, but some specific crystals can quickly reach certain constellation Auras.

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