We are all born under a certain zodiac, which coincides with our birth date, and it determines which constellation stars are affecting the sun. But there is an intermediate state, that is, the transition, which gives a slightly different character to one or another zodiac. Transition is the time when the stars of the second constellation begin to influence the sun and thus begin to create the beginning of a new zodiac. The transition lasts for several days and the souls born during the same transition carry a bit different energy than those born under the full influence of a zodiac. Are you the cusp of a zodiac?


If you were born between January 16th and January 23rd ou carry with you the effects of another zodiac. If you were born before January 20, then you are Capricorn-Aquarius, and if your birthday falls on January 20-23, then you are influenced by Aquarius-Capricorn.

When born during the zodiac cusp, you have the characteristics of your zodiac and, in addition, the characteristics of the zodiac cusp. So, in summary, you can say that you are either with the added value of Capricorn or an Aquarius.

Occasionally, the transfer may also take place a day earlier or later, according to the date when the transfer usually takes place.

Rigid nature and the need to achieve their wishes

When born during the Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac cusp, cosmic energies give rise to stubbornness in the human Aura. In addition to stubbornness, perseverance is added to the Aura. Extremely good qualities? Of course, these qualities are good, but sometimes others, as well as themselves, can have difficulty with them.

Capricorn-Aquarius is stuck in their principles and confident. If something has been taken into their head, they will start moving forward in that direction. If at one point, someone should bother, disturb or even hinder him, keep away from such obstacle! Then it is known what comes from it. Capricorn-Aquarius stands in its place, starts to fight and tries with all its power to reach the desired result. This is unacceptable if he is being tried to stop and it is difficult to achieve compromises with the setback of the destiny. It is a soul who wants to get his own way at all cost, when the goal is set. Of course, he is not like that in every matter, but in things where he has a personal plan already set up.

Capricorn adds stubbornness and Aquarius adds the need to reach the goal that he has set for himself at all costs. Therefore, together with the power of two zodiacs, we get a very bull-headed person.

This same feature can be its trump, as well as the weakest card. If the Capricorn-Aquarius is able to find within itself the harmony between the right and the wrong, then this character's feature becomes one of its strongest links.

Fantasy, fantasy and more fantasy

Capricorn-Aquarius or Aquarius-Capricorn – he is full of fantasy. Living in the fantasy world is part of his reality. This feature is very appealing to me for the transition of this zodiac. With this fantasy, he can create creativity or live his life more easily. It depends on how this fantasy is used. At best, it creates the fantasy path to discover his gift and maximize the use of his talent. In the worst case, this fantasy world leads to a deceived reality, which in turn means blocking the very important things in life, which must be emphasized. This, in turn, can lead to major problems. But, however, I hope that every Capricorn-Aquarius will direct the fantasy world to creativity and apply it in a very healthy way.

Female Capricorn-Aquarius can have very rich dreams, and their world of dreams is very open to prophetic visions. This is also the case for men who are more spiritual. In general, women have been given more spirituality with their birth. This may also be the reason why the representatives of this zodiac cusps can see very varied dreams. They are among those whom I constantly write about dream interpretations.

Communication – socialism and spirit for competition

Capricorn-Aquarius generally likes to communicate very much, and they are very social in nature. They are able to merge very easily into the company and have no problems with entering the conversation with a stranger. Communication is a big part of their natural need. While this representative of the zodiac is also very open to talk about science, nature, mysticism and on many other topics. There is no topic in which he cannot speak about. Everything is acceptable and if the topic is not appropriate for his beliefs, then he will retrain you.

In addition to socialism, cosmic energies have stored the spirit for competition to his Aura. They just need to compete and not in an aggressive way. Competition in its very healthy form. Most Capricorn-Aquarius are very athletic, playful and open to various memory games. It is very interesting for him to know about his abilities and the current boundaries. It gives him adrenaline and he is a very good player in the party games. So, here's a little recommendation for other zodiacs – if you want a companion who goes along with interesting folk games, find at least one Capricorn-Aquarius and he will also engage other people into various energetic activities.

In one way, he rushes to freedom, but other way into certainty

All zodiac cusps are very unbalanced on certain subjects and the unbalanced state is given by the cosmic energies of the transition period. Capricorn-Aquarius will also not miss its own imbalance issue. His problem is that he craves the freedom of the Aquarius, and at the same time he strongly needs the sense of security of the Capricorn. In one way, he constantly runs around in life like there is no tomorrow, and at another moment, he longs for peace and quiet at home. Unbalanced flounder!

This is quite a lesson for one Capricorn-Aquarius. It's about how to find balance and how to remain topical and not escape from their chosen path.

Hematite is one of the lucky crystals of Capricorn-Aquarius. Hematite helps him to stay in place, while being satisfied with all that he has created. Helps give the same energy to his Aura, which makes him rush in ten different directions. Hematite helps Capricorn-Aquarius understand what he really wants in his life and helps inject a sense of peace in him. In addition, Hematite is also beneficial to him for health. Capricorn-Aquarius has the habit of overestimating his own health. Thinking and believing that everything is alright, even if physically the health problem is detected.

"It's difficult to create a romantic relationship, but it's not impossible"

For the Capricorn-Aquarius, one of the hardest things in life is to create a relationship that would last and be a relationship with its mistakes and charms. Capricorn-Aquarius is, above all, relatively mystical in his way of thinking. He talks a lot but speaks precisely so much that the matters of the heart are left to mention. It is just very hard for him to express his true feelings and make himself clear to his companion. Also, his constant need to learn, to study, to deal with his own projects can lead him away from the other side so that he himself does not understand that he has missed something – in this case, his companion.

It's not 100% for every Capricorn-Aquarius, because we all are different in soul age and different subjects have been learned in our lives. Although this is a very big problem for the representatives of this zodiac cusp.

Hematite is also a crystal that helps Capricorn-Aquarius bring happiness to love. I suggest Capricorn-Aquarius to try and practice speaking about his feelings. In addition, I recommend that he learns to listen to what his companion has to say to him.

The more complicated the subject, the more tempting it is

Capricorn-Aquarius likes very strange things. Whereby they themselves are stranger than most of the other people. Is that bad? No, it's not. The more colourful you are, the higher is the "self" personality.

Though, really, this zodiac likes strange topics. The more mysterious, the more complicated and the stranger the story is, the more he is in touch with it. He also likes to look at various peculiar topics. For example, I can easily point out that some people are interested in eagle migration and others are interested the car sales statistics of the whole world. They like facts, statistics and getting into details.

In addition to all this, the Capricorn-Aquarius carries either the Capricorn or the Aquarius's energies. Depends exactly on what his basic zodiac is.

The sun, the stars, and other celestial bodies have so much influence over our Earth and everything here. When we are born, our Aura captures all this energy into ourselves, which is directed towards the Earth from various celestial bodies.