BLACK PEPPER is a very accessible and common plant for us. When some things come easy to us, we often forget their true worth. Black pepper is a powerful protective plant that I recommend everyone uses to protect their home, family and yourself.

Black pepper is a highly valued ritual plant that helps:

-banish evil spirits from the house;

- brake the thoughts and bad wishes of evil people;

- protect home and clean up the negative energy there;

- to drive away jealous, malicious, and family disruptive people.

Eating black pepper strengthens the Aura and protects against emotional attacks

Eating black pepper, even in food, will help strengthen your Aura. I believe it comes as a surprise to many and is gratifying news for those who like pepper. When using black pepper, for black pepper to work this way, it must be constantly added to the food so that the power of pepper is always with you. In addition to its protective properties, eating black pepper for a day will also help to change your mood. This will make you more confident, bolder and help you manage your finances well.

Protection against jealous and malicious people

If you feel emotionally attacked, rivalry at work, or need to meet someone you know has bad intentions and want more protection, black pepper can do a lot for you. On this day, carry black peppercorns with you, whether in your bag or in your pocket. Black pepper protects against malicious people, preventing their plans and spitefulness. Be sure to throw the black peppercorns in the forest after the meeting, preferably under a juniper.

Purifying negative home energy with black pepper

Black pepper has the ability to unleash the bad energy it generates at home, whether it's constant strife, somebody's maliciousness, family being jinxed, energy blocks, and so on. To do this, use candles, with black pepper essence to help clean your Aura at home. Burn them in the most usable room or add black peppercorns to the protection crystal sets.

Black pepper absorbs all that is bad in itself and fits in well with the crystals as the pepper cleanses and protects the crystals. If you keep black peppercorns in your living, be sure to replace them at least once every six months. I recommend doing this during the full moon or when the moon positions are conducive to cleaning or protective rituals. The moon phase calendar can be found HERE

If you move to a place where someone used to live

Black pepper helps to get rid of the aura created by previous inhabitants. It is particularly useful for use in homes that have been home to people who have been trapped by alcohol or other addictions, where a family has broken up, where people have lived aggressively, where someone has died of a serious illness or where there has been a murder. In such cases, the living walls store that energy and moving into it (even before repairs are made) can have a variety of problems for your family. The problems are usually the same as those of the previous residents.

When moving to a new place:

- During the first month, burn frequently black pepper essence candles, essential oils or black pepper incense.

- Alternatively, keep the black peppercorns in a bag over the front door, six months after moving in, and then take them to the forest

Forcing evil spirits out of the house

Mix the black pepper grind with coarse sea salt, place them in a darker coloured container and keep this container in the middle of the home with a black candle. Light the candle for the next seven nights for three hours and in the last evening let it burn completely. After that, bring the ritual mixture into the river. This kind of plant and candle ritual helps to send the evil soul out of the house and is used when you feel "someone" is watching you.

Health benefits of black pepper

​Black pepper heals the respiratory system, colds, digestive problems, strengthens blood supply and much more.


Black Pepper is also known for its healing properties, which are mainly derived from the essential oil that Black Pepper contains. La Tene Black Pepper essential oil is derived from Black Pepper and is packed with health.

The use of this oil helps to free the body of toxic substances, quit smoking, relieve pain, prevent diseases, cure digestive problems and lower blood pressure. In addition to these qualities, Black Pepper is also a great home, crystal and aura healer. 

Purifying the negative energy

Black Pepper helps to release unnecessary, negative and harmful energy. If you burn this essential oil in an oil lamp you will do a full cleaning of everything in or near this room. I recommend burning this oil near the protective crystals or next to the front door. According to Feng Shui, the entrance door is where negative energy enters our homes, either through external factors or because of you. Regular burning of Black Pepper essential oil cleans the energy field of your entire home. In addition, burning the essential oil of Black Pepper helps to unleash the evil energy associated with either quarrel or violence.

Useful therapy oil

Black Pepper helps you get out of depression, anxiety and a very sad period, such as grief. During the mourning period, it is wise to burn it daily and at the same time carry Apache Tear crystal or keep it near an oil lamp.

Use of essential oil in rituals

Black pepper essential oil is also used in a variety of rituals and magic, that is related to protecting something or to prevent misfortune, such as a full moon ritual. You can find the ritual HERE

Root chakra

Black pepper essential oil helps to relieve diseases in the body and give them the power they need to heal. If the body is ill, it is a direct sign of the damage of the root chakra. The healthy root chakra is equal to a healthy body and mind. To do this, burn it at least a couple of times a month, or use it in skincare to get your root chakra healed.

You can read more about Black Pepper essential oil and its properties HERE.

Plants have been given to us on this Earth for a reason, they have a lot of healing for both the physical and spiritual body. Keep yourself healthy through nature.