There are different kinds of soulmates and some of them I have already written about. Soulmate connection means that these different people are destined by faith to be part of each other's life with particular reason and purpose. Not all soulmate connections are romantic. Today I will tell you about who are the mission soulmates and what is their common goal.


Mission soulmates are not just two people for each other, but it involves a number of people linked together for the same purpose. In general, three people are connected, who all share one particular interest or purpose. Typically these three people are brought together by fate. They get acquainted with each other at different times. This means that the first two mission souls meet in a particular time and place and then they meet the third soul (fourth, etc.) at a different time. At one fateful moment, they come together and they all get acquainted. Above all, fate brings them together at different times so that they could begin to trust each other at a very personal level, in order to create an emotional connection. Once that connection is created the mission soulmates are united and they will form a small group. Have you become acquainted like that with someone and now meet up with each other? Think about it to see if you have found your mission souls or not.


In short: mission soulmates involve three or more people, whose goal is to further develop a particular topic or learn something. Mission soulmates always get acquainted separately with each other and at one moment when they all know one another well, by natural progress they start to meet up as a group.


Almost everyone has mission soulmates in their life and they have been written in their fate before being born into this physical life. Mission soulmates arrive in your life when you and also they are ready together to deal with a certain topic. A friendship develops very smoothly of itself between the mission soulmates. Smoothly in a sense that initially they are distant from each other and it develops over time. The mission soulmates are not meant to stay together, once they have solved the task, they will each go in their separate ways.


The mission soulmates meet in order to devote themselves to one particular purpose. There is one particular interest that keeps them together. Same job, political viewpoint, spiritual interest and viewpoint, belief in something, or to change something in society. In any case, the purpose is strongly present in their souls and they all have a very strong interest in it. Most of the topics discussed between mission soulmates are the same. For example, if their same interest is about crystals or everything spiritual, then, in general, they only talk about this. The goal is to help develop each other in this same field.


A very interesting thing about this is that without their knowledge, they are constantly given tasks by destiny. Tasks that they could discuss with each other and through this find solutions within themselves. Different situations arise which will intrigue all of them and direct them to discuss. Through discussions, they will reach to the teachings that they need to learn. Mission soulmates are put together so that they could have support in handling a particular topic, so that they could feel supported, not to break down or become lazy on the subject. Everyone in this mission soulmate group is at a different level on that chosen topic, one may be a great teacher, one is a student and one who might make lots of mistakes on this same subject. It is needed in order for the teacher to learn to solve the issues through a person who makes the mistakes, for the student to learn and the person who makes the most mistakes to become stronger. It does not necessarily have to be the case, but there is a lot of such a situation.


The mission souls are kept in good terms until they have completed their mission. They do not constantly need to interact with each other. Meetings are agreed very spontaneously and they do not miss each other much. But it is always fun to share their thoughts and spend time together. Two of the souls may also meet up together but mostly the meetings are held jointly. It is felt that for some reason everyone must be present. Actually, it is an intuitive voice which says its an incomplete thing if everyone is not present. This same intuition signals that the mission cannot be completed if one link is missing.


At one point, when the mission is completed, destiny releases the bondage of the souls and lets all of the mission soulmates to go on their own way. If the mission soulmates are smart enough, then they will immediately sense that the meetings are no longer interesting and that time is simply over. In this case, relations are allowed to go in peace. When it comes to less intuitive people, then scandals and problems will arise inside the group. Everyone starts to fight. This is a sign that the mission soulmates must break up, but they can not understand that. It happens with all the soulmates if one does not understand that once the goal given by fate is completed and they do not separate, the fate steps in and bullies the relationship until it is impossible to even see the shadow of each other.


Why are specific people put as mission soulmates, what determines it? It is determined by the task that was unfinished in past life and what still needs further development. It is determined by your unfinished task at your personal level. A task that is not romantic, but might be spiritual, skilful, or about the principles.


If mission souls fulfil their mission, then these souls will meet in other life for other purposes and the mission soulmate may be resumed on a different level.


In your life, you might experience a few different mission soulmate groups. One person does not necessarily have just one such mission soulmate group during their lifetime. There can be many and it depends on your destiny and how quickly you are able to learn the lessons of your own destiny.


Mission soulmates are connected and acquainted with each other for an unknown time and period. Some missions may last for years, some maybe a lifetime.


If it is written in your destiny, it is crucial to meet your mission soulmates. Therefore, such people have to be let in our lives and even to invite them. This is because through those soulmates you will learn something valuable, without which you should definitely not leave this life. This is something you will need in your next life and if you do not learn it now, then you can not experience certain things in next life which are already destined for you. Remember that we are already writing the fate of our next life.


Wearing the Aqua Aura and Rock Crystal will help you find your mission soulmates. If you wear these crystals sometimes or regularly, you will pull the mission soulmates into your own life. If all the members of the group wear these crystals at the same time, then this connection will become even stronger. Each other will be found if it has not happened yet or if the group has been formed, then the learning becomes more powerful. Being together also becomes more positive and inspiring.


Try to understand, which of your friends could be your mission soulmates and only then you will realise why you are being connected and what is your real purpose. That same discovery will help you and others to move forward faster in your lives.