Have you ever thought why your hand(s) start(s) to pain at a strange moment. At a time when you have not physically exerted yourself and you have not had any hand trauma. In this case, your arm pain may not be due to physical problem. In this case, the pain may be connected with a message that your subconscious wants to send you. Our body consists of both physical and spiritual energy and therefore, we cannot interpret our body only physically, as most people are accustomed doing. Our body foretells us a lot of important information, you simply need to make a connection with your body and understand what it tries to tell you. Pain in your arms may bring you quite a mystical message, thus try to translate it for yourself!

Hands symbolize sharing and taking. These bodyparts create physical life and we use them to express ourselves. When you experience arm pain then that message is also related to these topics. When you have arm pain, then above else you have strained yourself with something. The pain and weakness feeling in left hand means you have given too much of yourself. The right arm hurts when you have gotten or demanded too much from others. Hands symbolize our demanding needs. Every time your hands hurt, ask yourself: "Did i share too much of myself or did i help someone who should not have been helped? or "Do i demand too much from my family, should i be lenient with them?" Ask these questions from yourself so that you could understand what your subconscious tries to teach you. In any case you are doing something harmful to yourself. Pain in your arms will appear when your subconscious or your guardian Angel wants to tell you to stop, just stop. Stop so that you would not hurt yourself or anyone else. For example, i often feel pain in my left arm, especially on a day when i have listened and found solutions to lot of people`s concerns. As soon as i feel that pain in my arm, i stop my work and tell myself, its enough for today. If i wouldn`t listen to my subconscious and stop my work, my energy would run out. Your body will tell you when is the limit. Therefore, next time, when your hands start to pain, listen to your body. The person, who does not listen to himself, hurts himself. Don`t be that person. If you hurt yourself, then others can also hurt you.

You might feel pain in your arms when you have to give yourself healing. Hands symbolize what we do with ourselves, what we give to ourselves or what we give away from ourselves. For example, if your left arm pains, then this is a sign that your body needs emotional support. You need positivity, relaxing and something that would help you feel emotionally good. If your right arm pains, then this is a sign that your body requires vitamins and healthier food options. Perhaps recently you have neglected your diet and started to eat quickly and being less aware while choosing your meals. In this case, the pain in your arm can hint you to pull yourself together. Because arm pain can mean a lot of different things, try to analyze what you have done wrong. In spiritual world there are many signs, you just need to be able to put them together.

If your right hand hurts, then you may be too demanding with yourself with material issues. Maybe you feel you need to do more work and therefore your subconscious lets you know that you are already doing enough. Maybe you wish for a more luxurious life and your pain may be a sign of an excessive greed.


If your arms are constantly hurting, you`ve had some trauma in your hands, then you can also use crystals for healing. One of the best painkiller crystals is Hematite. Hematite heals the pain and trauma of the hand by slowly leading the disease out of the illness. It can help to block the arm pain and at the same time direct you to intuitively heal your own hands, bringing you ideas and thoughts on how to take care of your hands better and intuitively keep you away from actions that could be harmful to your hands. Wear Hematite on the arm that hurts.

Your body foretells you a lot about what you need to do with yourself and what you definitely should not do. Learn to read your own body language and one day you will notice how easy it is to eliminate many small problems to make your life better.