Halloween is undoubtedly one of my favourite holidays and Celtic tradition I celebrate every year. I brought the celebration a bit closer to you too and have done so for many years with a lot of people. But what is Halloween and why it’s so important?


Halloween or Samhain is a traditional Celtic holiday that was celebrated for more than 2000 years ago. It’s a festivity that sends away the time of light, that is the summertime, and the period of darkness, or winter time is welcomed. Samhain is celebrated on two days. The first day, October 31 is the day celebrated as the last day of light, and on November 1 the time of darkness is welcomed. The night of Halloween is very important, where light and darkness meet and that will open the portal to spirits. This is the time, where the boundary between the living and other world is barely there. A time where spirits move around, listen to our thought, communicate with us and a time where spirits have the opportunity to fulfil our wishes. Therefore, to summarize this, it could be said that Halloween is the time where different rituals, magic are performed, engaging with spirits happen, the warmer time is sent away and the cold period is welcomed with festivities.


According to Celtic traditions October 31 is the last day of the year and November 1 the first day of a new year. Therefore, November 1 is celebrated as the beginning of a new year. Celts and their traditions are largely related to witchcraft and witches. A lot of witches come from the Celts, this is also the reason why I have unknowingly been interested in different Celtic traditions.


Garden is cleaned before Halloween, all the work outside is done and all the fruits and vegetables harvested for the winter are brought to storage. Preparations are done, so that winter period could come. Therefore, try to do all your work outside in the garden before Halloween.




The night between October 31 and November 1 is the night of resurrection from the dead . This is a night where you can experience very strange mystical visions and sense someone you can’t see around you. Very peculiar things could happen to a person during that time. Dreams, where you could meet your dead grandmother or someone else close to you who is died, are seen. In that night, very powerful astral projection could take place through sleep and you can hear steps in your house and electricity could vibrate through the power of spirits in your home. Anyhow, it could be useful to be attentive during the night of October 31st to become part of this useful game of spirits.


On the night of October 31st messages are being sent to spirits through thoughts. Messages related to wishes and requests. On that night, right before falling asleep, try to have as many thoughts about your desires as possible. Wishes made on that day will come true more likely and that’s why a lot of different rituals and magic are performed on that night. Therefore, this night is also used for magic.


October 31st is one of the days in the year when I do a lot more magical rituals in a day then I usually do. As it’s very simple to launch your wishes on that day, I have offered other people the opportunity to do magical rituals for years, and I do it so a lot of people could be part of my rituals.


Celts believed that during Halloween, that is during Samhain all the dead, who weren’t yet reborn after leaving their last body, came back to the place they were living the last time. Therefore, during Halloween, their old homes are full of spirits who once lived there and who haven’t started their new life yet, coming back to visit the home they loved or people close to them. It’s a day full of reunions where all the dead people can once more be very close to the living people they love. Halloween gives the possibility to see the unseen also for people who don’t have heightened sense for energy fields. During that time, everyone is able to sense and see who have come to visit them.


Graves are visited for passing on your wishes and thoughts


On the night of November 1st, right before midnight, dead will go back to their portals through the ones they used to appear to us. This means that from October 31st to the midnight of November 1st you’ll have time to communicate with people close to you who are dead. For that, graves are visited and flower-candles are taken there. At the same time, thoughts are passed on to close ones. Dead spirits will visit their burial site only during these two days. Angelite is crystal that should be hidden in their burial sites in these two days. A wish is made inside Angelite, something that is wanted to be passed on to the dead, then, the crystal is hid in the site. Angelite has the ability to pass on your exact message to the dead spirit, to the one you had the wish to communicate with. Be sure to use this possibility and take Angelite to the person close to you with your heart’s desire. You can say anything to the spirit you want to. Remember that they will make the decision about what makes them react and which wishes they’ll make come true. Therefore, you don’t have to worry saying something wrong by accident to your loved one.


All fruit could be destroyed


When dead people come to us during Halloween, then a lot of the fruit and vegetables still not harvested could become destroyed. All edible not harvested before could rot after Halloween. This, because a very big amount of dead energy will open up that could cause a reaction like this. That’s why it’s very important that all the work outside would be done before Halloween comes.


A time of predicting and looking into the future


A lot of predicting and looking into the future is done on Halloween, that is during the Samhain. It’s very simple to look into the future on that time, as the spirits resurrected from the dead will help right answers to come to you. Therefore, when you need answers to certain things, then take out your prediction tools and do it on that holiday. Very likely you’ll get very accurate and quite interesting answers. Visions will also come easy during Halloween. Halloween is a certain time where, for example, I look into the future of myself and people close to me. It’s very easy to do on that time, as spirits are openly eager to talk about different things. You don’t have to call for them, they’ll call me to talk to them. 


Bonfires and candles


During Halloween, or Samhain, Celts lit traditional bonfires to protect vitality in the soul from going out. Bonfires were lit for the time of darkness to not rob your vitality and energy. Different herbs were thrown into the fire for it to have a cleansing and healing power. When you have a furnace or a fireplace in your home, then surely burn wood there during Halloween.


Also burn candles during Halloween for the flame to heal your soul and the soul of your home. Gather as many candles as possible into your home before Halloween comes, so you could lit all of them together during that time. The more candles you burn during Halloween at home, the smaller the chance to suffer from stress, lack of energy, colds, melancholy or general tiredness during winter. Therefore, be sure to burn a lot of candles during Halloween.


Black candles are burned during Halloween to banish vile spirits from your home and Aura, who could come to you during this period. As its the resurrection of the dead, then not only good souls but also vile spirits will come. And protection is needed for the very same vile spirits, so they wouldn’t bring you bad luck and cursed power in the night. Be sure to burn at least one black candle near you, to be protected. It’s recommended to burn the candle in your home in front of the biggest mirror in your home. This, for the mirror to close the portal through which the vile spirit will get to travel to your home.


Burn at least one white candle, so that a good soul could come to your house to bring you a message. Burning white candles attracts traveller spirits, who have the ability to give you advice. During Halloween, right before falling asleep, burn white candles in your bedroom or light blue candles, so that good spirits could come and bring visions in your dreams.


Burn orange candles to restore vitality and energy in your soul. Orange is a very important Halloween colour that symbolises the restoring and power of the soul.


Select candles according to their effects. Choose a candle from a certain herb which energy and strength you wish to get. Think about what you wish to attract and light a candle with that exact power during Halloween.


Candles are burned during the Halloween night, October 31st through November 1st. The longer you burn candles the more luck and power you’ll attract. This is the night where it’s stayed up late and where fire is not put out before midnight.


Place candles on the windowsill of your home during Halloween, they will attract good and protective spirits to your home. Burning candles like this will let the spirits know that they are welcomed to your home.


When you call for spirits through candles into your home, then you have to burn candles for the next seven days, so that the spirits, who want to leave later, could find their way back to the portal.


Food is brought out for the dead


As the world of the dead and the living is melted together during Halloween, the table is also set for the invisible guest. More food than usual is placed on the table and even one extra set of tableware is added. This is a tribute to spirits who have travelled into your home. This is used to secure peace at home for the following year and spiritual protection for you home and family. Therefore, set the table during Halloween to secure the protection of spirits over you.


Apples are the symbol of Samhain


Apples are the symbols of fertility and sources of vitality. Apples are a traditional food eaten during Halloween, that is during Samhain. As many different dishes as possible are made from Apples, apple juice is drank and apples are also simply eaten. When you eat Apples during Samhain, then it increases vitality, power, fertility and gives you luck in love for the following year. It brings luck in every level, therefore try to consume apples during this traditional holiday.


Pumpkin lanterns


Pumpkin lanterns are very important for Samhain. Lanterns with faces on them that are made from pumpkins and candles are placed to burn in them. So that lanterns could banish vile spirits who wish to bring you bad things. According to beliefs, these very same pumpkin lanterns will spook vile spirits and banish those who wish to come to live in the human Aura. Therefore, be sure to make a lantern in front of your front door or set it to burn indoors.


Pumpkins are not only used for lanterns during Halloween, they are also used for cooking. Eating pumpkin during Halloween, that is during Samhain, increases your vitality and strengthens your health. According to beliefs, eating pumpkin will bring you good luck for health for the whole new year.


Costumes are worn during Halloween, and generally costumes of spirits.


Traditionally costumes are put on for Halloween to protect yourself from vile spirits. A lot of vile spirits with demonic intentions could capture the soul of the human that night. For that, masks of ghosts or even monsters, are put on, so that vile spirits couldn’t find you. That’s why there is a tradition like this on this holiday.


But when you don’t want to put costumes on, then be sure to wear all black during that day. Black is the colour that won’t allow any vile spirit to capture your soul. Therefore, when you don’t want to costume yourself, then at least wear something black. This is also one of the reasons witches wear black – to protect themselves from invisible forces.


Seeing Spiders during the Halloween night has a very good premonition


When you happen to see a spider during Halloween, then it will bring you good luck. This is a sign that you’re being watched over and someone who protects you has come to see you. Seeing a spider refers to the fact that a protection has been set over you for the whole year. A soul who travelled to you during the resurrection, decided to stay with you for a whole year. On the next Halloween, he will decide whether he leaves or stays for one more year to protect you. This is a sign that another Angel was added to watch over you. Therefore, you’re covered with luck when you see a spider. But the thing also is that, those who see spiders could have a difficult year ahead of them, a year where he’ll need a protective power so he could fulfil all he tasks well.


Black cats are the symbols of Halloween


Black cat symbolises a spirit with the ability to communicate with the dead and see spirits. Black cats are the cats of witches because they are connected to the world of the dead. Black cats are messengers, therefore when you have a black cat in your home, then he is the one who conserves all the information about what spirits came to tell him during that night. Black cat knows exactly what the year brings and will start to warn his partner, that is you, in the running year or to protect you from the dangers coming. This so, that he will block you from arriving to somewhere or lets you know about your health problems by laying on your body. Anyhow, who has a black cat, look at your favourite and his behaviour.


Seeing a black cat by accident on Halloween brings good luck. It’s a sign about your wishes being heard and your requests going on their way with spirits. It’s also a sign that you should make requests spirits could fulfil for you. 


A new little black cat brought home during Halloween is the one who came to protect you. He carries a bigger ability to bring you good luck and carries the strength to protect you from misfortune.


Mirrors must not be broken


Not a single mirror can break during Halloween. When it happens, then it will bring misfortune into your home exactly for a year. Therefore, leave any kind of touching, lifting or moving of mirrors to the following days. But rather, keep your distance with mirrors so you wouldn’t ruin your year by accident.


Single people will get to attract love


Everyone who is single should definitely go for a walk during Halloween and they should not return before midnight. Single people will burn bonfires, perform different love rituals and go for a walk by the sea. For attracting luck in love for the following year. Therefore, when you’re single, then find yourself something to do right before midnight arrives. Go outside to burn candles and call for love through your thoughts.


Start wearing Piemonite or Pink Moss Agate exactly on Halloween so this crystal would attract love into your life. Wear this talisman with you for the greater part of the following year to find your love.


Love band


During the night of Samhain, that is during Halloween, a black band is tied around both legs when love is not wanted for the new year and when you really would like to deal with yourself and your hobbies. This is an important tradition for single people. People who are looking for love, will tie an orange band around both of their legs. This will show to the spirit world that you’re ready for a relationship and are waiting for someone to be sent to your life in that year. Therefore, when you’re single and want to attract someone into your life, then do it.


Sweets and fruit cakes are given out


Different treats and baked good are given to loved ones and strangers to attract prosperity and wealth. Sharing and giving is done to increase your own prosperity through that. Therefore, be kind during Halloween and give out good things to others with joy.


Past is remembered and a better future is wished upon


As Samhain is related to the world of the dead, then everything that has gone through your life is remembered. All the good and bad is remembered. People focus on things that are not wished anymore to be part of their life and on things that are very welcomed. Any kind of thinking about future during Samhain attracts such future.


Rosemary is brought to the house


Rosemary herb or it’s branches are brought inside. For attracting good health, protection and love for the whole year. Rosemary branches are draped over crystals so they could start working with you better and quicker. Rosemary is taken away from the room on November 1st.


Pine branches, candles or oil is burned


Pine is an important symbol for Samhain. Pine branches are brought to the house to protect the home, they are burned in the furnace or fireplace. Pine oil is burned in the oil lamp and pine candles are also burned at home. Pine helps to strengthen the protection of the home and keep yourself away from misfortune. Pine cleans the Aura of your home.


Ancestors are remembered


Samhain is related to honouring the dead and therefore focus is set on people who are not among us anymore. When you have pictures of your loved ones at home, then place a white candle to burn in front of them. Think about your loved one and send him a lot of good thoughts.


You can see your past on the night of Samhain


On the night of Samhain you can see visions about who you were in your past life, where did you live and what have you done. Therefore, when you wake up, try to remember what your were told in your sleep. You can find out quite a bit during the night.




During Halloween you can do a love ritual that attracts love into your life for the new year. This ritual suits for single people and to the ones who are already in a relationship. This is a magic ritual used for attracting luck in love in every level – new love for single people and a lot of passion for a relationship, and also, caring for each other. This ritual is done during the eve of October 31st.


For the ritual you’ll need:

1. Apple
2. Cinnamon candle
3.  Cinnamon incense  
4. Rainbow Moonstone
5. Red bag
6. Matches
7. Knife for slicing apples




Find a suitable place in your home for the ritual, where you can leave the candle and magical objects in their place for several weeks. When you have found that place, then place a Cinnamon candle in front of you. Place a Rainbow Moonstone besides that candle. When the crystal is set to place, take the apple, slice it and place the slices around the candle. Now, take matches and light the candle. But, at the same time you light the candle, make a love wish with a loud voice. A wish you want results for in the following year. This is a love ritual that will show result exactly within a year. Say a specific wish out loud and set the candle to burn. When it’s done, take some fire with the cinnamon incense and let it smoke. Now, take the incense, and start doing rounds around the candle with that smoke. Do exactly twelve circles and, at the same time, say out loud the love wish the ritual should fulfil for you. When you have circled around the candle with the incense for twelve times then leave the incense to burn until the end by the candle. Let the magic to burn for at least until midnight, and then, put it out. Burn the candle in a couple of weeks and when it’s done, take the Rainbow Moonstone and place it in the Southern room in your home for the next Halloween. Throw the apples away. Now, let the magic to do its work and on the next Halloween take the Rainbow Moonstone and take it to the nature to show gratitude.


This is a magic where your wish for love is sent on its way through spirits. Magic rituals performed during Halloween will last for exactly a year until the next Halloween. You should see results during the year, when you launched the magic with your whole heart. Spirits will help to fulfil magic rituals during Halloween. Rainbow Moonstone needs to be taken to the nature later as it will help the magic to completely set into your Aura through using the force of nature. Southern quarter is related to the love channel that surely will help that magic to go to the right place.




On Halloween, on the eve of October 31st, Aura cleaning ritual is performed for yourself, with this, misfortune is removed from your Aura and good luck restored. This is a ritual for a deep cleanse which is used to release everything that has been carried in your Aura for the past year and brought misfortune. This is a ritual that helps to get rid of troubling problems and that will help to start the new year from a clean slate. Since, according to the magical calendar, November 1st is the beginning of the new year, then the deep cleansing ritual is done on the last day of the year, on October 31st.


For the magic you’ll need:


1. Sea salt or Himalayas salt
2. Lavender candle
3. Lavender incense
Juniper berries
5. Amethyst
6. Citrine
Suitable base for the candle
8. Matches
9. Purple bag


For the ritual you’ll need to find a place in your home where you can do the ritual peacefully and where the ritual objects could be left for a couple of weeks. When you have found a place like this, then begin.

Place the candle in front of you, sprinkle salt around it, juniper berries and place the crystals besides the candle Now, take matches and light the candle. Before you light the candle, say three times the following sentence in your head: "Let Aura be cleaned!" Then, when the magical words have been said three times, light the candle.

Now, when the candle is burning, take some fire with the lavender incense and set it to smoke. Make circles three times around the candle with the smoking incense and, at the same time you’re doing the circles, say the magical words again: "Let Aura be cleaned!"

When it’s done, place the lavender incense to smoke besides the magic and let it burn to the end. Let the magic to burn for at least until midnight, and then, put it out. Burn the candle to its end in a couple of weeks. When the candle has been burned, take the crystals and place them in a bag with a pinch of juniper berries and salt. Throw rest of the salt and juniper berries away. When the magical bag is set, carry this aura cleansing ritual with you for exactly 31 days and do so every day. Keep it somewhere near you, in a bag, pocket or, for example, besides your bed. After 31 days, throw the salt and juniper berries away and leave the crystals to the nature.

Firstly, you’ll send the message to the magical objects with a candle and, after you start to carry the magic with you, the magic will start to have its effect on you. Later on, you’ll need to put the salt, juniper berries and crystals used in the ritual away, because they are filled with your bad energy.

With this magical ritual your Aura is cleaned!


During Halloween or Samhain strengthen your health and do rituals to be healthy on the following year. For that, make yourself a meal with three very important components. Use a lot of pumpkin, apples and sweet potato for cooking. Eat as much of these on that day as possible to attract yourself good luck for health for the whole year.

In addition to this, start to drink water-elixir exactly on Halloween that will heal your body. Make water from Carnelian, Amber and Red Aventurine. Start to drink this water on Halloween and do so exactly for 31 days. The power of these crystals won’t allow you to get sick and helps your vitality to remain intact.


Wear Carnelian to increase your vitality for the following half a year until Walburgis Night. Wear Onyx, to protect yourself from misfortune. Wear Shungite  crystal to be healthy for the next six months and Orange Calcite to bring good luck into your life from Samhain, that is Halloween, until Walburgis Nights, that is Beltanen. 


November 1st is the day when spirits will slowly start to go back to their portals. You shouldn’t disturb them much during that time and the more the clock nears midnight the quieter your actions should be. Try to do as little homework as possible and rest. To not upset spirits and to allow spirits who want, to leave.


Have a nice Halloween, Samhain!