All people are born with certain numerical indicators. Our own date of birth has different numbers that carry on to our soul and Aura with certain strength. Behind these numbers is a great deal of knowledge about your own soul. Your date of birth shows you what you are and what special energy you carry with you.

The first date of your date of birth, that is, the day you were born, carries energy that affects your nature. It is not by chance when a child is born into this world. The same way it is not by chance the day you were born in a month. Your date of birth indicates what energy is in your Aura body.

The date of birth affects everyone's zodiac. This generally enhances certain peculiarities of the zodiac or enhances some of the specific excess energy. This is also the reason why sometimes a representative of a horoscope does not feel the same as other zodiac members. Numerology affects astrology and vice versa. When reading these indicators you have to summarize all your own indicators and understand that one affects the other.


If you were born on the 27th, then its numerological power will send you throughout your life. Your date of birth has given you an analyzing mind. You have a constant need to bother yourself with something. You just have to dive deep into the issue and, if you are interested, learn all the details from all sides. If you are interested in something, you just go into the depths and make it as clear as possible for yourself. But this only if you really care about the topic. Other topics and things that are not in your field of interest, pass you by as if they do not exist. You are either clinging to the topics or you are an ignorant and blocker. So others do not have a lot of say about you if they want to do something nice to you. You either will be immediately interested in this or the interest will not arise at all.

A deep analytical thinking world may at times be very good and at the same time infliction. Sometimes you can rob yourself of the real world and lose the sense of time if you are inside your subject. This in turn leads to a situation where you can often be short of time, be late, or even forget some important things. Your neglect of topics that are not of interest to you may lead to an opinion by other people that you are indifferent. But far from it, you are not indifferent. You just have other issues at hand.

Your ability to dedicate yourself to something very deeply is remarkable and your vision of details will give you the advantage of being skillful in a number of different areas. You can be very multifunctional, and that's because throughout life your interests change. You make one thing very clear for yourself, then go ahead and take up the next interest. This makes you multi-functional, which in turn gives you a great advantage to be successful. Another thing is, if you can take advantage of your own numerological advantage and whether your zodiac, the Moon phase, when you were born, and other astrological/numerological indicators also favor it. All of these need to be combined to know the person's entire nature and the possibilities of the benefits of destiny.

The 27th date of birth will give you the skill to organize and plan areas that interest you. You can foresee, perceive what might cause you problems before it even comes to it. You can plan a long way in the future if you are motivated by something. This feature helps you to prevent a greater variety of problems in your life, and especially in the economic sense, if you do not carry numerologically/astrologically harmful material traits with you.

I have always referred to people born on the 27th as life-long learners or "explorers". This is because if you were born on that date, you have a natural need to collect information. But not in every direction and area. As I mentioned before, you do not want to know about all things, but about the specific topics, you have taken for your heart. This same feature gives you the ability to be extremely thorough.

There are very great prerequisites for success in your chosen area. But often I see that there is a lack of courage and ambition in order to fulfill their desires and dreams. Often, many have low self-confidence or lack of ability to take the first step. However, not everyone, those whose zodiac has given them courage, have it, but the vast majority have a little.

AMAZONITE is a lucky crystal for the people born on the 27th, which helps to increase self-confidence, courage, and enthusiasm to fulfill your desires and dreams. I recommend wearing or keep this crystal at home in the period, where there is a need for a lot of personal happiness. The lucky crystals of Astrology and Numerology are all kept together in close proximity to one's own photo so that they could continuously work with us.

Amazonite is a crystal of happiness, courage, success, professional success, self-confidence, and well-being for people born on the 27th. Amazonite is one of the crystals that could always be part of people's lives born on the 27th.

You are very sensitive and emotional in your soul. This emotionality is given to you from the first number of your date of birth. Emotionality is not often visible to others, and rather you try to hide your feelings from the public The closest to you will be part of your emotionality, others will feel like you are a person with a strong Aura field.

You are emotional and can cause stress to yourself due to excessive analyzing. Too deep into everything that is bad and often even finds the bad from beautiful things. Emotions flutter up and down, and this is your challenge for your life. Amazonite is your lucky crystal due to the first digit of your date of birth, which gives you happiness, but it also brings you an emotional balance. If you feel that your date of birth can make you super-emotional, Amazonite can help to alleviate such factors. Amazonite does not allow you to take other people's problems, for which you are very vulnerable, too deeply. Often, you can take on yourself the problems of other people and you tend to live through them together with everyone. For this, you have to protect yourself so that you do not lose your own positive and optimistic way of life.

If you were born on that date, there is a natural need for you to travel around constantly. Travel either in its physical or emotional sense. Do travel or travel in literature and sources of knowledge. Continuous travel helps to take care of your soul, you need something that educates and expands your senses.

You like people who will give you wisdom and knowledge. You just need someone beside you to philosophize, analyze with, and think a bit further than the human mind can think, or you like to talk about topics that seem utopian today or to which you have not yet come up with a solution. You are a philosopher. You are captivated by people who can beat you with their wisdom. You value more in people what they can emotionally convey, not what they can physically share with you.

You yourself are very attractive to other people and that's why you have no problem socializing or making new friends. You have a rather independent look that is very attractive to others. But too easily you make an impression of being arrogant. In fact, you do not carry arrogance with you by the 27th day, and you can often wonder how anyone else has got the wrong impression of you. By nature you are kind and this kind of first impression hurts you a lot.

A 27th date is a karma number that carries with it a great deal of commitment. If you were born on that date, you will feel happy if someone is happy with what you have offered to them. The more good you do to others, the healthier is your karma. People born on the 27th date have to do a lot of good things in their lives and live so that others next to them will not suffer. In this case, karma is also cleared. People born on the 27th day have been successful in their past lives and have used too many other people. Now in this life, all of this must be given back. In this life it's different and rather it's desired to be good and warm. However, those born on the 27th, must not deviate from its path, and must always motivate themselves to help others, support them and love people unconditionally. This is a trial and a karma redemption together. When you were born on that date, then you should know that every good thing you do is a karma cleanser for you, which cleans up the problems of your previous life. By nature, you enjoy material luxury and it is really important to you. If you want to be materially well, you have to earn it with your own goodness. You share your own kindness, goodness, and support to others, and abundance will find the way to you. Be smart and send out the right signals from your Aura Field.

If you were born on the 27th, you have a great need to be original and different from others. You do not like it if you have to be a part of a grey mass. You want to be unique and, very likely, you are because you yourself are doing a lot to look different.

If you want to live a happy life, then, first of all, you should learn to let go of the past. You have a lot of strong character traits that give you a great advantage to be successful and happy. However, you tend to hold on to bad things that have existed in your life. They haunt you, you suppress them, and again they arise. Deal with these ghosts and let them disappear. Ask from these ghostly thoughts, what they came to teach you? If you find the lesson, you will also be free from them. Do not just suppress them. Let them go and enjoy your life. The power of the Amazonite crystal also helps to keep from constantly thinking over the past.

Numerology – we all have the power to read ourselves. Numerological indicators are the ones that share a lot of important things about our soul. Our numbers reflect us.