Do you like owls or are you really fascinated by them? If you have a very strong connection with a particular animal, it will also talk about your own soul. If you like owls or have recently started to get in touch with them, then this article here is written for you. Have a good reading!

An owl symbolizes intuition and its proper use, and contact with the souls. An owl is very wise and able to read the thoughts and intentions of the soul. 


People have migrated in their past lives, in addition to the human body, in the bodies of animals, birds, fish and insects, in order to learn the lessons of this body. The totem of soul explains what you could have learned in that body for yourself.


- The ability to listen and use your own intuition

- The ability to contact the world of the souls, communicate with the souls and to see the Angels

- The ability to see through lies

- The ability to notice insidiousness

- To not be afraid of death

- To cope with life problems, to not give up on life

If you've been fascinated by the owl and its symbols, you are attracted by the owl, then you might have been an owl in your previous life. The totems of souls explain what you've learned in this life and what your goal was. If you are frantically pulled by the owl, you could have lived as an owl in one of your past lives.

If you are crazily pulled towards owls, this is a sign that you have to deal with the development of your own intuitive way. In the body of the owl, the soul learns how to use intuition and how to strengthen it. If you are madly drawn to the owls, this is a sign that you have lived in the body of an owl and you have already begun to strengthen your intuition in this life. If in this life you remember the life of the owl, the totem, it is a sign that you need to further strengthen yourself. Even in this life, you have such a task.

In the body of the owl, the soul must learn that intuition is not given only to know things, but it must also be used in your favor. If you have successfully completed the life of the owl, you must have the ability to listen and follow your own intuition. If you are crazily pulled towards the owls, but you have a lot of trouble in this life to get in touch with your intuition, then you did not learn this part in the life of the owl. So you can figure out if you used that life wisely or not.

The owls are the gatekeepers of the other side, they have the ability to contact the world of the souls and they can see both worlds at once. The owls can communicate with the living and the dead. If you have successfully completed the life of the owl, you should have the ability to communicate with the souls, understand and listen to the Angels. If you like owls very much, but you can not hear or listen to souls, you did not learn the most important lesson you had in the life of an owl. In this case, you must take this chapter again in today's or future life.

Owls can understand what death means. An owl is not afraid of death, because it knows that it is not bad. This is the end of one life and the beginning of another life. If you've successfully performed your owl life, you should not be afraid of death.

When you lived as an owl, you had to learn to see the hidden faces of life through your intuition. If you have successfully completed that life, you have the ability to see through the lies and see the solution to the problem.

Existing in the body of the owl, one of the tasks of this life is to learn that secrecy does not allow the soul to grow. The owl can see the sinful sides of other souls. If this life is successfully completed, then the soul should be able to spot the insidiousness and this soul can not tolerate such action. For example, a person who has managed to successfully complete the life as an owl can not forgive deception, accept a cunning person, or being insidious to others.

When the soul enters the life of the owl, then the soul has the possibility to learn how to scan people like a radar. Understand the skill that lies in the soul, which is and is not present, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the soul. The life you learned in the body of the owl gives you a very strong advantage to read the souls. When being in the human body, then that soul can read other people without anyone giving any clues about the nature of his soul.

In this lifetime, in the body of the owl, is given the opportunity to learn how to cope with the dark side of life. How to survive in the darkest times and with the worst problems. The owl does not give up, but takes everything that life has to offer. Being in the body of the owl, the soul must learn that there can not always be a positive life. Life consists of different cycles and all of them have a reason.

The body of the owl is given to the souls so that the soul could understand the importance of low periods in life. To understand that from bad experiences we can learn a lot from one another and make our souls much stronger. If you like the owls, ask yourself if you can see the good in bad experiences? See that these times have something to teach you and help you to move forward in your life? If so, then you've learned what you had to learn in the life of the owl.

Leopard skin Jasper crystal can awaken the memories of the past lives that relate to the bodies of your animal. Put this crystal among the other dream crystals to activate your senses to remember the lives of your animal.

If the life of an owl is completely learned…

If you've been an owl in one of your previous lives and learned the lessons mentioned above, then most likely the upper Chakras are opened to the channels to foreseeing. This, in turn, means that you are able to open up the psychic reader within yourself, in this life or in another life. You have at least the base to do this.

The life of an owl symbolizes one of the higher levels of life, which means that getting to that body requires a long way to go. A lot of old souls have existed in the life of an owl. If you've learned from this life, you have gotten very valuable attributes with you, if not, it was just one experience for you.