Different zodiacs are very different in their relationships, according to the kind of horoscope they deal with. But in certain ways, the zodiac is still the same when communicating with any other zodiac. There are certain character traits that are transferred to all the different levels and which are very difficult to change.

If you want to find out how Capricorn is and how to deal with them better, I've written this article for you. I'll explain a bit about what Capricorns are like in their souls and how to deal with such seemingly strong temperament, but internally fragile and helpless companion. How to keep the relationship and let the relationship go uphill.

In this article, I will explain the general description of Capricorn, how to maintain a good relationship with them, be it romantic, friendship or family relationship. So this article is written for the members of the Capricorn family, friends, acquaintances and, of course, his beloved.

The article may not coincide with those Capricorns who were born during the transfer time of the zodiacs. Zodiac transitions occur when one zodiac ends and the other begins. For more information about Sagittarius-Capricorn see HERECapricorn-Aquarius info please see HERE.


First of all, I have to say that at first impression Capricorn may look as a very strong, self-assured, persevering and stubborn person. But if you've won the confidence of a Capricorn, then Capricorn will show you who he really is and he will let you in into his inner world. You will surely not be able to achieve it right away, you must first understand that with the Capricorn you will need some time if you want to get into his heart. Whether it is the creation of a friendship or giving love the opportunity.

The first rule to create a good relationship with a Capricorn is time. You have to take time and give them time. Please be reminded that Capricorn as an Earth element needs time for everything. If you are looking for someone who can tell you right away yes or no, then you have to look at the water elements.

I would not be scared off because they need time or for their cold nature at a first glance. When eventually you have won his heart and he has let you in to his comfort zone, then you can have a lot of good experiences with him, whatever the level of relationship.

Another thing you have to take into account is that Capricorn does not like if the promises made to him are not kept. But he is slightly different from other zodiacs in this regard. He does not like if you do not keep your promise, but he also will not express his emotions about it at all. You can let him down but he is not going to immediately tell you that there is a problem. He rather remembers it, burns himself from the inside and tries to calm down. Capricorns with little more temperament let the emotions out, but usually on the third person. Whether by talking about it or getting angry. But often, if you let down the Capricorn, he will look at you as if nothing was wrong. The reality is that this is one thing that he does not expect from anyone. So if you want to keep or create good relationships with Capricorn, this is the thing you should adhere.

However, by nature, the Capricorns are very serious. Most Capricorns have a very good sense of humor if they have everything alright in their lives. However, by nature, Capricorn is serious and awaits the seriousness from life. It is not suitable for them if someone makes a move carelessly without giving it a thought. This is his place of seriousness. It is very disturbing to him if anyone does this and leaves this other person immediately into a very stupid light for him. Capricorn enjoys intelligent people, humor and maybe jokes, but there must also be seriousness with practicality. So, if you want to impress the Capricorn, you have to adhere to the third rule – do not make thoughtless and useless movements, shine with your practicality! This is where you can impress the Capricorn, especially when you want to have a relationship with them. He appreciates intelligence and meaningful people.

Capricorn does not like something or something has hit his soul or has offended him, Capricorn then blocks his emotions. This, however, gives others the feeling that nothing is wrong. But that's far from it. The fact that you can not see what's inside the Capricorn, that does not mean that there is nothing. Capricorn is vulnerable and with his wounds, he plays that everything is fine or isolates himself with those wounds. To keep a good relationship with Capricorn, you should see this distant looking Capricorn or ask him if he is alright. He will start to talk once he has been asked ten times. If you do not try to prod him, he will not talk. The fourth rule – always question the quiet and distant Capricorn. Make them talk to you!

Capricorn is collaborating more with people who have made friends with him. There needs to be friendship, both romantically and within a family. Otherwise, you will not be able to fully connect with the Capricorn. He needs to trust you if you want to do things with him.

It is very attractive for a Capricorn, if the other party seems clever and intelligent. Capricorn is also most likely to choose a companion for himself, according to whose wisdom, respectable attitude and intelligence can sweep them off their feet. If you have the desire to make the Capricorn fall in love with you, then it can be done through intelligence and its expression. A male and female Capricorn does not tolerate an unreliable first impression. Rather, it's one of the repulsive factors in people and those are less likely to be given a chance later. Therefore, it is immediately necessary to give Capricorn a good initial impression that at all it would be possible to enter into a romantic relations or a friendship with him. The fifth rule – do not show him that you can not be trusted.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the Capricorn is externally strong and inwardly soft. For a Capricorn it is very important that his pride and ego should not be put down. If you want to be in a good position with him, be sure not to humiliate him. Capricorn zodiac does not have the ability to forget about humility, it's almost impossible to do. So, if you have any desire to explain to him what he does wrong or where he is weak, then this should be done very delicately. Rather talk about what could be better, not about everything that is wrong. There is a big difference on the way of expressing yourself and, unfortunately, when you interact with Capricorn, you have to watch very carefully how you express your thoughts. The other side may not wish for anything bad, but Capricorn reads out what he can read out from it. There are zodiacs who can skip over difficult words, but Capricorn is definitely not one of them. The sixth rule – do not stand on his self-esteem and ego. Listen to the Capricorn, give advice, but always respect him.

Capricorn loves to hear what others think of him, but he does not have the ability to accept praises. Therefore, if you praise him and talk well about him, then the other side may feel that he thinks of you as being mad. But, in fact, all the beautiful words go exactly to the right place, and later they will be expressed. Capricorn takes time to send back his positive emotions. So today you thank him, and day after tomorrow he will praise you too. The immediate reaction can not be expected from him, it would be excessive.

If you are in a relationship with a Capricorn or live under the same roof, the Aragonite geode will help to maintain good relationships with him. Aragonite geode helps to understand Capricorn and it helps Capricorns to express themselves better. Aragonite geode should be in the living room or bedroom for that same purpose.

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