All twelve zodiacts are leaded by one of four elements, which affect person’s soul significally. Earth Element is one of the four elements, which gives its’ power to three different zodiacs Capricorns, Taurus and Virgos are the representers of the Earth Element. Earth Element affects those three zodiacs during their whole life, giving them specific characteristics and individuality.

In addition to Earth Element, zodiacs are affected by Fire, Water and Air Element. I have written about Air Element before, you can read it HERE. Water Element article can be found HERE and Fire Element article HERE.

Zodiacs which are born in Earth Element love peace, balance and security. Fixed life plan is very important to Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. They like, if everything is stable and if the future is clear to themselves. Earth Element zodiacs don’t like indeterminate future, unstable life arrangement and taking big risks at all. If risks are taken, then they are thought through over and over before the big step will be taken. Earth Element gives those zodiacs the need to be cautious and the same need goes with them during their whole life. Compared to other elements, Earth Element carrier is the most slowly and carefully moving person. Fire Element representers are especially sudden and impulsive. Earth Element is their total opposite.

Earth Element zodiacs are big planners. Virgo always concentrates on details, and that’s because he is leaded by Mercury . Mercury guides him to details and Earth Element gives to Virgo the need to think things through ten times. Taurus is the one, who makes one plan and in addition seven more analogue plans, which all are connected to that one plan. Taurus is leaded by Venus, which gives Taurus the need to choose always the best of the best. To find that “best”, for that Taurus needs to think things through from all perspectives and pick the most ideal plan from all other ideal plans. Capricorn is also a planner, but one’s plans can sometimes be very material or realistic. Capricorn plans one’s home life, work and financial income, nothing is left to chance, everything has to be clear - what future can bring to from material part. There can’t be such thing for Capricorn: “We’ll see, what happens tomorrow”. Saturn is the leading planet of the Capricorn and this planet gives Capricorn the need for a big discipline. If Earth Element and Saturn meet, then this zodiac becomes a big accountant of one’s life.

Earth Element gives the need for material security to all three zodiacs, but in different ways. Capricorn wishes to work hard and get financially motivated for that. For Taurus it’s important, that it’s possible to maintain one’s life by oneself, for both male and female Taurus. Earth Element gives Virgo the skill to enjoy material life, luxurious things give joy to Virgos. All those three Earth Element zodiacs are calm and peaceful, when their financial things are in order, and they are upset, if they aren’t in order.

Earth Element gives Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo the skill to anchor themselves. As says the name of this element. Earth stays still and doesn’t move as fast as Air. Doesn’t burn that fast as Fire and is not that unpredictable as Water. Earth Element zodiacs can be stable in their life and they can do the same job during their whole life, if needed. Live in the same place for several years, be with the same person for a long time, and that even then, when there’s no passion anymore. It’s very difficult to make major changes in Earth Element life and if it’s done, then one must have had those thoughts for a long time already. They won’t change their life just like that. If something is wrong, then Earth Element waits and tries to fix it. Other elements don’t have such strength - the strength to be in a difficult situation and wait for the good times to come back. Others are rather impulsive than Earth Element carriers. But – there’re always some negative sides in every good characteristic. This patient and stable characteristic can change Earth Element representative static also then, when there’s the need to move. For example, when taking risk pays off. Earth Element zodiacs match with other zodiacs very well. Every element has something to give to other element. Earth Element helps to put the Air into frames, balance Water Element highly emotional side and bear Fire Element impatience.

Earth Element gives Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo the need to control, to be responsible and keep an eye to their close ones. Earth element draws their attention to everywhere. For the peace in the heart it’s very important, that all details are available. Thos zodiacs don’t like unclear statuses, contracts and situations. For example, Capricorn feels big responsibility, like one has big duties and in every field. Taurus feels that it’s the most important in life, when all topics are treated with the biggest punctuality and care. It’s very important for Virgo to know, how one’s closest ones feel, how are the relations inside the family and how others feel about him/her. All three feel the need to control something and very often. Even when Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo don’t admit it, then all other nine zodiacs see it day after day. That controlling eye and mind, it goes like that. But actually it is so, that when I talk about controlling, then it must not be taken always negatively. The same character gives those three zodiacs the skill to do their things from the start to the end and very comprehensively. Nothing can be left between two eyes and it’s very normal. Totally opposite to Water Element, who lets the intuition to guide him/her, who doesn’t care about details, all that matters is the feeling which is in the soul at the moment.

Earth Element makes Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo very reliable. That’s of course then, when they are not betrayed. They are very sensitive to betrayal. Virgo tolerates betraying the less, then Capricorn and then Taurus. They are strong in taking offence in the same order. Earth Element zodiacs are very loyal to their friends, family members, colleagues and acquaintances, when no knives are taken out. When this happens, then something very ugly comes out of the heart and the back is turned to others. So here’s a tip to other zodiacs – don’t play with Earth Element zodiacs’ feelings and trust. If you wish to keep Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo as your ally, you have to earn that league.

Earth Element zodiacs like nature and everyone in every different level, of course. There are different Earth Element representers, to whom it’s important to be outside, the other likes to be on the sea, another love to fill home with crystals and other likes animals. But nature is the place, where Earth Element representers get peace, balance and where they find themselves. Earth Element zodiacs can enjoy the most, what nature gives to people. They just don’t enjoy nature, but they need it. Stress can easily come when they can’t be surrounded by nature. So, here I give a good advice to all three zodiacs – try to be in the contact with nature as much as possible, so you can keep your stress level as low as possible. Do this for prevention, so stress inside you won’t rise.

Did I already mention, that Earth Element zodiacs are hard-workers? Even if I did, then this must be mentioned again. Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo like to work, but only if they could find their right path. If the right profession is founded, then it becomes the part of those zodiacs. But at the same time, they tend to be a bit lazy, but only with their home. Home can be set aside, but work is done with full joy and enthusiasm. Home comes when there’s energy for that.

Epidote is wealth, richness, work success and material happiness crystal for Earth Element zodiacs. It’s very useful for Earth Elements to keep Epidote in their home, add in the wealth box, keep at work or carry around. Epidote helps to bring prosperity to Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo through Earth Element power, helping to understand, which professional choice is the most suitable and financially enjoyable, also to find the right job.

Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo don’t let failure to break them down. They know very well, that when you want to achieve something, you need to deal with the problems in that road. They don’t give up, when they have started with something. They rather let go topics, which go inside their head.

Earth element changes those three zodiacs to be very realistic and practical. Everything in this life must have practical output. Nothing can be done so, that no benefit comes out of it, and that is in every level. It’s important, that it’s useful at least a little. Earth Element zodiac must feel, that benefit is coming towards him/her. If not, then there’s no point of connecting him-/herself with something, which is not clear, will it pay itself or not. Earth Elements’ weakness is that they doesn’t let the intuition to guide them, when the risks need to be taken. It’s not possible to forsee everything, but it’s possible to feel it.

It’s very important for Earth Element zodiacs, that something is proved to them. Their characters and habits change very difficultly. It’s very difficult to change Capricorn’s, Taurus’s and Virgo’s mind on something, they want to keep the same line as they are used to. If something needs changing, then someone has to draw a picture to them, that things can go well also in other direction. It’s important for Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo to see, that things are as they are talked about. They just don’t trust the word and the thought. Seeing is believing and sometimes it’s necessary to see several times before they belive.

Petrified Wood is one of the helping crystals form Earth Element zodiacs. This crystal helps them to make decisions in their life. Such decisions and major changes which need to be done. Petrified Wood should be carried by Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo, when they can’t see anymore, what is wrong and what is right. Petrified Wood is connected with faith, karma and life mission. It means that it helps the Earth element to make very important life decisions, which bring a big difference in their life, helping them to make the right step.

Earth Element breakdown – a moment, when inside him/her arise this element’s negative energies.

Every element can break down, but it needs to be seen and felt, when this breakdown comes – then it’s necessary to come out of it very quickly. It’s because it puts your life on hold.

When Earth Element zodiac Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo has broke down because of their element, then they become to act stubborn. It means that they just don’t want and that’s it. They just don’t do and that’s it. Broken down Earth Elements block their mind, stop thinking and concentrate on that “no” word. This is because of the bad energies, and this can threaten their career, family life, creating something and everything else around them. At one point they become very controversial to something. This comes from exhaustion and Earth Element becomes dangerous for this zodiac.

How to come out of this? One solution is to go to the nature. Enjoy something totally out-of-topic, something which is not related to everyday life. Let the soul to heal, that Earth Element gets back the power, which has been spent.

Earth Element zodiacs have to bring many plants in their home, and why not also crystals. Crystals balance Earth Element not because of their energetic characteristics, but also because they are related to earth. So they are very important helping to keep Earth Element‘s soul balanced.

Earth Element zodiacs have to learn to notice the blockings by themselves. If there comes a big need to block themselves from everything, then it is a clear sign, that the soul is not balanced. If this moment comes, then actions must be taken.

If Earth Element’s breakdown is left un-noticed, then in addition to stubbornness, they become devious, two-faced, very critical towards the others, despising and angry to some certain person. This can’t let be happen. Every element has their breakdown phase, but Earth Element can’t let things go that far. Being in that phase, I suggest carry Brown Aragonite until the end of that phase. Brown Aragonite helps Earth Element zodiacs to come out from down below, helping with the anger releasing and eliminating bad energies. This crystal has to be carried as long as the problems are solved.

Earth Element gives Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo hard-working side, ability to control their life, need for financial security, ability to be in contact with the nature, to be reliable.