Different zodiacs are very different in their relationships, according to the kind of horoscope they deal with. But in certain ways, the zodiac is still the same when communicating with any other zodiac. There are certain character traits that are transferred to all the different levels and which are very difficult to change.

If you want to find out how Libra is and how to deal with them better, I've written this article for you. I'll explain a bit about what Libras are like in their souls. How to keep the relationship and let the relationship advance.

In this article, I will explain the general description of Libra, how to maintain a good relationship with them, be it romantic, friendship or family relationship. So this article is written for the members of the Libra family, friends, acquaintances and, of course, his beloved.

The article may not coincide with those Libras who were born during the transfer time of the zodiacs. Zodiac transitions occur when one zodiac ends and the other begins. For more information about Virgo-Libra, see HERE, for Libra-Scorpio see HERE.


Those born under the Libra zodiac are very sociable and Libra needs someone who would always be there for him. Libras are ultra-social and they like to be surrounded by people who like their company. Libra representative needs a good audience, a good company and a good discussion. Any good and nice meeting is what makes the Libra feel easier and jubilant. If you want to make your Libra companion, friends or family members happy, share your time and your positive company with them.

Libra is someone who can sit, chat and enjoy for hours. It is very important that Libra is feeling the goodness from other people. The Libra needs to feel that he is accepted, needed and his recommendations are valued. Sometimes you just need to say beautiful words to a Libra and say that he is needed. If you say so, he will melt between your hands. All the worries will be forgotten and everything is just wonderful. If you want to make your Libra happy, it's enough just to sometimes tell him that he is important to you. For Libras, this idea is a thousand times more worth than you can think of. Some zodiacs, like Capricorns, can not accept compliments very well, but Libras can do it very well.

Libra likes to feel that someone is looking for him and missing him. In general, Libras are the one who look for others and sometimes even so much that the other party can feel uncomfortable. Libras feel very happy by the fact that a dear and close person to him comes to see him, out of the blue, will seek him and takes him out. Libra likes to be asked out.

Libras do not want to spend time alone for a very long time. This is followed by contemplation which is followed by unnecessary problems. This is especially true when it comes to being in a romantic relationship with a Libra. If you are a partner of Libra, then you must know from the beginning that Libra is not the one you can leave alone. It happens rarely when he fully needs alone time, and if he needs it, he will tell you that.

Libra likes beautiful, elegant, luxurious and wonderfully beautiful things. Let it be a Libra man or a woman. Beauty is their topic and he must definitely be surrounded by a good environment. If you want to share happiness to Libra, give him something beautiful and everything else is just fine. Libra is one of those that can be bought with gifts. That's good in fact, because they are really waiting for their gifts. Therefore give them lots of gifts.

Libra is very sensitive to other people's words. The words are those that can weigh the Libra down or raise them to high clouds. You need to be extremely cautious if you want to say something negative to him or tell him something disparaging. Life is not just about beautiful things and we are also surrounded by problems. Therefore, it is not possible to keep Libra inside a bubble always, where they feel safe. But it's always possible to talk about bad things so that even the most sensitive zodiac can survive the criticism. You should never directly blurt out the negative regarding Libra. They should be approached slowly, around the corner, secretly, through the flowers or through the forest. The negative should be served on the most beautiful plate, so that the Libra would not fly off the handle. The criticism is the enemy of the Libra and the most devastating force for them. If you want to get along well with a Libra, then be careful with your words. Be polite, gentle and most of all you need to maintain peace and balance in everything. Any unbalanced conversation will make the Libra lose its temper.

Show quarts is a crystal that helps to cope with criticism and can affect the Libra in a good way. The Snow quartz has the ability to help the Libra to accept negativity and not get so upset about it. It is useful to wear Snow quartz for those Libras` that are very sensitive and vulnerable. I recommend to keep the Snow quartz crystal among the love crystals if you want to get along better with your companion and learn to talk about problems.

Libras are the worst warriors and bullies. That does not mean they can not do it. They just can not do anything about it. It just does not lead them anywhere. There are zodiacs who bicker and fight, and then there is peace on Earth, the problems are solved and everyone moves on with their lives. But Libras are different. Libra hates the strife most of all. In their ideal world such things should not exist at all. A Libra is very sensitive and may read out from a tone of voice and a toughest word that the war has begun. Rather, avoid tensions and, if these arise, simply sit down with your Libra and talk about the problems. This is, however, a Libra, the negotiator. If you want to quit fighting with him, then calm down and then the Libra will also calm down. He is the mirror of the other side in this situation. But with Libra, one of the most fascinating thing is that they do not want to be fighting with others for a long time. They are, in general, the ones who are the first to give up in fights and go on with life. This is because the trouble eats them so much from the inside that if no one else does not end it, then he will do it.

Justice stands on a very high place for a Libra and this fact should never be forgotten about him. He always wants everything to be equal and nobody should be wronged, above all himself. ibra is not someone you can just call to be your ally to break someone else. Libra does not like to get involved in other people's problems, it's so exhausting and depressing for him. But if you ask, he will come along with it. But he may not be on your side, and not because he chooses a side. Just because his fair mind does not always allow him to pick a side to whom his heart belongs. It is particularly difficult for Libra when he has to stand and choose between two dear people. Libra wants peace and balance, and problems should easily disappear in his mind. But at the same time, he is able to assess the situation in a very adequate manner, he is very much useful in clarifying relationships. You need to know this about the Libra, to understand why sometimes it seems that he is against you, but listen to him – he rather helps you to be fair in the right place.

Libra likes to share thoughts about his own life. It's important for a Libra to be able to share his very personal problems and successes with someone. Even more important is for Libra when someone else is sharing something about their personal life. Otherwise, he feels that you are not taking him seriously, you are not trusting him, and from there the problem of trust will rise. If you want to have a good relationship with Libra, share a piece of yourself with him.

The mindset of a Libra changes as quickly as the weather. It is very common for your Libra friend, companion or family member at one point to talk about his great life plan, the second moment he talks about his great life plan, but then it's completely the opposite of that first one. It's so common that you just have to accept it. This does not mean that you should not take the Libra seriously, absolutely not. He just generates and makes one big idea complete from all ideas. From each idea he takes some and leaves some. He should not be frowned upon cause of it. Libra finds it very disturbing when people do not believe in him. Especially if that someone is very close to him. It's just offensive and irritating.

If you need to discuss, plan and set something with a Libra, then take time, sit and enjoy the environment. This will take longer than usual, so take a rest position. Libras need to think through everything in order to avoid mistakes inadvertently. If you need to set things up with a Libra, you already have to expect a number of different solutions, different thoughts, both-yes and no. This does not mean that the Libra is irresolute, they are simply so damn perfectionists. That's just so that they need to consider, maybe another option would be even better. Or first? Or second? Or something else? Or leave it out at all?

Certainly, the other side can not be angry with the Libra because he takes so much time to decide. It just needs to be accepted and if accepted, then all the communication with him is very smooth. You need to accept the weighing scales of the Libra.

Black Tourmaline
 is one of the Libras` happiness and protection crystals. The Black Tourmaline helps him to take decisions and accelerate the decision process. Perhaps this is a way to alleviate the whole weighing process.

The libra may seem like he cannot make a decision but once the decision is taken, then the Libra representative will fly towards everything what he had decided to bring on. Libras are firm and will finish their work once they are decided.

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For maintaining good communication with a Libra you need to follow these rules. Be open to him, notice him, surround him with beauty and magic, understand his weighing scale and hold your sharp tongue. Then everything is fine!