All people are born with certain numerical indicators. Our own birthday has different numbers that carry on to our soul and Aura with certain strength. Behind these numbers is a great deal of knowledge about your own soul. Your date of birth shows you what you are and what special energy you carry with you.

The first date of your date of birth, that is, the day you were born, carries energy that affects your nature. It is not by chance when a child is born into this world. The same way it is not by chance the day you were born in a month. Your date of birth indicates what energy is in your Aura body.

The date of birth affects everyone's zodiac. This generally enhances certain peculiarities of the zodiac or enhances some of the specific excess energy. This is also the reason why sometimes a representative of a horoscope does not feel the same as other zodiac members. Numerology affects astrology and vice versa. When reading these indicators you have to summarize all your own indicators and understand that one affects the other.


If you were born on the 24th, then its numerological power will send you throughout your life. It gives you characteristics and adds additional values to your other numerological and astrological powers.

If your date of birth is on the 24th day, the numerology of this date has brought you the need to be practical and to achieve material security. Your date of birth makes you very practical, you need to see that everything that is going on in your life would have a meaning. Not only a spiritual idea but a very practical idea. You do not like to do things where you can not see it physically useful, or else you just do not dare to do this because you do not dare to take similar risks. It's very important for you that everything is useful for you. But not in the greedy way, rather in the sense that you want life to have its own system and that you can win as much as possible, which in turn would make your life better.

Material security is very important in your life. If you feel that you have even little savings then you feel happy. If your wallet does not have secure spare money, it will upset you and you will not feel secure. You are such a person who needs to store and keep to secure your future. Many people born on the 24th start to collect money from an early age. Material security is encoded on the 24th day. In your life, too, you are trying a lot to plan your work and life so that you always have a higher income than expenditures. If you can not handle it, then you need a person next to you who would help you keep the money. It would make your mood better and you can enjoy life more. But those born on the 24th and whom I know are all very good personal accountants of their lives and some are very good "money makers".

If you were born on the 24th day, your soul needs constant emotional balance. It's very hard for you to create this balance. You are materialistic, but at the same time, you are very sensitive, delicate and loving. You want to balance your emotional life, but very often you can not achieve it yourself. You can easily get upset, feel hurt, but very often you do not show to other people that you are vulnerable. You do not want to show your weaknesses, but at the same time, it disturbs you when someone else sees you as a person with a heart as hard as a stone. Often you do not understand how anyone could ever have such an opinion about you, but in the course of your life, you have to come across such misconceptions.

For you, love is very important and you want to feel that right, sincere and deep love. If you find the right person in your life, you want to cherish and keep that person. But in exactly the same way, you would love to receive a lot of love. Definitely, you are not suited with a companion who is closed, introverted, and to whom the demonstration of love does not matter. Because to you expressing love and the full openness of yourselves are crucial to you in a relationship. If it does not come, it wounds you very deeply. Therefore, it would be great if you could find yourself with someone who is very open to expressing feelings and having good communication skills. This would definitely make your life easier.

Your home support is very important to you. If you feel that your family is " on your side", supports you at all costs, then you have the power to conquer the whole world. But if it is just the opposite, the loved ones do not support you and they do not understand where your ambitions may lead you, then you will get hurt and it can make you melancholy. It is very important in your life that the family would be on your side.

In the material world, you are ambitious, you want to conquer the whole world, and the key to success is genuine love and full-fledged home life. If everything is good in this area, you can realize the ideas, ambitions, and creations behind your materialistic mind.

GREEN QUARTZ is the crystal of abundance, wealth, success, happiness, and emotional balance for those born on the 24th day. If you were born on the 24th of any month, this is definitely one of your best cash flow and success crystals. Green Quartz helps to invite good fruitful ideas, plans, and projects to help bring cash flow into your life. At the same time, it also blocks excessive spending and blocks material misfortune.

As I mentioned above, keeping your emotions balanced is one of your greatest challenges. You are often having mood swings from extreme to extreme. At one time you are extremely happy, and the second moment you can be in a big hole. It's very difficult to find a golden midway within you so that you do not have to go down in negativity. Once you get there, you can over-dramatize bad situations. If you have a very big problem on this topic, in addition to your luck crystal, I suggest you wear White Opal to balance your feelings.

You are a person who likes others to ask for help from you. But not help where someone asks you to do something for someone. You just like to be an emotional healer or spiritual doctor. You enjoy it when someone needs you, but not to raise your ego, but you really like to listen and support.

It is very important for you that you would be successful in the area you have chosen as your job. You do not tolerate burnouts, failures, and unsuccessful careers. If you've decided to do something, then you just have to succeed. You are sometimes self-critical and, during difficult periods of work, you push yourself to get out of difficult situations. This is your strong side, which helps you to succeed and success is important to you. At times you feel a thirst for competition and in you, you do not want anyone else to be better at your work. But you may not be able to show it.

By nature, you are very attractive and many simply come to you. You may have a great acquaintanceship because you are eye-catching. But you have to be careful about trusting people and be careful about who you are allowing into your life and who you do not. It's easy for you to hurt and because you are expecting honesty from people, you may not be able to experience much of it in your life. You want to be honest and rather prefer honesty and a sincere attitude. You will not tolerate when someone pretends to be who they are not. This same topic can make you frustrated. This is because, unfortunately, there are very few people around us who are sincere. I suggest that you just be cautious with other people and wait a bit before allowing them into your life, to prevent your heart from breaking.

You have the ability to embrace the family of your companion and if your partner's family welcomes you warmly, then you will blend in with the family well. You have the ability to make your family bigger, meaning that you can take the family of your companion as if they had been your family your entire life. But if you are not accepted, it will hurt you to the bottom of your heart and there may be big misunderstandings in your relationship due to that reason.

If you have to raise your voice on someone, then it will break your heart.
Although sometimes you know very well that it is not possible to solve situations any other way when everyone's emotions are heightened. Then you will explode and regret it later. In reality, however, you have to learn not to explode, but to realize that there is still a chance to be calm. It's just a matter of changing yourself. You have to do this in order not to hurt yourself. You really do not want to be a bad person, and your conscience will immediately make you destructive if you do this. This is a clear indication that you have to learn how to solve problems in a balanced way and, in anxious situations control yourself when others feel nervous.

The 24th day gives you an avid curiosity about life, you want to experience and discover a lot. But this same desire should not keep you away from relationships. You are a soul who needs someone and this adventurous side should not make you single. According to your date of birth, it would be most useful to you if you had a companion next to you. A companion who would be your anchor. You may lose yourself when you're single.

The 24th day gives you great potential to be successful and rich. But it is very important for you to maintain your inner peace and balance. Love is what helps you to fulfill your ambitions.