When on the October 31st we celebrated Samhain  or the day of the dead, where all the good and bad spirits came out, then on that same night on November 1, according to the magical calender, the old year is sent away with different rituals. Rituals done during the Samhain are powerful, just like during the Full Moon, but what makes Samhain different is that during that time spirits surrounding us help to do these rituals and send messages away. There are two days in the year when all Earthly spirits are around without we calling for them. Samhain, according to magical calender, is the last day of the year and November 1 the first day of a new beginning. Samhain is celebrated as the end of autumn work and stocking food and that a resting period starts.

November 1 is also a very important day in the magical world as this is the time spirits are peacefully sent back to their dimension. We do magic, rituals and different magics for freeing the past on October 31st, but spirits are thanked on November 1st for coming.

During the Samhain, the boundary between the spiritual world and the world of the living is so thin that it’s possible to communicate with them directly and you can use that time for creating a better future. Spirits have the power to change things around us when we communicate with them and ask for their help.

The following things are done on Samhain:

- Predictions about the future for the following magical year.

- Witches, spiritualists and telepaths come together to share teachings to each other for the next year.

- Home is cleaned from all that’s old for the next year to be prosperous. Witches clean their cupboards from old ritual oils and spells to do new new ones.

- Witches tell positive words on people who come in contact with them so that they could get strength for the whole of the following year.

- Rituals that only work on that night are performed. Generally these rituals cover the whole year and are related to making the following year better.

- All plants grown are set to dry to make rituals from them during winter.

- Aura is cleaned for the following year to be more successful and prosperous.

- Black clothes are worn to protect yourself from vile spirits, from the spirits who also move around during the Samhain.

- Pumpkins with carved faces are placed in front of the door or windows of your house and a candle is placed to burn inside. To reject Dark Angels who move around on that night.

- A table is set with wine for a spirit to let him know he is expected for rituals .

- Fire is burned, bonfires are done, a fire is lighted in the furnace.

- Messages are asked for the following year from pendulum or runes

- Your dream, clairvoyance or astral projection crystals are activated or cleaned to see prophetic dreams.

- Apple juice or mint tea is drank for rituals done on that night to work better.


The morning of October 31st is began with making a cleansing tea, so that everything old could be left behind. Magical tea is the one you drink as the first thing in that morning. I’m writing down a recipe for a little magical tea from my own collection:

- Boil the water and pour it to the teapot.

- Put three juniper berries in there

- Then, add three freshly cut ginger slices

- Now, add one black pepper and squeeze lemon juice.

- Lastly, add fresh mint leaves.

Let the magical tea set for about 15 minutes before you drink it. This will help your Aura to be cleansed.

After drinking that tea, burn Sage incense or Sage ritual plant at your home, also burn candles on a Selenite candle holder or among Selenite crystals. Selenite and a white candle will help to attract only the best and most beneficial spirits who will help to clean your Aura on that day.

Clean the front of the door with lemon juice and Black Tourmaline water.

- For that, make water-elixir from these two components, keep Black Tourmaline in a bucket full of water for an hour and squeeze a whole lemon into the water.

- Use this water to wash your door from the inside out  and later, throw the water to the nature.

This cleansing ritual will help you to prepare for November 1st so you could welcome the new year with new energy.

Seeing a black cat

Black cats symbolise strength with the ability to communicate with the living and the dead. When you should see a Black Cat during the Samhain, then know that you are watched over and someone's spirits wants to send you a message from the other world.

Seeing a spider has a similar effect, but it only works when you see the spider in the evening or at night. Then, you shouldn’t kill the spider, but you should welcome it as it’s a sign that brings luck. Seeing a spider during the Samhain gives you a sign about a close spirit coming to watch over you for the next year. People close to us who are gone will come back as that Spider on that night. Killing a Spider during the Samhain will bring a lot of trouble in every aspect of life for the whole year.

Sandalwood incenses are burnt in the middle of the home to protect yourself from black magic arising that night.

Different black crystals like Black Obsidian, Onyx or Black Tourmaline are worn to protect yourself from Dark Angels and to attract good spirits.

Orange, black  and white are the main colours of Samhain as they symbolise leaving behind the old, cleansing and mysticism.


When rituals were done during the previous evening and night, then this is the time to send spirits back to their dimension. To thank the spirits who came to help us on the previous day and getting protection from them for the whole year we need to thank them for the whole day and send them away peacefully.

- For that  white candles are burned to give peace to spirits. You could shake Vanilla sugar or Bay leaves around the candles for them to work more powerfully. You could also burn oils and candles with Lily of the Valley essence, as it has the energy of a new beginning, liberation and bringing peace of mind.

- An extra place is added to the table at dinner, to show that good spirits are always welcomed to the house.

- White candles and white carnations, which symbolise letting go, are taken to the cemetary to loved ones. Speak to your loved ones in your thought while lighting the candles, whether to ask for help or to thank for something important.

- Angelite crystal is taken to the grave to give them an Earthly channel for helping us.

- At night, before going to sleep, mind tea is drank, and, while falling asleep, it’s wished to see your Spirit who has been sent to protect you for the following magical year.
- Loved ones, you have lost, are remembered, their pictures are taken out and stories are told.

- Work is not done on that day, but plans for the future are discussed and you should definitely not talk about old things. Especially about things that cause tension.  The activities on that day will show you the kind of spiritual year you’re going to have.