Pisces are the last of the twelfth zodiac, and Pisces souls have something from every other zodiac, they are very versatile people. Due to their versatility, Pisces are one of the hardest-to-understand zodiacs in the eyes of other zodiacs, and therefore I share tips on how to love and keep the love of the Pisces. If you have a Pisces companion, whom you love and want to have a happy relationship with, then first and foremost, you must understand a few things about them. Pisces have their own world and this world must be agreed with. Agreed in order for them to love you back.


First and foremost, you have to understand that if your partner is born as Pisces, then he is very sensitive and emotional. But do not misunderstand me - it does not mean that he is weak and angry. Absolutely not! Sensitive and emotional means that there are so many emotions inside him that you can not even imagine by being another zodiac. It's an emotional person whose feelings can be very deep while in love, deep in the face of anger, overflowing when happy, and each subsequent emotion will also be over powered. Pisces simply have a lot of emotions, and when loving him you must first of all understand that his emotionality is part of his personality. If you want to get along with your beloved Pisces, simply accept his overwhelming emotions and energy. You can not remove it from him, and certainly not frown upon it, but this may be the thing that Pisces will be blamed for.

If there is a lover next to Pisces, who is also very emotional, then that person understands his Pisces companion much better and sees his own mirror image at the moment of the same emotional outbreak. If the Pisces companion is emotionally more balanced or restrained, then at first it may be very hard for the companion. But here I am again giving the same recommendation - just accept it, that's how Pisces is.

The deep inner world of the Pisces gives him the ability to love very thoroughly, sincerely, and engage himself deep into the soul of his companion. If Pisces loves, he will love with all his dedication. It is not easy for Pisces to share his heart with anyone, and if he has chosen you then this is something remarkable. This is definitely something that should be taken more seriously. If your Pisces lover loves you, then you have something very good in you.

Pisces are having two kind of faces in their nature - once it is childish and with crazy humor, other time it is deadly and serious. As I mentioned above, if Pisces have some emotion, it's over powered. The Pisces lover can be outright funny, full of humor, and sometimes you can not keep up with his energy. At the same time, Pisces can be so serious that you can not even poke him or make jokes at the wrong time. In particular, Pisces are serious when they do their job and manage their things. But at other times, when his things are done, they can feed you with an exciting energy source and inspire you with their enthusiastic mind and push ahead to fulfill ambitions. Pisces lovers have the ability to motivate their loved ones to achieve their dreams.

Pisces love to love, share love and care. Likewise, he expects the same from his companion, to be cared for and shown how dear he is. Pisces need a lot of proof on what his beloved is thinking about him and how are their feelings. If yesterday it was said that I love you, then tomorrow it should be repeated over again. If not with words, then at least with actions that point to caring. If you want to keep your Pisces love, then first of all you must give him a lot of attention. Let's say that out of all the zodiacs Pisces are the ones who want to receive the most attention from their loved ones and there is no such thing as excessive attention. Even if there is a lot of attention, its not enough.


Pisces have a very large inner world, with great imagination. Generally, Pisces are creative or they need to be artistic in their own way. This means that if you love your Pisces then you have to let them do their favorite activity. Every Pisces has something that is "his subject", and certainly that should not be taken away from him. This is something that keeps them on their feet and is related to his spiritual growth. I know a lot of Pisces who likes music, who are related to design, who is an alternative medicine lover, who like to read books and travel. Every Pisces has its own hobby or work that is related at the same time to a hobby, and it should not be held against him. If the Pisces can do what he feels passionate about, then that is what keeps him healthy. And if his soul is healthy, then he is also a better person in a relationship. What you should know about loving Pisces is to let him deal with his personal hobby and passion.

Pisces are very good conversation buddies because they have the ability to listen, give advice and understand. This makes him a very good communicator, and he's expecting his companion to be open to him. The more you devote yourself to communicating with Pisces, the better and more successful your relationship. If you want to have a long-lasting and forward-looking relationship, then give time to your Pisces and communicate with him. Any exchange of emotions is crucial for the Pisces.

Pisces like to talk very much about interesting topics and they do not care much about such simple issues as how others are doing and how beautiful the weather is. These topics should be for other people. Pisces like to talk about science, still unexplored and suspicious known discoveries, about space, plants, karma and all the way to crystals. Of course every Pisces have their own topic that he really loves, but he likes to talk about very interesting things and go deeper into them. If you would like to make your Pisces lover happy, talk about these topics and take interest in it all during the conversation.

Pisces like to dream a lot, engage in wishful thinking, and he is very innovative – which he should be allow to be. If you, as a Pisces lover, let him be as he is, then he can be very productive, create, move relationship forward, develop himself and become successful. Pisces have the ability to move towards their dreams very purposefully, but the only obstacle here may be his dearest who does not believe in him. If you believe in him and let him fly freely, he can surprise you a lot with where he leads you.

When you have conquered the heart of the Pisces at one point, it's very difficult for him to let you go. If Pisces loves, he expects you to stay with him until the end of his life. Knowing this, don't take this relationship lightly, as the Pisces do not take it lightly.


By their nature, Pisces are very generous with respect to their loved ones and make great efforts for their companion's welfare. He shares his love unconditionally, but to a certain extent. He can give three times, but you have to give back to him one time. Then he will give three times again, and then you will need to give back to him something. Pisces like to help and take care, but they need it in the same way. The only difference is that the Pisces can read their beloved people and, thanks to that, they can offer a soulful remedy. Generally Pisces lover chooses a companion who can be taken care of because the Pisces have an instinct to help others.

If you love your Pisces, and if you have something negative to tell him or you need to discuss issues about the relationship in order to get rid of them, then here you should be very careful. Your Pisces is not the one with whom you can talk about problems directly, and if you do this, you should know that there would be great tumult and a dramatic show. Pisces do not like to talk about negative things that are related to themselves, and when it needs to be done, it must be done around the corner, taking the Pisces mood into an account, as well as to identify your own mistakes. If your Pisces should feel that only he is the culprit, then at last you are guilty of everything yourself. If you need to discuss problems with Pisces, then you need to make yourself equal to him and explain everything very sensibly. This is definitely a tough nut to crack with Pisces but if you hit it the right way, it's not all that hard.

AMETHYST GEODE AND BLUE CHALCEDONY are the crystals that you and your Pisces lover should have in your home. You need to keep a piece or more of Blue Chalcedony on top of or next to an Amethyst geode, to help you cope with your Pisces. Both crystals contribute to the understanding of the Pisces, getting along better with the Pisces, and healing of the relationships. By combining these crystals, you have a better understanding of your lovers feelings, and these crystals accelerate your learning and understanding of him. At the same time, these crystals help your Pisces to get along with you better and be more loving with you. Place the Amethyst geode and Blue Chalcedony next to the bed on the side where he is sleeping. Another way is to put the Amethyst Geode and Blue Chalcedony on his photo, so you can do remote-crystal healing. In any case, these crystals are useful in keeping in your common home.

If you want to keep the love with your Pisces lover, then you have to let him be emotional, accept his hobby and passion, you must accept his need to dream and you must understand that he needs to be gently handled. By understanding these things, your relationship can only become more powerful.