Your soul is fragile and sensitive to everything and everyone. The state of our souls health must be very important for all of us, and we must not forget that we also need to heal ourselves spiritually. The balance of the soul is one of the secrets of happy life. Sometimes your soul needs a complete detox, which will help you to free yourself from negative emotions within your soul. Just as the crystals need to be recharged and cleaned to work with us, we need to clean our souls and recharge our souls so that it can work with us.

Aura exists around your body and soul that works day by day to keep you healthy, both physically and mentally. However, if the body of the Aura is weak and can not protect you for the things happening in your life, Aura will let the negative energy go directly to your soul. This in turn causes a lot of trouble inside your soul, which should be immediately bounced back. It is often allowed to accumulate the negative energy inside and that creates an unbalanced state, which will deepen and only deepen. I wrote this article for you so that you could see when Aura has let the soul breathe into negative energy and when is the right time to take it out of itself.

I will give you seven very important signs that will be giving you a hint that when is the time to take up your own soulful detox, or the spiritual purifying. In addition, I share a week-long detox cure that I definitely recommend to do when you feel that you need to have a spiritual cleansing.

Read my thoughts in a way that you try to identify yourself with them. If you feel yourself in these seven signs, be sure to have your spiritual cleansing and regain your inner balance and let yourself come back with happiness.


1. Your sleep is disturbed, you have a hard time falling asleep or you do not get rested anymore.

The first sign that your soul needs cleansing is if you have a very poor sleep and sleep problems. If you suddenly have started to have sleepless nights and you do not get enough rest overnight, this is a clear sign that the stress energy that exists in your Aura has reached your soul. This means that Aura has not been able to keep this away from the soul, which is its task.

You will need spiritual cleansing when you feel a sudden change in your sleep and in the amount of rest.

2. If everything makes you feel nervous and you do not understand why everything drives you crazy.

When, at one point, you see yourself like a big bundle of nerves, your Aura has caused a lot of negativity to reach your soul. Every little thing drives you unreasonably nervous and lose your temper and you feel that you are easily annoyed. For you, the nervousness is also caused by some simple words that your close friend tells you, and not at all for the bad reason. Also you feel annoyed by some sound or conversation.

If you know that you are not really the one who makes an issue out of every little thing and if you feel that you are not able to control your own nervousness, then surely Aura has put too much negativity in your soul. Now this negativity exists there and it needs to be taken out through the spiritual purification.

3. If you do not care about anything anymore and you do not bother to devote yourself to anything.

When Aura lets negativity inside your soul, it eats up the motivation and inspiration in your soul. You will lose the ability to do anything, be glad and happy with something. You feel dull about your surroundings, and if even someone else tries to raise your mood, you will not go along with it. Emotional numbness and laziness will hit you just when the soul has been poisoned with the negative energy. This is the third sign that you need a spiritual cleansing to help you regain balance.

4. You see negativity everywhere and you consciously or unconsciously are looking for it.

A very strong alert is given by your soul when you begin to see your surroundings in a negative key at one moment – everything that's around you is ugly and bad, and you're thinking how bad your life is and how bad your life has been. Also, if you focus on what negative might happen to you next, and if you no longer believe that something could go better. Such thinking suggests that you need to make a proper spiritual detox to rid yourself of the evil roots that make up such thoughts. It's all about the fact that your Aura has not been able to fight negativity at one point and has let it reach the soulõik on sellest, et sinu Aura ei ole suutnud ühel hetkel negatiivsusega võidelda ja on lasknud sellel hingeni jõuda.

If today you are looking for negativity in yourself and other people, then this is a serious warning to you about the need for a purification.

5. Your comments and sayings are ill-sounding.

Your soul cries for help, when while talking with other people, you have started to speak negatively. You need a soulful detox, if your comments are negative, belittling, sarcastic, and such commentary becomes more and more powerful. This is a sign that your soul is struggling with negative energy and releasing it a little through Throat Chakra If you've already fallen into this phase, you've let your soul to cope with negative energy for a long time. This is the result of the long-term Aura leak.

6. The luck of others is bothering you.

If you need a spiritual cleansing, or a detox, then be sure to do it when you have started to feel disturbed by other people's luck. You can not stand if anyone else is cheerful, optimistic, kind, happy and that someone else's life goes well. You feel that this is somehow wrong thing in his life, and you want to think at any cost that it just seems to be so or he is just boasting about it – that it is not real. If your own soul has been hit with negativity, you will not be able to endure someone else's luck.

7. You feel like you're a victim.

A detox is essential to your soul if you feel constantly being a victim of your life. If you feel that you have been hurt, you have been treated unfairly and life is not sharing with you anything except bad. When interacting with someone else, you feel attacked and that person is the cause of your unhappy feeling. If your thoughts alternate between the roles of accusation and victimization, be sure to consider doing the detox for your soul.

When you recognized yourself in those signs, be sure to have a purifying course and let the negative energy to leave your body. This will help you get back on track and improve the leakages in your Aura.


I share with you a week-long soul-purifying course, in which you can release the negatives that have reached your soul. Open it so that it can leave you and close those energy leaks in your Aura that will not let you be positive. Take the purifying course and feel good.

Just follow the purifying course as I have given it to you, and take the necessary steps every day.

1. DAY "Intervention to the evil source"

On a first day you need to do a thorough Aura cleansing to break up the negative energy in your soul. After that day you will start to release the negative energy from within.

To do this, you need a Sage ritual plant / torch and a Jet crystal.

Place Jet crystal in the morning in a glass, bottle or jug. Fill the container with water and drink this water throughout the day. If you like, you can also add water during the day. Jet has the ability to break down very deep negative energy in the soul.

Jet water should be consumed during the entire detox period, that is, on all seven days, so prepare Jet's water elixir for yourself on all other days too.

Clean yourself at seven different occasions during the day with the Sage ritual plant smokes. To do this, let the Sage smoke and make rounds with it around your body. At the same time, focus on letting the negative out of your body. Clean yourself with Sage exactly as long as you want. But it's important that you do this on seven different occasions.

As the cleansing with the Sage is to be done many times a day, it would be good to begin with a soulful detox on a free day where your timetable allows you to be at home.

2. DAY "Releasing the negativity"

The second day is to allow the release of the bad energy that was broken up from the source of evil the previous day. On the second day, you will make a cleansing course that will help you to create a movement of energy and, as a result, will release the negative energy source of your negativity.

On the second day, you must drink three different drinks that help you to get rid of the negativity and trigger the movement of energies. These three drinks drink exactly in the order I have written to you here.

1. Black coffee - drink one cup of black coffee without added ingredients. Thanks to yesterdays intervention into evil source, the black coffee helps to get rid of that bad energy.

2. Black tea - You should drink one cup of pure black tea without any added ingredients. Black tea helps to get rid of bad thoughts, pessimistic attitude, nervous energy, feelings of exhaustion and it is useful to drink to let go of emotional issues.

3. Garden Sage tea - As the last drink, you should drink a cup of garden sage tea without any added ingredients. Garden sage releases unwell feeling, nervousness and replaces it with peace. Garden sage cleanses the energies that can not be cleaned by the coffee and black tea.

Do not forget to drink Jet water elixir in the meantime.

3. DAY "Releasing every bit of the bad energy"

On the third day you have to help yourself with your thoughts. On this day, you must deliberately increase your positive thinking. 

You must knowingly block all the bad thoughts that you encounter during the day. If some negative thought occurs, then quickly change your current thought to another thought or start doing something that blocks your thinking. You need to avoid negative talks, saying badly, self-pity, and other bad thoughts all day.

On the third day you have to eat plants that help to release negativity, either in the meal or raw. These plants must all be present. They help you get the last bad energy out of your soul. Eat a little from each plant.

These plants are yellow onion, green onion, garlic, potatoes and parsnip.

Do not forget to drink the Jet water elixir this day. You will need to do this everyday during the detox course.

4. DAY "Securing the Aura leaks"

The fourth day is to heal the leak in your Aura, which has allowed the stress to enter your soul. On this day, you will be working with securing the Aura leak.

On this day, you will need talisman combined of Tiger's Eye-Tiger's Iron that you have to wear from the fourth day until you reach the full well-being. The Tiger's Eye – Tiger's Iron crystal is a force of two different crystals that helps secure the energy leak and protect you from reaching such a state. This helps to fix your Aura and gives more power to the detox course.

Wear Tiger's Eye-Tiger`s Iron and drink water made from Jet.

On this day, you have to re-practice the rejection of negative thoughts. Continue the same thing you had to do on the third day.

On the fourth day you have to do the self cleaning with Sage ritual plant again, but now only once.

5. DAY "Restoring the positivity"

On the fifth day, practice keeping away the negative thoughts, drink water elixir and do the activities needed to do on the fifth day.

On the fifth day, you have to say something beautiful and good to five different people. Try to do it with the utmost sincerity from heart. For example, tell your companion how dear he/she is for you. Smile and wish a beautiful day to a shopkeeper. When you meet an acquaintance on the street, tell them how beautiful they look. Find something good in five different person and share it with them. This activity activates the positive energy in your soul very quickly.

In addition, you must drink three cups of Primula teatea. Primula is connected to Solar Plexus Chakra and it helps to activate this energy channel inside of you. Primula tea enhances your sense of happiness and thus you recover from the negative load that you have been carrying with you for some time.

6. DAY "Activate your own healing"

On the sixth day, practice blocking negativity, keep drinking Jet water, keep wearing Tiger's Eye-Tiger`s Iron talisman and complete the tasks of the sixth day.

On the sixth day you have to eat some dill, green onion, parsleyi and chives. These plants help your soul to be activated for healing.

When you are at home, burn Sandalwood or Patchouli incense near you. It may also be their mixed blend.

On this day, you have to find 6 different things, events or people for whom or for which you are grateful for in your life. Think about them and write them on the paper. Fold that piece of gratitude paper and put it under the pillow the next night. Let the paper stay there. You will need it on a seventh day.

7. DAY "Sending your soul to the path of purification"

The seventh day is the last day of your spiritual cleansing. But that does not mean that it all ends. On this day, you make the last push, so that every next day could be more beautiful, and that you can become stronger and happier with each passing day.

On the seventh day, drink Jet water for the last time, be sure to continue to block negative thoughts, wear the Tiger's Eye-Tiger's Iron and do the tasks required for the seventh day.

Take the paper of gratitude from under the pillow and read it again. You can continue to practice it, and if you feel that you have understood the meaning of these six things, you have to burn this paper.

On the seventh day, you have to think about seven dreams that you want to move towards to in the future. The day's task is to focus on what you want to achieve, in what to become better at, what to heal and what to reach for. For each dream, remind yourself that you can handle it and you can achieve it.

Seventh Day is a Day of Positive Thoughts!

After seven days of soulful detox, wear a Tiger's Eye – Tiger's Iron until you feel completely restored. Drink Jet water when you feel you need it, for example, when you can not keep yourself from thinking bad thoughts. Take the detox course once again if you feel you've lost your power.