Gemini is the third zodiac in the line of zodiac signs with the ability to be very versatile like the twin name suggests. It is completely normal for one Gemini to have two personalities, and they are versatile also in love. I will tell you about how to be in a relationship with a Gemini, what you should know about loving him and what his love is like for you. I will talk about what could be expected with the Gemini, which should definitely be avoided, and how to maintain a strong relationship with him. All different zodiacs love differently and in exactly the same way Gemini loves in a completely different way. In case the birthday is during the transition period, i.e. Taurus-Gemini or Gemini-Cancer, then not all of the Gemini love tips that I describe may exactly coincide. Transitional Gemini may have the other zodiac features, and therefore they may not overlap. If you are born in a transitional period and my Gemini love advice fits right, this is a genuine sign that, over the transition period, there has been a greater degree of Gemini`s influence. Genuine Gemini, you are certainly just as I describe here.

Gemini is a very lively soul, whether it be a Gemini man or woman. Gemini likes it when something is happening and certainly they do not like the boring uneventful daily life. Of course, there are moments for everyone where one wants to go have a rest in peace and quiet, but Gemini does not need it often. Gemini likes to be able to work on something, explore, analyze, discover, laugh and be as active as possible, either emotionally or physically. A twin companion must surely understand this by Gemini, that he needs to be active, and that activity can not and should not be held against him. Gemini by nature is very quick in their thought-action, and if you forbid them to be with an overactive mind, then you simply make them angry. When it comes to loving Gemini, it should be understood that his activity should not be limited.

Geminis relationship with a lover who does not tolerate his excessive activity and sees it as nervousness or even as being unstable, in such a case his lover will simply ruin this relationship. To his partner, it may seem that Gemini is bullying himself with overload, an over-active mind, and continuous analysis and searching for answers from the world. The fact, however, is that Gemini completely loves this kind of activity, it's exciting, it creates adrenaline, it pushes him forward, and brings clarity. It's a must for Gemini to go deep into things, drown in them and then come out as winners again. The constant confusion in their mind and the constant arrangement of things is so common for Gemini. How can it be banned if it is so important? If you love Gemini, you have to understand that you need to allow him to be in continuous search, discovery trips, and, sometimes, in chaotic nervousness. Gemini likes this, but when viewed from another angle, they are in trouble with their own personality traits, but at the end of the evening they are still happy with it.

Gemini loves attention and if you wish to have a good relationship with a Gemini then this needs to be made clear when entering into a relationship with him. Gemini loves the attention and they are constantly on standby where they expect their companion to give energy. Gemini loves beautiful words, petting, romantic gestures, and even looks that make them crazy. It is important that his companion constantly distributes love signals which are saying, "I see you, I notice you, you are important!". However, Gemini himself does not always pay the greatest attention to his own beloved. In his soul, Gemini is very passionate and romantic, but they do not always have the ability to physically express their feelings. In the course of this, Geminis partner may have the question: "Am I not important?" Most Geminis need to physically open themselves and work hard to make hugs, beautiful words, cute gestures come out of them. At one point, when Gemini has physically opened himself, he becomes a very good lover, all because of the fact that Gemini is really passionate in his soul. But let's repeat what the Geminis companion needs to know about loving him - Point your attention to your Gemini lover, there is never enough of it.

Gemini is constantly waiting for something to happen between him and his companion, something exciting and unprecedented. They really like it if their relationship has changed and some magic in otherwise routine life. Gemini likes unexpected surprises that his companion has thought out for him. Gemini goes along with interesting suggestions and lets life lead to new tracks. If you love a Gemini and you want to keep the relationship alive, then surprise him at a totally unexpected moment, take him out to eat, or give him something he told you about a week ago. Gemini likes gifts a lot.

Gemini does not tolerate a routine relationship, he can accept it, exist in it, and hope that one day something unbelievable will come between you two. If there is no fun, laughter, or adventure in Geminis's relationship, then Gemini may become bitter or even physically distant. Gemini either no longer wants to share the love on a physical level or finds, through his friends or work, the passion was to exist. However, it's very easy to bring Gemini back from this distance, after all, it is an air element that can be redirected back to yourself. In order to bring the Geminis passion back to you, you must show him that you love him and even a little surprise would be enough. After that, he will immediately be back with you and will give you again the opportunity to start from the beginning. If Gemini loves, then he may not physically go away from you, but he loses his senses to other dimensions, and if he does not have a soul with you, then he's just like a roommate with you.

Gemini is one very energetic person with whom you can have a very interesting and fun relationship, but Gemini also has a lot of nervousness in him that he does not always be able to cope with. One of the weakest aspects of the Gemini is to keep his own balance and how to erase the sometimes overwhelming temperament. Living together with Gemini or being yourself one, you should have Agate geode in your home.

Agate geode
is a Geminis crystal for having peace at home, relationship happiness, and strengthening the relationship. Overall, Agate is a crystal, which energy and power Gemini is able to quickly absorb into his Aura body, and which is going to work very quickly with him. Agate geode is an energy filter, healer and it has very strong protective properties. Agate geode should definitely be in every Geminis home because it has the ability to make Gemini more stable and balanced. If Gemini has a lover and Gemini is in a relationship, then Agate geode helps to avoid problems in the relationship, helping to heal all the disagreements that arise over time. Agate geode helps Gemini to express himself better and it is a crystal that protects the bond between him and the loved one. Agate geode should be one of the main geodes at Geminis home. First and foremost, I advise keeping the Agate geode on the southern side of the home, next to the front door of the house, and in the southwest corner of the home.

Gemini likes to talk, communicate and express their emotions. Exactly this is what Gemini expects from his companion - continuous self-expression. Gemini likes to talk on various topics, all about what he likes, what makes him angry, about which he has doubts, which gives rise to the excitement, and what is still a mystery to him, I emphasize here the word "still". Gemini awaits his companion to have good listening skills and lively engagement on various topics Gemini talks about. It's very important for Gemini to know that his companion is with him on one wave and is able to understand him. Gemini does not always need a perfect balance in that he would expect exactly the same overactive self-expressions from his companion, but there must be at least half of it as much Gemini has in him. If Gemini has met with a very quiet and introverted personality, this relationship is definitely one of the hardest. In this case, Gemini will either agree with this situation or will remain missing the energy that he needs. To a Gemini companion, I suggest learning to listen to your Gemini lover and get interested in his topics, which is very important for a Gemini.

It is specific to a Gemini to speak out whatever he thinks about, whatever is currently in his mind, he's very impulsive in his way of expression. Gemini says what the power of his air element just has created inside himself. Gemini says "no" right away if he feels that he does not want something. Gemini says "yes", if at that moment he has a mood for it. It all depends on the mood and Gemini is very unpredictable with their tongue, which in turn can cause a lot of tension between him and his companion. Gemini feels that he has said nothing inappropriate and offensive, but at the same time his companion feels exactly the opposite. There is nothing to do, more often than not the words come out before thinking. If you want to be in a relationship with a Gemini, then surely you have to understand this and definitely, you should not take the negative words right into your heart. Gemini express what is on their mind, they speak as soon as the emotion arises. Later on, Gemini may have a different way of thinking, and the one that was just said could lose its meaning. You need to be very patient loving a Gemini.

Gemini likes to tell his beloved what he wants to change for the better, what he does not expect in the relationship, and what should definitely be more of. Gemini likes to talk about the weaknesses of the relationship so that the relationship could become stronger and better. Geminis's partner should not take such conversations in a negative way, but instead see that Gemini wants to move the relationship to a different and better level. For a Gemini, it is suitable this kind of companion who does not lose their temper for the topics related to relationship problems. Gemini wants to be innovative in a relationship, he is ambitious and the relationship is one big task for him, which must definitely be done. This is why Gemini is most likely to be the one who wants to always improve and heal the weaknesses in the relationship. Gemini should not be disapproved for his wish to improve the broken places, the bottom line is that everything is more beautiful after tidying up.

Agate geode helps to avoid situations where there are conflicts that may arise because of the Geminis' impulsive use of words. Agate geode teaches Gemini to express himself better and more gently, at the same time Agate geode helps to better understand Gemini and not lose one's temper so easily.

Gemini will always remain a little child-like in his soul, Gemini has the need to be in the middle of joy and pleasure. It's very important for Gemini to be able to laugh with his companion, for their relationship to have a sense of humor and for their time together to be playful. Gemini can be adult-like in situations where it is necessary to be more serious, committed, and competent. At the same time, Gemini can have fun and be childlike where it is necessary to enjoy the moment. In the case of Gemini, his companion sees two personalities in him - serious, funny, serious, and funny again. Geminis companion must take into account the fact that if you have chosen Gemini as your partner, then monotony as such does not exist anymore. Gemini does not tolerate it if his companion wants to change him, either to take away his serious mind or to suppress his fun-loving trait, if his companion takes away one of them, then Geminis' heart will break.

Gemini appreciates loyalty the most in his companion and a place to hide in whenever needed. Geminis's companion needs to understand that in Geminis's case it is a living person who also needs freedom. Geminis companion should definitely not restrict Gemini and put him in a box, when his companion does such a thing, then his companion is playing with the love that Gemini feels for her. Restricting Gemini equals breaking down the love. The more you allow Gemini to fly and then return to the fort, fly again, the stronger such relationship becomes. The air element is what makes Gemini fly, wanting to be in one place at one point, another moment is somewhere else, and at the third moment be back to his companion. Every kind of energy exchange is very important for Gemini and if his companion does not understand that the Gemini can not be changed according to one's own liking, then this relationship has no good future. Geminis companion needs to understand that Gemini is wilful and he must be allowed to be himself, if his partner permits that, then Gemini will give him all his life.

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Understanding what power the human soul carries with its birth will help to cope with this person. The zodiac sign determines much about us, and when you are born as a Gemini, then first of all you need to understand its lively characteristics and learn to love it.