All people are born with certain numerical indicators. Our own birthday has different numbers that carry on to our soul and Aura with certain strength. Behind these numbers is a great deal of knowledge about your own soul. Your birthday shows you what you are and what special energy you carry with you.

The first date of birthday, that is, the day you were born, it carries energy that affects your nature. It is no coincidence when a child is born to this world. The same way it is not by chance the day you were born in a month. Your birth date indicates what energy is in your Aura body.

Birth date affects a persons zodiac. This generally enhances certain peculiarities of the zodiac or enhances some of the specific energies that are in excess. This is also the reason why sometimes a representative of a zodiac sign doesn’t feel like other members of the same sign. Numerology affects astrology and vice versa. While reading your own indicators, you have to summarize all off these and understand that one affects the other.


If you were born on the 9th day, its numerological power will send you throughout your life. It gives you more character traits and adds value to your other numerological and astrological indicators.

Your birthday has given you the power associated with socialization and communication. Birth date number 9 carries with you the need to be social and even in the moments you want to be alone, then you're like a magnet that pulls people near you. There is a magnet inside you that is related to attention and many who are born on this date have a very large acquaintanceship. If the other indicators, like the life path number, the Moon phase, the constellation and many other indicators of birth, are also fostering openness and socialism, then your birthday number 9 makes you a very people person. A lot of different factors play a role in your character, and the 9th birth date is what makes you social.

Your birthday carries with it a magnet of people, which means that you will be always noticed by many people, there will be high interest in you, be it a healthy or unhealthy interest. In this regard, as the number 9 attracts people in every way, you have to protect yourself a lot from the problems and threats posed by other people. If there is a magnet inside a person about something, then it does not filter out what energy it entails, so you need to be the one who calls only good people to your life and keep away from the bad people.

Your date of birth gives you an advantage to leave an excellent impression of yourself to people, you have something that emits something that is interesting and generally positive. However, people may emerge to your life who want to benefit from you and you must keep away from such people.

is the lucky crystal for those born on the 9th day. Yellow Jasper will help bring happiness, it is a crystal of abundance and success. While Yellow Jasper brings good luck, it also helps to protect against the bad, harmful, insidious, and selfish people. Yellow Jasper helps people become more intuitive and block the problems created by others.

If you feel that you are surrounded by wrong people and you can not choose people in your life, be sure to use Yellow Jasper crystal for quite some time.

The first number of your date of birth has given you strength for the Solar Plexus Chakra, which means that the Solar Plexus Chakra will not become weak so easily. Privilege is for the people who were born with this Chakra naturally to be stronger, these people really have a lot of luck in business matters and on their speciality. This means that fate has given a way to being successful if the ambitions so desire. The more ambitious those born on the 9th day are, the higher this person can rise, which is because the Solar Plexus Chakra is a bit stronger than it should be.

Yellow Jasper is the healer of the Solar Plexus Chakra and it makes this Chakra strong. The stronger the Solar Plexus Chakra is, the more people have luck with money and work. Certainly, you should wear the Yellow Jasper during a period when it is not materially a good time or add this crystal to the prosperity corner of your home. If you were born on the 9th day, you tend to lock wounds or disappointments in yourself.

If you were born on the 9th day, you tend to lock wounds or disappointments in yourself. 
This means that you can not easily forget something negative, bad and disappointing. This in turn causes you problems and tensions. The 9th day does not have the ability to let go of the past if something bad has happened in the past. Others do not have to notice it in you, you can hide it very well, but it itself torments you. One of the biggest challenges and at the same time being a task for you when you are born on that date is that you have to learn to let go. My recommendation to you is to let the bad experiences go, learn from them, and forgive yourself first of all, that is, do not torment yourself because of the past problems. The fact that we experience bad things in this world is happening to everyone, but on a different level. If something bad happens, you should not get stuck in it. The 9th day tends to hold a grudge and definitely it should be worked on. Those who have been born on the 9th day and have learned to free up a variety of bad emotions, they have learned what the 9th day had to teach them. Each number has its own lesson and this lesson is for number 9.

Yellow Jasper is a crystal that helps to free up the bad emotions and helps to heal the subconsciousness. For example, if you have problems with your family members be sure to keep that crystal at home.

The 9th day gives humanitarian tendency, and when you were born on that date, your best place of work is when you can work for people. Work that is related to helping, teaching, managing, healing, and doing everything that is good about people is very suitable for you. Your date of birth has given you the ability to notice the problems of other people, and you have also been given enough cleverness to find solutions to problems. In addition to everything, the 9th date is the date that needs the closeness of other people and if you do work for people's well-being, then you feel that your life makes sense. Choosing a job is very important on the 9th day, and if such a job is not found, then the 9th day will surely have to do such social work in his own friendship circle. If work is not social and about helping people, then life will lead to a path where the work of an informal psychologist is to be done.

If you were born on the 9th day, there may be a hidden actor or an artist inside of you. The 9th day has given you a creative mind and a fantastic world of fantasy, which in turn promotes creativity. Many who are born on the 9th day may be able to draw, decorate and have a good taste. In addition to the artistic side, the 9th date also features a special perfectionism, which is unique to each born on the 9th date. Anyone born on the 9th day has a perfectionism on a particular theme, for some it is important for the floor to always be clean, for others the money in the wallet should be in the right order. So, if you were born on the 9th day, try to evaluate yourself on the side and ask yourself what your particular perfectionism is?? 

If you were born on the 9th day, you are at times too demanding of yourself.
 You're the one who likes to do things the right way and do them the way you have imagined for yourself. You do not want to make concessions about yourself, and it makes you a strong fighter and a follower, on the other side very stubborn. Stubborn in the sense that sometimes you can simply devote your energy to topics that you will later not be happy about, but you also wont give in and still finish the topic.

Your one secret wish is that harmony, peace, balance, security and only good positive people would be around you. You can do all this if you learn to release the negative emotions.

The strongest character of the 9th day is that 9. hopes for itself only if something is to be achieved. This reliance on one's own self leads to a goal and gives them the ability to create a better future for themselves.

Numerology affects our traits, our paths and it gives our personality skills and weaknesses!