A ritual for blocking a curse is magic, which helps to protect from someone putting a curse on you and if your Aura field has a curse, then this magic will help you get rid of it and disappear. This magic ritual helps to protect you from someone who knowingly wishes you bad and through strong cursing ability or through evil rituals can curse you. I suggest this magic to you if you feel that life is constantly going downhill and if in a certain area of life things aren’t going well at all. It is useful to do this magic if for generations in your family one and the same very big problem may have been caused by being cursed. A curse may circulate in a family that prevents, for example, women to find love, alcoholism from generation to generation. If you feel that there is an inexplicable force that will not let you move on and that can keep misfortune in your life, then this magic will give you the opportunity to be free from it.

Repelling curses is also a ritual that you can do to prevent being cursed. If you're doing this magic, you're creating a shield around yourself against someone who wants to put a curse on you, then this is either going to fail or its impact will be very weak.

For this magic ritual, you will need magic items. For this magic ritual find three crystals that are still unused, namely CHIASTOLITE, BLACK AGATE, and NUUMMITE. These crystals are the main components of magic and crystals that carry the power of blocking and releasing curses.

Chiastolite is a crystal to which Earth has given the power to protect against evil, misfortune, and curse energies. Chiastolite is one of the strongest and most effective crystals in the crystal world that can fight against the dark, invisible, and evil forces. A crystal that protects the person who uses this crystal and the crystal that helps to free from the curse that is put by someone. Chiastolite redirects the curse back to the place where it originates, perhaps it sends the Karma in a direction where bad Karma has been created against you by someone else.

Black Agate carries an energy that protects what it is in contact with, and therefore it is very useful to use Black Agate for the protection of your life. First and foremost, Black Agate helps to protect from physical problems and accidents. For example, if you have curse energy in your Aura field or someone has cursed you, then Black Agate will not allow these forces to bring health problems, get into trouble, and violence. Black Agate is primarily protecting at the physical level by helping to block the dark forces that can lead to a decline in life.

Nuummite is one of the strongest protective crystals in the crystal world and has universal protective properties. Nuummite will protect you from misfortune and curse. Nuummite has very strong power and it starts to work quickly if this crystal perceives dangerous energy.

All three crystals work together to release the curse or protect you from it.

In addition to the three crystals, you will need a black bag, juniper berries, matches, black ritual and & magic candleand your own photo. The photo could be as small as possible, only you should be on the photo and portrait photo is also suitable.

The perfect time for this magic is during the Full Moon, the day before and after, during the Waning Gibbous, or the day of the Third Quarter. In these Moon phases, magic will work the fastest, but you can always do it whenever you feel like you want to do it. This magic can be done during other phases of the Moon, I just brought out the most suitable Moon phases.


Find the right place in your home where you can make the magic and where in the future the magic candle can burn for at least a week in a row. Once you've found the right place, you can launch the magic.

2. Take a candle, place it on a heat-resistant base, then take your photo and place it in front of the candle so that you turn its photo to the other side. The photo must remain on the table so that you cannot be seen, the other side of the photo must be visible.

3. Take the Chiastolite crystal, hold it in your palm and say the magic sentence three times in a row: "Let the curse be released, let the curse become blocked". Now put Chiastolite on the photo. Next, take Black Agate, repeat the magic sentence three times, and then put this crystal on the photo. Finally, take the Nuummite crystal and do the same. If all three crystals are placed on top of the photo, you can continue with the magic.

4. Take the juniper berries and put exactly six berries next to the crystals. Juniper berries make the magic of blocking curse stronger and more successful.

5. If the berries are placed, take the matches and light the black candle. When lighting the candle, repeat the magic sentence three times: "Let the curse be released, let the curse become blocked". If the candle is lit, then the magic starts to activate, and you must let the magic stay in place until bedtime.

6. The same evening, before going to sleep, extinguish the candle and leave the magic in its place. After that, you have to burn the candle every day and if one day the candle is burned, then magic will be taken and put together.

7. If, after several days or a week or two the candle has been burnt, put your folded image in the black bag, then add crystals with juniper berries. Now that the magic bag is put together, you have to keep it under your bed for 7 consecutive days and afterward hide it somewhere in your home. A ritual for repelling a curse should not be visible to other people. It does not matter where you will keep that ritual bag and you can move it from one place to another later, as far as no one could see your magic.

If you want to release the magic one day, then open the ritual bag and this magic will immediately be canceled. After that, I advise you to burn the photo and bring the crystals to the river.

I do not recommend opening the magic until the misfortune has disappeared from your life; otherwise, magic will not be able to do its job and you would not benefit from it either. Personally, I do not advise to never open this magic, and I would find a special box for this magic, in which to keep this magic, and also later to keep other protection magics.

A magical ritual is an enchanting process through which wishes are launched to achieve something. Magic works best when you sincerely want to see the result in your life!