You can find all the Moon phases for the year 2021 for magical rituals that need a specific Moon phase. You can do rituals exactly on the Full Moon, Last Quarter of the Moon, New Moon or First Quarter of the Moon, but they can also be done during the days before or after. That’s because these days still have the effects of the Moon phase.

I have written down all the four main Moon phases which are the most important. When you wish to know when are the phases between the four most important Moon phases then you can use the following glues to find them:

When you wish to know when is the Waning Gibbous, then it’s between the Full Moon and the Last Quarter of the Moon.

Waning Crescent is the time between the Last Quarter of the Moon and the New Moon.

The time between the New Moon and the First Quarter of the Moon is the time of the Waxing Crescent.

The time between the First Quarter of the Moon and Full Moon is the Waxing Gibbous.

Certain magical rituals I have written need the Moon phases between the main phases and you can easily find them here. You can find different rituals and magic from HERE, when you do them, you need to follow the Moon phases.

This calendar goes for the year 2021!

January 28 January 6
February 27 February 4
March 28 March 6
April 27 April 4
May 26 May 3
June 24 June 2
July 24 July 2
August 22  July 31
September 21 August 30
October 20 September 29
November 19 October 28
December 19 November 27
  December 27
January 13 January 20
February 11 February 19
March 13    March 21
April 12 April 20
May 11 May 19
June 10   June 18
July 10    July 17
August 8 August 15
September 7  September 13
October 6    October 13
November 4  November 11
December 4 December 11