Very often I write on different topics, where I explain the characteristics of the zodiac signs, write about how your date of birth affects you, or, for example, what your astrological birth year gives you. With these articles, I always point out different crystals, which, for the exact astrological or numerological figure, are either lucky, protective, balancing, or offering love. All the crystals mentioned in those articles are your personal lucky charms based on your characteristics.

All the crystals have their own character, that is, the energy they carry with them, and when to use or hold them close by, these crystals share these energies with you. Depending on your astrological and numerological characteristics, certain energies are released from the crystals more quickly. Crystals have a lot of qualities and your birth indicators take out exactly what you need the most. There are crystals that are compatible with a certain astrological or numerological indicator, and in general, these crystals bring happiness to the place where it is most needed.

The moment of birth is very important to a human being, depending on what cosmic power is surrounding you at that moment, will shape your character, skills, weaknesses, strengths, and many other aspects. Date of birth and all that concerns numerology additionally affects you and gives you yet another trait. Birth crystals are those that help you throughout your life, supporting you in reaching your goal in life, helping you to improve your weaknesses, strengthen your strengths, and bring you happiness. It's a good idea to keep birth crystals in your life, they are your lucky charms.

For birth crystals, I suggest that you get yourself a small chest or box where to keep your birth crystals for them to work with you continuously. For example, it is useful to make such a box for a newborn so that the crystals can help, protect, and bring happiness during the whole life.

For the birth crystals chest, you will need your own photo or if you make this box for your child, then your child’s photo is needed. The photo is needed because crystals can do their therapy through the photo, and if you hold crystals on your own photo, then their power reaches your Aura field. Therefore, you'll need a photo of where you are on your own. A photo can be in the form of a portrait, but it is always better if it is a full-length photo.

I recommend placing the photo at the bottom of the box and adding your birth crystals on top of the photo. You do not have to put all the birth crystals in the box at the same time, you can add crystals during the course of your life, and according to what you exactly want to bring into your life. For example, if at one point you are very upset and you're Gemini, then you can add White Howlite, in the birth crystals box, which I've pointed out in an article Gemini - what you should know about him. White Howlite is a birth crystal for Gemini, which alleviates its nervousness and, if you're a Gemini and feel this nervousness, it's worth adding the White Howlite in the birth crystals box.

The idea of the birth crystals is to help you be in balance in every way and, according to your birth indicators, support your journey. Bring together the crystals that are useful to you according to your zodiac sign, life-path number, the first digit of the birth date, element (air, water, fire, earth), astrological year, and other indicators.

It would be good if the chest or box can be closed so that the power of the crystals can only work with your photo. If the lid of the box or chest is constantly open, then the crystals will start to work with the Aura of your home, if it is closed, then they will work only with your Aura. You can keep the birth crystals chest wherever you wish to keep it, it does not matter where it is located, and the color of the cover is also not important. The only thing that matters is the photo inside it and the right crystals. The crystals should be polished because then they work in this magic more efficiently.

If you are wondering how to choose the first crystals for this chest, then first select the crystals which power you would like to receive the most. For example, if you are a Taurus and you want your heart's wishes and dreams to come true, then Atlantisite is the crystal that could be among your birth crystals as a Taurus. Atlantisite helps to fulfill the dreams of a Taurus, I have written about this in the article: Taurus - what you should know about him. Or, for example, if you were born during the transition of zodiacs, it is very useful for you to keep the lucky crystal of the transition zodiac. For example Pisces-Aries, one of your lucky crystals is Magnetite, which is inviting wealth. Keeping Magnetite among the birth crystals helps you bring material luck, cash flow, and overall happiness into your life.

When choosing the first birth crystals, choose the crystals which power you miss and need the most, and then later keep adding new crystals, according to what you really need in life. The power of the crystals only becomes stronger, more powerful, and more efficient if you keep adding them to the chest. In the case of crystals, the more crystals there are, the more powerful they work. One crystal will enhance the other, and when you add a variety of lucky crystals to your birth crystal box, all of them will be able to bring everything faster in your life to what they are meant for.

When putting the birth crystals in the box for the first time, you just need your own photo and after placing the crystals on the photo, close the box. After closing the box, they will start working in your Aura field. Later, if you would like to add another crystal in there, then I recommend cleaning the crystals that are already in the box with Palo Santo or Sandalwood smoke. To do this, open the lid of the box and keep the smoking Palo Santo or Sandalwood ritual plant next to the box. When using the sandalwood incense, you can let the incense burn until finished. When using Palo Santo or Sandalwood tree pieces, then you can let it smoke next to the box for just a few minutes. You can also pick up Palo Santo and guide the smoke inside the box yourself. With the smoke of these two plants, you activate other crystals to accept the new crystal, while also clearing all the crystals and the new birth crystal can start working with other crystals right away. After the crystal has found its place in the chest, close the lid and magic will begin to function in the name of your well-being.

If you do not know how to find your birth crystals, then you can find them in all the articles related to astrology and numerology. Read my writings and when I write there about you, I also mention the crystal, then this crystal is what might be part of your birth crystal box. In addition to this, in every article, I have written what one or another crystal can give to different zodiacs and from there you can find a suitable crystal for yourself.

The birth crystal chest is such a magical power object that should certainly send you in your whole lifetime. This chest could be with you until the end of your physical life. If at one moment, the chest is too small for crystals, then you can find a new chest for the crystals, but before it should be cleaned with Palo Santo or Sandalwood, and the crystals should be cleaned as well. But it is better if the chest is not exchanged, it is like this with every magic, and creating a birth crystal chest is magic, which you really are doing all your life.

The birth crystal chest is your personal lucky charm and this is one of the best ways to get started with bringing the crystals into your life.

If a small child already has a birth crystal chest at an early age, then it will give him a better chance to excel in life and better understand his own path. It's not a bad thing if you now as an adult make a chest for yourself, it's never a wrong time to change your own life for the better, there is always a right time for this, and the birth crystal chest is definitely one of the good-luck charm magic that you can create for yourself.

Astrology and numerology guide our souls, give us strengths and weaknesses. Surrounding yourself with the crystals of birth that bring you luck, will balance all the unbalanced sides, and happiness can reach your life much faster.