Have you ever thought about why your constellation was given to you? In fact, this has many different reasons. You are born in your zodiac sign because it helps to achieve what you were born to do in this life. Every twelve constellation has a separate life ambition in an overall sense, which is given from birth for the whole world. And that is what I am going to tell you about.

If you are born as a Leo, it will not only shape your character and give you certain positive and negative sides. You are born as a Leo also for the whole world because every constellation has something to give for all of us. Constellations balance the whole humanity and that's why there are twelve different ones and in addition twelve zodiac transitions.

Whether you're a pure Leo, Cancer-Leo or Leo-Virgo, you're carrying the Leos life mission in relation to the world. If you are one of the transition period zodiacs, then in all probability you will carry with you the life purpose from your main constellation and in addition the tasks from the other side of your transition zodiac. For example, if you are a Cancer-Leo, then it is your responsibility to complete both the tasks of Cancer and the Leo.

The life’s mission of Leo is to make other people more positive, happier, increase their sense of humour and remind everybody that fun is a very important part of human life.

Leo is active in its nature and if Leos mood is good, then Leo pours this good mood onto everyone who is close to him. Leos funny mind, his need to be a little foolish or childish, is what other people really need. For Leo, it comes naturally and natural is also the fact that others should go along with this insanity. If Leo has a good mood, then everyone will get part of it, and getting that same part will make other people happier.

One of the goals of Leo, according to his constellation, is to bring the world positivity, joy and fun. Leo is obligated to waken other people from negativity, stress, melancholia, depression and all other negative mental states. Leo has everything that will help any soul to get back on their feet, even from the deepest bottom. Leo is radiating positivity and he should not keep it to himself.

There are Leos who keep their humour and energy only for themselves and do not want to really share it with other people they are affiliated with. The more reserved Leos do not fulfil their purpose of life, which the constellation has given him. Reserved Leos should definitely be more open and let their own humorous fantasies conquer the world, that is the purpose of the Leos. Leos who are very pessimistic and deviated from their path may become a bit bitter, and they cannot fulfil their own purpose of life in accordance with the constellation. Leos in this state must definitely understand that sowing joy and positivity is freeing them from this black hole, and in general, Leos tend to fall into a "black hole" if for a long time he has not shared its positivity with other people. The purpose of Leo is to make other people active, shake them if they have become too negative and bring soul to the company if other people are quiet and keep to themselves.

When Leo sows positivity, humour and laughs to his surroundings, then Leo is fulfilling his purpose. In addition, Leo will not get stressed and fall into the black hole.

Leos should not expect the same joy, humour and fun in return from people that he shares it with. This is for a very clear reason – others may not have this skill. Leo is the sower of joy that cannot get offended by other people's pessimism or emotionlessness.

Leo is the one who can easily deal with things that can be difficult and problematic for another constellation. This same feature helps Leo to inspire other people not to deal negatively with problems, but to deal with them without undermining themselves. Leo teaches others that the glass can always be half full, not half empty.

If Leo fulfils their goal of life, then he will receive what he really expects from other people, that is attention. No Leo should deny the fact that he wants attention, that he wishes other people to like him and that he is being respected. Leo can receive all that when he fulfils his purpose in life. So, all Leos sow the positivity!

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Teaching to a Leo – You are a cheerleader, a stress reliever for other people, and an injector of positivity. Leo, your commitment is to make other people happy, and if you do this, you fulfil your constellation's life purpose.