I’m often asked for advice on how to take care of health, what to use for what and where to find the best healers for specific problems. During the summer and while travelling people often ask for my advice on natural skin care products. Skin is an organ and it needs to be protected so it wouldn’t get ill. Sun is a sly drier and excessive sun could cause skin problems. Overusing anything positive could turn bad.

Avocado oil is an oil you can use to protect your skin, avoid sunburn, moisturise the skin and it’s a really good tanning oil which is natural and has no harmful substances in it. Everything you give to your body determines your physical and spiritual health. When you wish to protect yourself from sun damage then, first, choose something that’s thoroughly healthy for you. Of course, I don’t favour over tanning, being too much in the Sun, everything needs to be done in moderation. Sun is good for your body and soul when you have it moderately over time. This makes your stress levels drop, increases positive emotions and then you’ll start to feel better. Too much sunlight wears the soul and surplus Sun energy absorbs all the good in you and does so mainly spiritually.

I recommend applying Avocado oil when you’re out in the Sun. Put just the amount you wish to and what makes you feel comfortable. Avocado oil you use on your skin must be high quality and cold pressed. Never invest too little for your health, this is the place to do the best and high-quality choices. It’s like with crystals - when you want their power then buy only natural crystals, not knock-off's. One has power the other ones not. Be always aware of what you buy and acknowledge firstly why you’ll do this all - for cherishing yourself the best way you can. There are so many fake crystals going around and you always have to be certain of the realness of crystals. There are no fake crystals at La Tene boutiques.

Avocado oil has a lot of useful fats that help your skin shine, be soft, moisturise it and protect it from drying. When the skin dries in the sun then it starts to harm you. Always keep your skin as moisturised as possible when you’re out in the sun to avoid skin problems. In addition Avocado oil helping to protect the skin from drying, it helps to give the skin a nice glow and you’ll look a lot healthier thanks to that.

Avocado oil helps to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. When nature has given you the opportunity to protect your skin with something plant-based, then why not do it with Avocado oil. This way you’ll at least do something to keep your body and Aura field healthy. By using plants you won’t harm your Aura field which is something that’s very important to me.

Lazurite is the crystal that spiritually protects your Aura field from skin diseases. I recommend Lazurite for people who are really afraid of skin cancers. Firstly, Lazurite removes the fear that in turn can cause an illness like this and then it creates protection around the Aura against that illness. That’s why I recommend wearing Lazurite in the summertime. And also for every other energetic quality of this crystal. Lazurite is a very powerful crystal you shouldn’t underestimate.

In the spiritual sense, Avocado oil is very good for your body and mostly for your Heart Chakra. When you put it to your skin then Avocado oil will become part of your Aura field. When it’s in your Aura field it directs protective power to your Heart Chakra. Avocado oil creates protection around your Heart Chakra making you spiritually strong and resilient. Your Heart Chakra is protected until you have Avocado oil on your skin and it can quietly heal you without accepting different negative energies that could harm it.

You can also find Avocado carrier oil from the La Tene collection HERE.

Take care of your body, this is the only home you have to live in. Heal your body with plants and crystals, by doing so you’ll find your path health.