Have you ever dreamed that you're singing, wish to sing or participating in a song contest? If so, then all this has its own meaning, and be sure not to miss interpreting such a dream for yourself. I'll help you understand what the singing in your dream could have told you or could have pointed out to you. Dreams are an open way for all people and to understand the subjects related to your loved ones. Use this world for yourself.


Singing has actually a very simple meaning when you dream of it. In general, it symbolizes the need for self-expression, the desire to say something, to validate yourself and your opinion, or want someone to listen to your thoughts. Singing as an activity is also a self-expression, even at the time of singing. Songs are written for expressing your feelings and opinion. The meaning of singing in a dream is analogous.


When you dream of singing, recall how, about what, to whom and where did you sing. All this is very important for you to interpret the dream and analyse it.


If you dreamed of singing to the audience, it means that you want to share your own words to someone, communicate your knowledge or express yourself. When you were heard in a dream, the audience liked your singing, then you get to convey exactly what you want to convey. If not, then you will not get your desired result.


If you sang alone or to yourself in a dream, you need to fix something in your head and thoughts. You want to change yourself, figure things out for yourself and analyse. In a dream with negative symbols, singing to self can symbolize the need for self-expression or self-understanding that you cannot attain at the moment.


The dream where you sang together with someone, means that you share an opinion with someone or say something out. It can also be coming up with an idea, which you created with someone. Perhaps a brilliant idea to create something new, such as launching some projects. If you felt in this dream that this other party was restricting you, did not let you sing, then someone could prevent you from disclosing your thoughts and expressing your own feelings.


The dream where someone else sang and you did not sing has two meanings. One of the meanings is that someone else discloses your feelings or opinion about something, whether for good or bad purpose, depending on the context of the dream. Another possibility is that there is a message within the meaning of the song in a dream that you should seize. If you remember what the person was singing about, then there's a message you should take as a teaching.


If there was a specific place in the dream where you sang, and you remember clearly some other details, then they really will help you understand what you want to express, what you want to tell the world and what to share.


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