Have you ever thought about why your constellation was given to you? In fact this has many different reasons. You are born in your zodiac sign because it helps to achieve what you were born to do in this life. Every twelve constellation has a separate life ambition in overall sense, which is given from birth for the whole world. And that is what I am going to tell you about.

If you are born as an Aries, then it not only shapes your character and does not give you certain positive and negative sides. You are born as an Aries for the whole world, every constellation has something to give us all. Constellations balance the whole humanity and that's why there are twelve different ones, and in addition twelve zodiac transitions. 

Being born under an Aries sign, despite being pure Aries, Pisces-Aries, or Aries-Taurus, you will carry Aries life purpose for the world with you. If you are one of the transition period zodiacs, then in all probability you will carry with you the life purpose from your main constellation and in addition the tasks from the other side of your transition zodiac. For example, if you are Aries-Taurus, then you are obligated to fulfil tasks from both Aries and Taurus. 

If you are an Aries, then you are definitely thinking, what is your life purpose and what you have to give to the world. I will help you to understand and will explain what you have to give away and what others will benefit from you. Remember that your purpose in life is what you have to fulfil and if you do this, then you will be rewarded.

Aries by nature knows what he wants and wishes from life. There is something inside Aries that tells him, that if I still wish for something, then I have to have it and if I can´t have it, I have to find a way to still have it. That simple! Aries knows, what he wants and knows he has to have it. If Aries is born with other strong numerlogical and astrological indicators, then thats the way he is. Less ambitious Aries surely have relieving energies for that on their birth chart. The same Aries persistence and conciousness is part of what Aries has to teach to others. This is definitely not only for him to use. This is his strength and if you are strong then this is what you have to share.

One of the purposes given to Aries from the constellation is to teach other people that if you wish for something, then you simply have to start working towards it, move towards the location of the dream, make an effort for it and not to lose your direction. Real Aries has this energy, that can create something from nothing, that at first existed only as a vision in his head. Aries can be utterly unstoppable, if we are talking about fulfilling his pipe dreams.

Aries obligation is to help those, who do not have that ardent power that could build a castle from nothing. It is his obligation to motivate, inspire and push those who do not have the courage or knowledge to follow their own dreams. On his course of life Aries can often find himself from a situation while in a conversation with others, that he wishes to do everything for that person, because he sees how things are not moving in a direction where the wish exists. And Aries often does different activities for his family, to help them to move and put things towards the right direction. In reality, in a situation where Aries feels that a dreamer by his side only dreams, then at that moment he has to push him until this dream will start to come to life.

Aries is very frank by nature, some Aries even don´t have a filter between, what is on his mind will come out and it´s not a bad thing at all. This characteristic has a very good ability that helps Aries to fulfil his purpose in life. After a certain time, people who are close to him, have certainly learned that their darling Aries is frank or have simply accepted this trait in him. Therefore, if this is accepted, it isn´t a surprise that Aries says out loud what he thinks and if this is said out too frankly, it won´t hurt any more, but makes you think about it. If Aries sees slow activities, where someone dreams about something, then Aries often tells very precisely :"If you don´t start moving yourself, then don´t even dream of it to happen!" or something similar. Since Aries words are taken very authoritarian by other constellations, it makes people think. It is Aries task to always notice people who are afraid to take the first step towards their dreams, then Aries must push that person so that they would start to move and let them know that nothing in this life will simply fall onto his hands, this is one of Aries purposes of life.

In addition to Aries teaching others to work towards their dreams and make an effort towards their dreams physically, he has something else to give to others. He has genuine independence and Aries who hasn´t fully gained his independence, will have a frantic need for it. Independence is the second lesson Aries has to offer.

Aries is the one who doesn´t like when people are addicted to someone and even less they like to look how people rely on others but not on themselves. Temperamental Aries can even avoid such people, because it seems as a weakness to his eyes. But reality is that Aries has independence and pursuit for it is already by nature there and this is what he has to teach to people around him. If Aries notices someone who leans on other people too much, then it is Aries obligation to teach him that independence is the biggest freedom and has a value in itself.

Aries who has lost direction and is not fulfilling his purpose in life may end up in a situation where teaching independence may become mocking and labelling people weak. Wavered Aries can turn into someone who doesn´t teach how to make their dreams come true, but criticises those, who only talk, talk, talk and are not moving at all. Aries with a way of thinking like this has wavered from his road of fate and does not meet his obligation. For an Aries like this I recommend, if something similar should happen, know that you are strong and others need your help, not your judgement.

Aries who successfully fulfils his purpose in life, will get a gift from fate that one day will appear on his course of life. If we do something in this life, that is our obligation, one of our heart´s desires will be fulfilled. In his heart Aries wishes to be financially secured, to live the life where he doesn´t have to worry about money or getting by. Aries is not necessarily greedy or materialistic, Aries has the need for financial security because he simply doesn´t want that worry or burden on his shoulders that would prevent him living. Aries will get his financial security if the fulfils his purpose in life.
Sardonyx is  a very useful crystal for Aries, it is a crystal that helps Aries to fulfil his purpose in life and to bring financial luck to his life through that. Sardonyx helps Aries to understand how he could help people close to him and how to altogether live more successfully. Sardonyx keeps Aries on the right course of life. It is a crystal helping to bring financial security and happiness to Aries. Sardonyx helps Aries to be positive, happy and socially successful.

I recommend carrying Sardonyx crystal as jewellery, so that its power is in the Aries aura field or keep Sardonyx crystal in the birth crystal chest. You can learn more about this chest from HERE.

Lesson to Aries - “You are purposeful and independent, a lot of people around you are not, these are your strengths and these are the lessons you have to teach to others. Support and help those who cannot find their ability to walk towards their dreams and independece."